The Five Star Hotel


Penang is known for its unique architectural and one of its unique architectural is its hotel architecture in five star hotel. There are several 5 star hotel in Penang that have definitely a beautiful architectural such as Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Bayview Beach Resort, Mutiara Beach Resort, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Shangri-La`s Golden Sands Resort, Shangri-La`s Rasa Sayang Resort, Equatorial Hotel, G.Hotel and Grand Plaza Parkroyal Resort. Recently, the new five star hotel is opening in this September 2009 at Penang that is Hardrock Caf Hotel. If all this unique and beautiful hotel architecture in five star hotels is already exist now, there must be the starting of the evolution of hotel architecture of it. To be more specific, this research is focusing on hotel architecture in five star hotels in Penang and there are some problems in the process of the evolution of the hotel architecture. When time goes on, in order to compete with other hotels, the architecture of five star hotel in Penang already changing towards modern and different from previous hotels. Besides, it all follow the western style of architecture and not following the origin style of hotel architecture in Penang. As we know, Penang is well known of it building heritage in Malaysia. Therefore, architecture of five star hotel in Penang should also be sustain in order to make Penang as a unique state in Malaysia and also may attract the foreigner to come to Penang. This is the reason why research need to be conducted in order to make sure the architecture of five star hotel in Penang would really develop with sustaining it origin and symbolize the image of Penang culture not western culture. Penang is also being chosen as UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site recently and this shows that how important to maintain and develop the hotel architecture of five star hotel according to the Penang culture. Furthermore, social life of people around Penang may be affected as well by evolution of hotel architecture in Penang. Any building that really have a good quality should insert three principles that are durability, utility and beauty according to Vitruvius, the Roman architect in the early 1st century CE. Besides, I want to study how new five-star hotel develop in Penang. This is because I can get the knowledge of its architecture and get to know the value of the hotel architecture. In addition, I also want to study the old five-star hotel and it architecture that still remains until now. Therefore, from the study, I can learn and gain knowledge about the old hotel architecture in Penang and it would be easier for me to analyze it. Furthermore, in order to improve the hotel architecture in Penang, I should study on how to improve the less quality five-star hotels in Penang to satisfy the tourists and local people. Therefore, in order to fulfill it, the research has to be conduct so that Penang would produce quality five-star hotels. Besides, the reason to conduct the research is to plan the future five-star hotels in Penang. This would attract more tourists to come to Penang in future because of the uniqueness of hotel architecture. In addition, to promote the uniqueness of hotel architecture in Penang, the research needs to be conducted. In my research, I would explain the benefit of studying the hotel architecture in Penang where each of five star hotels has their own evolution that really surprise us. Then I will explain the design of hotel architecture in five star hotel in Penang and how it will attract the local and foreigner people come to visit Penang. To be more detail, hotel architecture in five-star hotels in Penang has their own landscape such as garden landscape, swimming pool landscape, recreation landscape and more. Interior design such as how many types of room interior design, ballroom interior design, restaurant interior design, reception interior design, lobby interior design, gym interior design, Convention Centre interior design and spa interior design. There are facilities such as Adventure Zone and Family Entertainment Centre which have its own unique interior design. Besides, I will also mention about the style of building of each five-star hotel in Penang where some of the hotels are contemporary and modernity style, colonial style, resort style, tropical style, and beach style.

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