Lindt and Sprungli chocolate company

The story of very successful confectionary company Lindt began in 1845. David Sprungli Scharz and his son had a small confectionary shop in the Zurich's Old Town. At that time people used chocolate excusively as a drink, and the Sprungli- wanted to make something new: made solid chocolate bars. It was a new trend came from Italy. These chocolate bars quickly became famous in Zurich so that they decided to open a small factory to produce them. Their business was so successful that they could export three quarter of their products to over 20 countries around the world. . (

In 1899, they bought Lindt's chocolate factory and his secret method of making chocolate fondant, a fine melting chocolate which famous and made a key contribution to the global reputation of Swiss chocolate.From 1920 to 1945 the company had to face with massive challenges: Global protectionism and the economic crisises in 1920s and 1930s. The Great Depression leaded to the loss of all international markets. They realized that they should focus on the small dosmetic market. Although Swiss market was very small and grew quite slowly but it helped the company to survived after wars and crisis. (

After the wars, global economy recovered. So demand for chocolate increased rapidly again. At home or aboard, people all wanted to buy more chocolate. To catch the increasing demand of both dosmetic and international markets, the company decided that it was the time to replace all the old and not very productive machines by more modern ones and to expand their factory. Thus, they spread out their business in Swizerland by signing contracts with three confectionary companies: They would become Lindt's official branches. Moreover, they opened branches in many other countries in Europe i.e. Italy (1947), Germany(1950) and France (1954).(

In 1972, the company created a new process in producing chocolate. It was the very meaningful improvement which helped to sercure the product's quality and to save energy.The company developed so fast that they became an international group in 1977. This was marked by the cooperation between Lindt&Sprungli and a French company named "CFC Consortium Franais de Confiserie". In 1994, Lindt&Sprungli successfully transformed into an multinational company with its headquarter in Switzerland. From 2000 to now, the group has many production companies in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, USA and Australia and sell offices in Hongkong and Dubai. Lindt&Sprungli also sells their products via a vast local network. (

Over a period of 160 years with many difficult times, the company has got over all serious challenges to become a very famous and successful group. Lindt&Sprungli is not only a famous Switzerland chocolate brand, it also an icon in confectionary industry of the world.


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