Assessment check list


  • Show evidence of understanding change management theories
  • Referred to Kotter's model of handling change in organisations
  • Applied the theory to various departments within an organisation


  • Discussed drivers of organisation growth
  • Evaluated market segmentation and product development as drivers of growth
  • Discussed Core strategies as an important factor in growth


  • Analysed the reasons for corporate failure
  • Evaluation on joint ventures strategic alliances and collaborations
  • Some research on the car industry and an overview of their activities in this area


  • Evaluation of areas of risk in today's business model
  • Discussion on strategies for minimising risk
  • Review of handling risk in organisations with limited resources

Student Guidelines

  1. You should write this assignment in report style. Essential parts are
  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Main body of the report clearly identifying the separate tasks
  • Conclusion and recommendation
  • Reference and bibliography
  • Appendices only if relevant and necessary
  1. Introduction should include terms of reference, research methods and a short company overview.
  2. Complete your report in 3000 words with a 10% level of tolerance. Show your word count at the end of the report. Word count excludes title page, table of contents, reference page, appendices and charts or graphs included in the body.
  3. Report should be word processed and grammatically correct. Pages should be numbered. Use Times New Roman, font 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Show titles and use bullet points for a better structure and presentation.
  4. List of references citing sources in Harvard referencing style is a must. Reference may include bibliography showing your wider study relevant to this module.
  5. To pass the assignment you must achieve a minimum of pass for each learning outcome (P1 etc.)
  6. The assignment should be submitted by 31st December 2009 by 10.00AM.

Learning Outcome 1:

Critically appraise the need for strategic change and business transformation

Task 1

In today's business environment businesses must embrace change as part of their business model.

Evaluate the need for strategic change and business transformation taking account of John Kotter's work in this area.

Discuss the role of departmental focus on organisational change, particularly the role played by sales departments, new product development and market driven change.

To what extent is business transformation driven from within the organisation as opposed to forced upon the business organisation?

Learning Outcome 2:

        Critically evaluate the different methods of corporate growth in varying contexts

Task 2

By 1986 IBM (Big Blue) realised it had lost its direction as a company.

Discuss IBM's route to renewed corporate growth taking particular attention to new market segmentation, revised product development and the redefinition of its core business model.

Take into account traditional models of corporate growth and factors that can limit or curtail these strategies.

Learning Outcome 3:

        Critically evaluate failure, consolidation and recovery strategies in different contexts

Task 3

Evaluate the role of business synergies; joint venures and marketing alliances as a strategy to avoid business failure.

Discuss the joint venture initiatives within the world wide motor industry as a model of co-operation in defence of a recession in the motor industry.

Learning Outcome 4:

Recommend appropriate strategies for action having assessed the risk arising from that decision

Task 4

Exposure to risk is commonplace in today's business world.

Evaluate areas of risk for medium sized businesses in the UK and discuss measures a medium sized privately owned company can take to minimise these areas of risk and strategies that can be adopted to remove risk altogether from the organisation.

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