Design Reflective

Design Reflective Essay

Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction

I'm Koe Chee Wai, a year three semester two Bachelor Degree (Hons) Graphic Design and Multimedia student in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Due to this final year assignment, I have to write a reflective essay about what are so important to me when I used to design. From my analysis of my artworks, I realize that Realism an d Photography have always played an important role in my artwork.

Besides that, photography is that tools I always need when I designing the artwork. Photography and graphic communication have been closely linked, beginning with the first experiments to capture an image of nature with a camera. I almost use the Photorealism still to draw my artwork. Photography must important for because that will increase your brand trust and quality, make the look impressive, and increase conversion rates.

1.2 Scope of study

Photography is a silent art; it is real accurate, objective and reproduction. Graphic designers use photography accurate, lively, and visual effects to show their work. Photography in Graphic Design in the extensive use of visual communication makes it become the most effective form of expression. Image has become convey information, affecting style, decided to consumption of essential visual language. How vivid and creative grasp of the visual language is that face all of the key issues.

Class in the world launched a powerful advertising campaign in photography will undoubtedly become an important medium. There is plenty of photography has enriched the performance of the scope of graphic design, life seems to be unable to resist its existence, and advertising, packaging, packing boxes of product pictures, photo albums, newspapers, magazines, directories, books, brochures, and even windows exhibit in its shadow everywhere.

1.3 PhotorealismPhotSignificance of study

Human beings to understand the world through art, and human understanding of the world thanks to the re-invention of photography, through the photographic images of human re-examine the world.

1, The birth of photography to change people's lives

The invention of photography thanks to science, but in essence it is a technical invention is not so much as it is a result of the outcome of a cultural tradition, is the infiltration of human thought a product of the development of the visual arts. Photography is not art of the early acceptance by the art of painting of the exclusion, but this did not affect its development. Photography continually explore and find a way out, and a relationship with human life. Since the beginning of human civilization is not a word but started in the arts. Then the art is to come from? Earliest possible originated in narrative and records. Painting is the art of the earliest human exposure. Use pictures to describe the objective world of human understanding of the world, drawing influence people's attitudes toward life. Until the emergence of photographic art. Painting with a painting, like the early days and not be judged by the Western oil painting is a realistic reproduction of classical art, but no matter what you study objective world, when you use a pen to return, will be a deviation. In the photographic art under the pressure of change that has occurred, the emergence of impressionism paintings represent the beginning of the revolution, but this revolution has aroused fierce opposition from the traditional painters. Fortunately, the tradition of painting out of a new road. Created a new form of artistic expression, followed by post-impressionism emerged, Cubism, Fauvism and other paintings. Photography changed the way humans see things, promoted an increase in the form of artistic expression, thus changing the human way of life. If there is no appearance of photography, there is no with the painting in the "real" sex on the contest, how will today's painting? Affected not only the paintings, films inspired by their appearance also. This marked the beginning of human life diversity, in improving human life play an active role in promoting. Photography is recorded images, is to a full space frame will be one of the things from the reality of the existence separate. Photography has changed the way people live recording, increasing people's awareness of the way of the world, and is the most effective and most efficient way. At the same time also changed people's living conditions.

2, To accelerate social progress, photography art

Art the most important function is to serve the community. Cultivation of the arts is to prove that the level of human society and a way. Since the art of photography into the ring, with its unique form of its impact on people's lives. Photography with a strong understanding of functions, educational functions and aesthetic functions. And has spread fast characteristics. These conditions is to promote the rapid advancement of human society and an important means. Today, our time is a visual age, we are subject to picture every day from morning to night attacks. People through photographic images to understand the objective world and subjective world the true face, because of its authenticity, a true reflection of the community. Photography to promote people from becoming aware of the concept of virtual reality images. Photographic images of all-inclusive, records and create life, may not exist. Photographic images included the artist's thoughts and feelings, ideals and aspirations. Photography education is through the real image to feelings, subtle, entertaining and educational. Images can be generated through people yearning for nature and spiritual purification; can engender the yearning for freedom and the pursuit of justice; can engender sympathy for the suffering and evil outrage. Were such things as photography has changed people's aesthetic sense of the aesthetic needs of mankind can make in people's enjoyment of the United States at the same time be able to form their own aesthetic concepts and aesthetic ideals, play and character cultivation, purification of the role of the character and personality, enabling people access to super-utilitarian pleasure. It also made the world understand the way human beings are no longer single, and more real, and to increase people's aesthetic diversity and aesthetic level. Photography easier than any other art closer to people's lives have been accepted by the public. Human beings are living in the artistic creation and aesthetic being. Creators are group of personalized small crowd, but those are some of the universality of the general public to appreciate the crowd, the two interacting with each other to promote the image of society today live in the continuous improvement of people's artistic culture and speed up the quality of the human spiritual leap.

