Katz's fundamental managerial skill


In the present time, managers must have necessary skill in order to run a company effectively and efficiently. According to Katz (2004), there are three necessary managerial skills that managers must possess; there are technical, human, and conceptual skills. Katz identified this skill as “Skill of an effective administrator”. The incompetency in one of these skills may cause failure of an organization (Devine Waddell and George Jones, 2007). However, in the past, managers usually get their position when they have shown themselves to be technically competent (Bryd, 2004) it means they only had to performed one of three managerial skill. Instead of these skills, Peterson and Van Fleet added 7 more skill based on Katz’s fundamental managerial skill; there are analytical, decision-making, communication, interpersonal, flexible, diagnostic and administrative skill at the center of all skill (Peterson and Van Fleet, 2004).

However, this essay will only explain three out of ten skill why these skills that had identified by Katz are fundamental skill for today’s manager.

First of all, according to Katz’s assumption, technical skill is an ability to understand and high capability of doing something on certain task using their knowledge with specific tools, methods, procedures, processes, and techniques to accomplish specialized task (Peterson and Van Fleet, 2004). This skill has great contribution in developing advance of modern industry, and it’s necessary for an organization for run a company efficiently (RL Katz, 1974). Technical skill mostly work with tools instead of people, because it using knowledge of individual to perform specialized task rather than communicating and interacting with other people (Peterson and Van Fleet, 2004). The reason why manager must have technical skill is that this skill can make the manager able to instruct, direct and control staff doing specialized task in the right way (Peterson and Van Fleet, 2004). For example,

Secondly, human skill is the ability to work with people effectively as a group member to make co-operative implication with others within the group (RL Katz, 1974). The manager who has high level in human skill considers of his own manner, opinion, and trust about other people when working in a group (RL Katz, 1974). This skill also reflects good respect of other people, understanding, empathy, and concern for others. Interpersonal skill will help in developing and maintaining relationship with other people that complicated, and uneasy in their personality when working together in order to accomplished specialized task (KVA Balaji and P Somashekar, 2009). Manager must have necessary human skill, because the manager will be able to motivate other people in the organization to work efficiently and effectively, and also the manager must be able to predict the possible outcome for every decision they have made.

Lastly, conceptual skill is the ability to lead an entire organization based on their knowledge to identifying and analyzing the situation with vision, understanding and powerful thinking in order to identify organization’s opportunities and problems (Chen and Miller, 1988). The manager also must be able to unify the organization with environment in order to allocate resources efficiently and effectively. It’s required for manager to make long-term and short-term objectives for an organization (Chen and Miller, 1988). Manager must have high-developed conceptual skill, because this skill is required for top manager, which is responsible for organizing a company involving all levels of manager. Top manager must be able to understand the nature of staffs that comes from different culture, age, gender, and division. Also in making organizational objectives, top manager must pay attention with market trends and company’s financial structure, so the manager doesn’t take wrong decision (Chen and Miller, 1988).

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