People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China

Introduction 4

The People's Republic of China is located in the continent of Asia.

China is the second largest country in the world. China borders 14 nations.

Major combat in the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949 with the Communist Party of China in control of mainland China, and the Kuomintang (KMT) retreating to Taiwan. On 1 October 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic of China.[28] "Communist China" or "Red China" were two of the names of the PRC

China is ruled by the Communist Party of China under a single-party system,[12] and has jurisdiction over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four directly administered municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and two highly autonomous[13] special administrative regions (SARs) (Hong Kong and Macau). The PRC's capital is Beijing

The capital city of People's Republic of China is Beijing. the estimated total population of China is 1,338,612,968 Billion making it the most populace nation on earth.


This document will endeavor to allow expatriates gain a crucial insight to Beijing, China, before pre-departure. Information disclosed will address vital information for the Australian general manager and their family when residing and working in Beijing, China.

Quick Facts of People's Republic of China

The official language if the PRC is the dialect spoken in Beijing, It is usually refered to in the west as ‘Mandarin' but Chinese call it Putonghua - common speech. Discounting its ethnic minority languages, China has eight major dialects.

Chinese is often referred to as a language of pictographs.


The Renminbi (RMB) is the Chinese Currency.

The Bank of China issues RMB notes in denominations of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 yuan. Coins denominations are 1 yuan, 5 jiao, 1 jiao and 5 fen.

1 yuan (Y) = 10 jiao (mao) or 100 fen


According to the oanda currency converter:

Saturday, March 23, 2010

1 Australian Dollar (AUD) = 6.23 yuan (CNY)

1 Yuan (CNY) = 0.16001 Australian Dollar (AUD)

International Embassies

In Beijing the Australia embassy can be located.

Contact details:

Australian embassy

21 Dongzhimenwai, Dajie

Tel no. +010-6532 2331 Fax no. +010-6532 6957
EMBASSY OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in the Australia is located in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra.

Contact details:


15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600
Tel: 0061-2-62734780  Fax: 0061-2-62735848
For Consular Districts of ChineseConsulates in other Australian States go to


Finding the right place to live is one of the most important things when an expatriate want to live abroad.

You'll probably pay between 1000 and 3000Y for a one or two bedroomed apartment in this category, depending on the standard of decoration, appliances and location. It is usual for landlords to ask for rent to be paid in three or six month chunks - some may even ask for a year. This obviously increases the amount of money you need to get started in Beijing quite significantly. It's usually negotiable, and most people wind up paying three monthly.

Expat Cost of Living in Beijing

If a Big Mac costs a dollar fifty, how can the expat cost of living in Beijing be so high? Big ticket items such as housing and school fees add weight to the cost of living for expats in Beijing. Here's a good rule of thumb when assessing Beijing cost of living. If the product or service is produced in China with Chinese components, it's relatively cheap. If it's imported, it's expensive. So an international school in Beijing with expatriate teachers costs a lot while a maid's salary is affordable for expats. To get an idea of the cost of living for an expat in Beijing, read this list:

Utility Costs in Beijing

Electricity= RMB0.50/KwH
Water - Cold= RMB3.70/MT
RMB - Hot= 13.00/MT
Natural Gas: RMB2.15/m3
Fees at Expat Schools in Beijing

School (Private International) = RMB200,000/year

Rent at Expat Housing

Apartment - 3 bedroom - luxury Ppartment - 3 bedroom - luxury Park Avenue = RMB26,000-34,000/month

Medical Expenses at Private Expat Hospital

Consultation with a GP or Specialist = RMB600Insurance - inpatient coverage incl. medivac = RMB25,000/year

Transport Costs

VW Passat with registration and 1 year 3rd party insurance = RMB200,000
Leased VW Passat with driver excl. gasoline = RMB10,000/month
Gasoline/Petrol = RMB4/liter
Subway ticket = RMB2
Taxi = RMB2/kmUtility Costs in Beijing

Electricity= RMB0.50/KwH
Water - Cold= RMB3.70/MT
RMB - Hot= 13.00/MT
Natural Gas: RMB2.15/m3

Milk (1L) = RMB12Cheese - Edam (1kg) = RMB30Apples (1kg) = RMB5Tomatos (1kg) = RMB5Mineral Water - Chinese brand (1.5L) = RMB10Coca Cola (500ml can) = RMB2Tsingtao (5singtao (500ml can) = RMB6
Dining Out in Beijing

Pizza 15" = RMB60

Big Mac = RMB20

Bowl of noodles in restaurant = RMB60
Maid's Salary (also known as Ayi's)

Full Time - 6 days/week - basic English = RMB3,500

Visa and permanent residence

The green card is a residence permit that is granted to English teacher's foreign expats and long term student who live in China. Green card is issued for duration of six month or one year. Besides needing the correct documentation, you must also pass a health exam. Hefty fine will be applicable if the green card is lost and needs to be replaced.