3, Photography to expand society's diversified development

After the birth of photography, toward the different areas of penetration and development. Photography as a communication tool and means to rewrite the human knowledge in the world in new ways. Today, from the role of photography and social development perspective, generally speaking, can be divided into practical photography and non-practical photography. Practical photography such as news photography, advertising photography; non-use photography as art photography, creative photography and so forth. Are in a different way to serve the community. Social development and to this day, people through portrait photography aware of their beauty, to promote the development of fashion; through the news documentary photography to see the world based on actual events, China's Hope Project is under the influence of the image of concern for the public; through the Advertising Photography to understand the value of goods to promote the market economy, the rapid flow of goods; through art photography to improve their aesthetic consciousness. Photography into a wider range of public art. Photography independent strong, and can be quickly operational, with the birth of digital technology, photography is no longer a small number of people to master the technology and art, and subsequent images will be more to penetrate people's emotions, personal subjective point of view, even if it is an objective news , and documentary photography. Everyone will choose their own point of view, even his own views, and everyone with the will to see the world in their own way. The same thing with a different view of society towards a different direction. The community is changing every day, photography and creative life in the record every day, every one thing, photography through images so real that all converted to eternal phantom. As I said before photography in their own way to change society, change people's consciousness. Photography future development because of the requested varies. The community will also be moving in the direction of diversification.

Photography is a form of video art, video art of the beginning of mankind. Human to understand the world and recording the real world, the real start. Photography, through its unique artistic charm in changing the lives of mankind today.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Marshall McLuhan in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man Wrote.”The ads are by far the best part of any magazine or newspaper. More pains and thought, more wit and art, go into making of an ad than into any prose feature of press or magazine.” (Sawyer, 2005)

I think this is true. Good Ads, ads that sell, are much smarter, more entertaining, and infinitely more honest than anything else a reader will find in newspaper, magazine, or on television and computer monitor. What ultimately makes copy work is its ability to make the connection between consumer and product inevitable.

But, how to compare the good Ads! The good Ads must be have concept and idea to represent or telling public with clear and close. I think this 6 element is for me to make the good Ads First, the headline is the most important element of an ad.

Your design will get a short time to get attention of a prospect. The treatment of, and message in, your headline will account for up to 65% of the readership of you advertisements. In many cases, they started with the advertiser's name or logo because readers concerned about the little things. The good advertising is emphasizes on the service, not on the source. Second, headlines and content should be appeal to the reader's self-interest.

Besides than, learn to write, think and speak benefits to your market! Check back over your copy. Do you telling the reader how your service or product can help them? Are you using the personnel pronoun "you" frequently? Or does talk about "We're the best at...","we can do...” etc. The latter are considered ego advertising and will not serve you well. Third, make the subhead.

Most people scanning while they read. That's why it's important to use big bold headlines and strong because that will benefit oriented subheads in your copy. In other words, your headline is to attract people to come over and have a reason for them to continue reading the text. If your headline is not attractive, people won't have a reason to continue reading your article. If you give it to them quickly and concisely through subheads, the reader will read as much more as you give them. In other words, long copy generally sells more than short copy, so don't be afraid to tell a complete story in all your ads. Fourth, inspire action Always tell the reader what you want. Never suppose that the reader knows what action you want, and always be sure you make response as easy as possible.

Fifth, use images that help your represent. Images and illustrations are always best to stopping reader because both this will take the attention by reader.

