Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination has become a widespread phenomenon in workplace, women can not reach the point where they should arrive, we call it the "glass ceiling", which means ladies could not easily reach the highest position in the company, why are women could not get the same equality with men because they could not receive the equal treatment caused by their own factors.

Pregnancy discrimination, recruitment managing, and sexual harassment are more likely to become an obstacle to women's opportunities for promotion. Some organizations has been established in order to solve this problem, for example, Local women's bar association in New York were founded against the exclusion by the men in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. (Epstein 1970) To deal with this problem, companies implement policies to improve the issue. This essay will outline the solution of the issue.

Pregnancy discrimination has been one of the main factors of sexual discrimination which has been reduced by a certain amount till nowadays. Women should not be considered differently at the pregnant period only if some medical reason has been given by doctors. A study showed 77% of surveyed companies treated female employees' work-family balance as vitally, which may be very likely to cause worrier to the woman's employment when they decide to take pregnancy leave, such as whether they might be discriminated when they return to the job or not be able to retain. (Queneau and Marmo 2001) that woman's Training all members of a management team is essential to create a work environment free from discrimination and harassment and prevent claims. The company developed a number of measures used to protect the rights of women during pregnancy. Assigned to the relatively light work of pregnant workers or requiring employees to be examined by company doctors or other practices. QAA implemented a policy which clarified the maternity provisions which is also protected by laws to the female staffs before and after the birth of a child. These maternity provisions include the right for staffs to leave and pay and resume the job with organization following the period of leave. (QAA 2009) This policy directly increases the organization maternity return to work rate, and lower the level of sex discrimination caused by pregnancy reasons within the organization.

Managing recruitment framework is becoming the significant barrier obstacle the female employees to achieve their deserved position in big cooperation. More precisely, the companies need to implement new measures to balance the equality opportunity for female employees. However, interviews are willing to employ the non-married females so as to make sure they will not be vacant when they are most needed. Interviews often excused some of the qualified candidates who actually have the potential, thus wasting a number of talented people. in addition, from the perspective of a long-tem thinking, talent did not get their deserved positions, and thus has been employed by the company of other low-level, so that is also a loss to society. In order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon more, companies ought to implement the fair measures which can balance the equality employment opportunity. Having interviews and exams could filter out the unqualified candidates, meanwhile, the qualified person have the same right to compete. For example, BP published a project called BTC which resolved the problem that recruitment procedures could have made discrimination against women with possible unjust treatment. This project ensures fair access to all available jobs and fair pay, and that they are not discriminated during recruitment procedures. (BP 2003) After a serried of efforts, BP had received some success in providing a more preferable working environment. People Assurance Survey in 2006 showed that the employees who believed that BP has created surroundings with protection against sex discrimination had increased from 62% in 2000 to 80% in 2006. (BP 2006)

Sexual harassment is becoming inevitable phenomenon, It is essential to protect women to work in a comfortable environment. First of all, sexual harassment will make women feel a sense shame. Sexual harassment and restrictions will affect the lives of those who have been harassed and damage his self-image of a self-esteem and self-confidence.(xinhua,2009). In addition, sexual harassment will increase the fear of females to males. Due to physiological differences and cultural implications, the incidence of sexual harassment will increase female employees' disgust and fear, thus they are living in among fear, doubt and depression so that this would affect their working efficiency. Furthermore, sexual harassment could also lead women into Autistic. Some women trapped their own into "Once bitten, twice shy" because of the bitter memories of sexual harassment. Since then, they conscious themselves closed. The above would lead to women's work efficiency as well as their attitudes to work. Indirect, all the factors could impact female employees' promotion prospects. In order to avoid and reduce the incidents of sexual harassment, company should take into account the seriousness of these issues. These problems could directly cause the company's reputation and the company's profit. Hence, company have a meeting monthly in order to notice women improving their psychological qualities and defensive capabilities in order to better protect themselves. The measure implemented by President Chain Store Co.,LTD, which is Held regularly every year or encourage staff participation in sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention-related education and training and in staff in -service training or workshops in a rational plan for gender equality and sexual harassment prevention related programs. Participants will be given to the registration and funding for tolerance (President Chain Store Co.,LTD. )

In conclusion, this article analysised 3 pratical steps to improve women's promotion, which are the pregnancy leave, equal access to the right to work, reducing and avoiding sexual harassment. Once these measures are effectively implemented. Female employees could have the equal opportunities to reach the highest position.

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