The Beijing autumn season between September to early November is the optimal season, characterize with clear skies and breezy winds. In winter, the northern wind swipes the city to as low as minus 20 degree. Arid Spring is ok. Beijing summer can reach over 40 degree and air pollution can be harsh in both winter and Beijing.


Chinese culture is traditionally centres on the family, which was once considered a mictocosm of society as a whole.

A concern for visitors is the concept of face which is intimidating to many foreigners. Face concerns behaving a way that would not embarrassed someone to lose status in front of peers. Like losing temper in public will sure lose face. Self-control thus goes a long way in dealing with people.


There are many different religions which are spread over the country. China's traditional religions- Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religions- are the dominant faiths. According to a number of sources, Buddhism in China accounts for between 660 million (~50%) and over 1billion (~80%)[202] while Taoists number 400million (~30%).

Power distance

Worksman 2008 claims that Mr. Hofstede did research on many dimensions with regards to culture. Power distance measures the extent to which lower-level members of organizations and institutions expect, accept and follow the authority and power that their upper-level leaders hold.

The world average score of power distance is: 55 points

China scores 80 power distance points. This means that Chinese has a more hierarchical culture than average countries.

Hofstede also researched other cultural issues as:

Individualism 20 points

Very social not Individual minded

(Australia scores 90 points)

Masculinity 66 points

(Australia scores 61 points)

Uncertainty Avoidenc 40 points

(Australia scored 51)

Long-Term Orientations 118 points

80 20 66 40 118

For further information of the Hofstede dimensions please inform the following website


Recommended vaccinations are typhoid, Adult diphtheria and tetanus and hepatitis A & B. Most vaccination take at least two weeks to produced immunity, so visit your doctors three to seven weeks before departures and ask for a international certificate of vaccination which list the vaccines taken.

Infectious diseases

Diseases a widespread across the globe, Most of the diseases are caused by unhygienic maintenance and blood contact. So be vigilant.

The following prevalent diseases are.

HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Malaria, Hepatitis A & Band Typhoid fever.

Drinking water are said to be drinkable now, although Bejijng water are still consider bad quality so never drink tap water avoid ice, boil the water and bottled water are generally safe.

Emergency Numbers

International assistance 115

Fire brigade 119

Police 110

Ambulance 120

International education


The two largest international schools are WAB and ISB. Both are private non-profit community schools and are located in the Shunyi suburbs. ISB is the main American school while WAB has a greater mix of nationalities

It's important that you register your children as soon as you confirm your relocation to Beijing. Waiting lists develop quickly but if you register 4-5 months before moving, you'll be quite sure of securing a place for your child. Fees vary, but are comparable to non-subsidised private education in europe or the US.t's important that you reThere are many different international schools and colleges in Nigeria. All the schools and colleges are private institutions. Most of the schools and colleges are located in Lagos and Abudja.

Here's a list of Beijing's international schools:

* British School of Beijing (Shunyi & Sanlitun campuses)

* Beijing City International School

* Beijing BISS

* Beijing Yew Chung International School

* Canadian International School of Beijing

* Dulwich College Beijing

* Harrow International School Beijing

* International Academy of Beijing (IAB)

* International School of Beijing (ISB)

* Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)

For more information with regards to education:

Drugs and Alcohol law

Anyone under the age of 18 years old is considers as a minor, 18 is the minimum as for driver and there are no minimum restricting the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes.

18 years is the minimum age to consume alcohol.

Drugs are illegal harsh penalties will apply and also punishable by death.

Dangers & Annoyances

Foreigners are often the natural target for pickpockets and thieves, provided you keep your wits about you being vigilant at all time and avoid certain high risk areas, you should'nt have a problem. Con artist are widespread in China. Often the friendl type that may invite you for meals then footing the bill. Unless you are can tell fake money apart from real money avoid the black market when exchanging money

Useful information and expatriate forums

The following websites are expatriate forums. There are interesting discussions and tips between expatriates who are helping each other to gain information about the country with regards to facilities such as shops.




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