Fine art photography is difficult to define, primarily because artistic value is very much in the eye of the beholder. It can be best described as photography purely for the sake of expressing the photographer's own vision and feelings. It can also be defined by what it is not. It is not like commercial photography, in that it is not produced to sell a product or promote an image. It is not journalistic in nature where a photograph is taken to capture or tell a visual story that coincides with a written one. There are elements in the art photographer's world that tend to rely more on artistry. (Kane, 2008)
Skills of commercial art

The good commercial artist must need the skills that are the knowledge of fine arts, ability to communicate well, knowledge of media, visualization, originality, and the ability to organize information . Usually,art department not too large; consisting essentially of art directors, maybe an assistant director, and a small staff of design and product workers. Because sometimes commercial artists work with a variety of people under stressful situations, so they must be efficient, resilient, and able to relate well with people.

It is a common perspective that this photographic is still new to the world of art. During the Renaissance on fifteenth century , artists were using optical devices to create their work, the appeal for realism and a close depiction of nature and its beauty enticed the Renaissance artists to use tools as well as pigments and brushes such as the 'camera obscure'. This device enables them the ability to reflect far away images onto flat surfaces.

In 1839, perception by realism was further revolutionized by the invention of the Collotype and the Daguerreotype, these being the first two types of photographic images. Photography became accepted, because it is art in the provision of assistance to a growing middle-class patronage, and therefore immediately implements its image and entertainment requirements.

A photograph made by an early photographic process; the image was produced on a silver plate sensitized to iodine and developed in mercury vapor. p-anc-monotone_jpg.jpg colloprint.jpg Collotype- a photomechanical printing process that uses a glass plate with a gelatin surface that carries the image to be reproduced; can be used with one or more colors

According by Master level, the most authentic artistic pursuit is to describe the natural, because it does exist. Photos achieve this goal even more than all the other art media efforts. But the question is whether or not the photographer is itself a real artist.

“Another theory is that artists must contribute their personal spirit into their creations. Could it be possible that a photographer using a mechanical device, that creates the image, could impose their personal spirit into the finished photograph? Ernest Lacan, the French journalist once said, "photography is like a mistress whom one cherishes and hides, about whom one speaks with joy but does not want others to mention". “ (Lacan, 1999)

There are three views, usually by critics, the painter's art in all discussions photography, and photographers shoot on whether it will benefit the arts, or art. The first view is that photography is not because it is to use mechanical equipment and chemical and physical phenomena of the hand, does not produce artistic inspiration. The second view is that photos would be useful to art, but creativity should not be equal to painting and drawing. The final argument is that because photography is so similar to lithography and etching it will be conducive to the arts and culture.

Photography has played a controversial, but in the past 150 years, the important role of the arts. The problem still exists, whether it is an art or photography, rather than the mind's eye to see a new form of document.

­ Photography is the core of our life experience. Photo so that we can maintain communication and all aspects of life, to supplement the language. Digital photography is fundamentally different from chemical photography. Capacity is different, so the user's expectations are evolving, the core technical indicators and a more than a century of photography service is not always applicable. Today, very few have time hobby into a leisurely exploration, and liked the convenience of digital photography. On the business side, digital offers many opportunities, but the business model is difficult to develop and spend time with numerous variables, processing overhead, can increase customer confusion.

Fine Art Photography

Type of photography that represents an artist's creative vision through fine art photos named Fine art Photography. A fine arts photography artwork used in ways to express his or her eyes, emotions, feelings, and dreams of the universe. Art Photography is not a simple description of reality on behalf of a photographer, but they want to communicate emotions.

There is no formal definition of art photography, also known as art photography, fine art, photography or works of art. Photography art world is vast, so we narrowed it down to three broad categories:

* Fine art photography

* Commercial photography (used to sell a product or service)

* Journalism photography (visually supports stories, particularly those in print)

Commercial and Journalism photography, even though not designed to be fine art photography, entered this category due to the incredible talents and genius skills by artist photographers. Find Art photography into high-priced works of art of the art world mainstream. Find Art photos are now displayed in the internationally renowned museum.

process of photographic development, there are two states: one is from quantitative to qualitative change, one is from the cumulative changes to the ever-changing. Leap in science and technology, bringing photographic equipment and technical progress, the glass negatives have been replaced by film, double-lens reflex lens reflex sheet replaced the spotlight has been replaced by electronic flash until with the advent of digital cameras and compact camera. Advanced equipment continued to lead the technical access to advanced photographers. Change people's ideas, bringing news photography innovation and prosperity.



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