Thai food commercial advert

The staple food for Thailand is rice served with various kinds of souse either prepared form vegetables, meat or fish. Thai cuisine is usually served in a single dish and the main elements of the food must include several spices such as Thai pepper and garlic. Fish souse is the main and the most common type of souse that is usually included in many Thai cuisines.

My choice of advertisement is a food commercial advert on you tube that features Thai Tuna fish. The commercial opens with a pretty skinny girl of Thailand origin wearing a brief top that exposes her flat lean stomach in a restaurant food buffet go about picking different types of food on the menu. She picks just a single strand of spaghetti and contemplates picking a large chicken piece then skips it to pick vegetables. In the advert the chicken piece jumps from the buffet and gets stuck to her stomach as if by magnet, she struggles removing the piece from the stomach that is depicted crying since it has been deprived of the chicken piece.

The Advert closes by featuring canned tuna fish called select tuna with low fat. I found the advertisement ineffective in the way it was trying to convince me to buy and eat select tuna canned fish with low fat instead of, for instance the chicken piece (YouTube, 2009).

This is because the Advert in using a skinny model with lean stomach the impression they provide is that the main benefits I can hope to get from eating select tuna is achieving a model figure without other benefits such as related to health, But we all know that a model figure takes much more effort than eating canned select tuna with low fat, personal health benefits such as low cholesterol would have been more appealing. The advert content is also very ambiguous and you have to watch it several times before it makes sense about what they are trying to communicate even after the background voice that says "select tuna-low fat" that comes towards the end leaves one still lost and trying to make sense of the advert. Finally the Advert is very brief 30seconds only and the main product of advertisement which is canned select tuna is briefly shown with the main focus being given to the models stomach, with a line written somewhere in the course of the advertisement that reads "be kind to your stomach". I feel the advertisement was very ineffective in promoting the need to have a lean stomach and body figure as the central theme of the advert.

In their book, "The Power of Advertisement, the authors Aronson, Wilson, and Akert explains that the power of any advertisement commercial lies in its ability to influence the audience by appealing to their attitudes, beliefs, culture, and values and how it relates it to the product being promoted. In this advert the values that are important to me in at my age, where am now retired relates to health benefits that I can hope to achieve such as in nutrition by using select tuna in relation to other types of food that is usually take

Otherwise the model figure that the Advert is trying to sell to me as a man has no value and makes me feel that the product is more or less targeting young ladies of that age and it certainly does not address any of the values that would remotely make me identify with the product.

Therefore, the Thai select tuna commercial advert made no impact to me as a consumer who would want to buy and consume tuna for the reasons and the benefits that it presents, except perhaps for the fact that tuna fish is a favorite and a cultural dish for me including many other people in Thailand.


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