Contrast and portray

The contrast of the Science and Arts

The title of this thesis means to contrast and portray the characteristics of the Science and Arts throughout comparing them in the nature. In the globe, only human have the sufficient abilities to develop and advance the social progress which includes many specific contents (spirit and technology). Under the rapid development of the Science and Arts, society wealth and human spirit civilization get ahead continuously. In order to exhibit their diversities and characteristics, humans classified all sorts of knowledge into Science and Arts, both of them seem have been consisted of all foundational knowledge of the world.

In the following paragraphs, some specific and crucial characteristics of the Science and Arts will be revealed and explored in the front of us. We can be clear in the glass to inspect both hypostasises and relationships.

The Science and Arts have many similarities among their enormous categories. Apparently these two systems implement remarkable different structural systems, however, they do not contradict the opposing side; even in certain area of them, and many similarities still can show the relationships between the Science and Arts.

Before artists and scientists initiate to develop some bran-new theories, they ought to have admirable inspirations and ideas which maybe in terms of previous accumulation of knowledge. Humans simulated the birds to produce planes, and refined drugs from plants which had cured some diseases. Many philosophers broke through old viewpoints and innovate some new theories and styles throughout evaluating previous viewpoints.

Exploration is a tough and illusioned process. In the interest of the truth, incalculable brave sophists dedicated innumerable sources which could be money, patience time or lives on various projects. Due to their persistent struggle, more and more unknown domains are detected and comprehended continuously. For example, famous scholar- Nruneau was a well-read priest originally, he should deal with church affair; however, he gave up wrong theories of the ecclesia and sought to spread the truth definitely. Therefore, He did not hesitate to abnegate valued life and was burned to death cruelly. Marie Curie was a famous scientist and worked in a crude laboratory, even if she faced on many difficulties originally, she still overcame all setbacks, but she not only had the refulgent productions, but also her research harmed her healthy body.

The materialism and idealism are two important aspects to distinguish the Science and Arts. In the philosophy the theories of materialism only portray matters in the universe; that all things which are composed of materials and all phenomena are the products of material interactions. In other words, matter is the only substance. In the world only the science can help human society to create material wealth adopting substance, so the science belongs to materialism category. It is different from idealism theories based on the Arts. In reality, materialism would be in contrast to idealism.

The idealism is the theories for the thinking, language, and spirit. It also considers all of matters are the product of the spirit. The idealism proclaims spirit is the more important than the matters. The Arts could be materialistic or idealistic, and is more natural than science. The Arts mean all of the Fine Arts; those cover painting, sculpture, write, music, architecture, and so on. The Arts can describe the materialism of the real society or the idealism of the visional imagination of the brains. It seems plausible to suppose that Arts is a good vinculum between reality and imagination.

The Science and Arts have own direction of development in different categories. The Arts develop from original instances; whereas scientists have to compile actual facts from originated instances in order to have the successful invention.

The Science is the systematic observation of the natural matters and conditions which discover and formulate the properties. It consists with math, physics, chemistry, geology, or astronomy and so on. In the research, the all calculations and experiments are derived from observations which can be verified or tested by further investigation. The Science is an intellectual activity; it is the most important peculiarity which is carried on by humans. In the scientific community, all scientists try to design plans which have the ability or power to discover unknown matters in the natural world.

The Arts express feelings or ideas about something; Arts is a richer ideology than Science. For instance, the litterateurs used polished words and sentences to exhibit the charm of literatures. The sculptors could make a piece of lifeless stones exhibiting vitality. The painters used brush-pencils trace out beautiful scenery and portraits in a blank paper. The productions of Artists are more supposition comparing with technology products. People cannot consume Arts, but can enjoy the spirit of nature and vent their inner desires and emotions by watching and listening Arts.


The Science and Arts constitute two most important productive forces in our lives; thereinto, the Science is the primary productive force which promotes material wealth of the human. Comparing to the Science, the Arts can bring spiritual enjoyment to humans, and increases the judgement, discursion, creative and imagination. The Arts brings about fantastic association with the Science; the scientists can imagine inventing more new things through the remarkable elicitation of the Arts. This world could not miss anyone of them; both of them balance our thinking and generate a wonderful world.

Indeed, some diversities of the Science and Arts brought out misapprehension, whereas, more differences do not mean that Science and Arts are natural adversaries, the Science and Arts do not go against conventional knowledge system, reversely on the one hand they make progress individually, On the other hand their achievements are reciprocal and supply and influence each other as well.

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