The aic project


Before starting on the AIC project, I was very confused what I was going to do in this project. I feel stressed at times because this is a double-weighted core module on my final year. I followed the lecturer's and supervisor's instruction during the lecture and workshops. I think I really learn something from this experience and this module is rather different from what I have previously experienced.

First of all, I feel happy while finished this assignment because I did not do the work in last minute and thus I can complete this assignment earlier than the due date. I always remind myself to avoid procrastination as this will just make things worse. In the past few months, time keeping looks like my big challenge because I find it very difficult to plan and undertake tasks within a structured timetable. Besides, the draft project has to be submitted after the assessment week. Therefore, I draw up a timetable for my daily studies, revisions and the time doing the project. Re-read and highlight the key sections of the module handbook. When I encounter problems, I discussed it with friends and feel free to ask the lecturer whilst the consultation hours. Further, I contact my supervisor regularly to make sure that I am on right track. I learn a lot from mistakes. Keep working on the project every week, ensuring that I have a more feasible project when I meet with my supervisor.

Furthermore, the project must present written information clearly, concisely and accurately in a report format but my writing skill is very poor and my English is not so excellent so that I am afraid if so I cannot produce a high level dissertation. It will affect the logic or line of argument that I will lose out. Therefore, I try my best to improve it! First of all, I write down my ideas for my writing, contents and subtitles so that it can let my project clarity and ease of assimilation and understanding. After that, I narrow down the list to important facts and details then write an outline by listing the details for each subtitle. Hence, after I made an additional outline and add some brainstorm ideas so that I have basically the whole story planned. Besides, I ask my friends and went to the language centre to proof read my project for me. Moreover, I read books, journal, newspapers and magazines to help me find the facts which could use in writing this project and it also encourages very different ways of thinking. It is important for me to recognize the need for information and determine the extent of information needed then access the information effectively and efficiently in order for information to become evidence. Because it is not an essay, this is a practical project that must be value to the organisation. Good writers read a lot. Reading a wide range of material increases my vocabulary and gives me a sense of what I am trying to achieve.

One of my biggest problems was to provide bibliography/references of all sources of information that I have accessed. Completed so many assignment before but I still not very sure how to provide the bibliography/references using the Harvard referencing system. Fortunately, one of my greatest strength is that I have ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes. Therefore, I learn Harvard referencing system from the UWE's library online and to provide the bibliography/references correctly.

My confidence grows as I find out more articles about my topic. I had learnt a lot after doing the project because I have gained much substantial knowledge from the journals or other sources I have read. Most of the time, student has only learnt about theories from textbook. Student has only been provided with words without having the real visualization of what actually happen and what does it take to succeed in accounting career. Additionally, I learn a lot from the module, let me understands that the frameworks are ethics and corporate governance which are used to explore all issues in accounting and finance. I like the module as it combines the results of all the other modules and shows how we can apply what we have learnt. However, there is too much work to do.

The skills I learn from the workshop relating to reading articles and critically evaluating them are vital to my project. Workshops are based on student group presentations which based on the article and several articles are discussed in the workshops. Since the presentations replicate the work every workshops but it helps me to do my project. Listening to presentations is also an important learning activity for all students. The most important weakness that I discovered is I lack of leadership during our group members' discussion, I realized that I am not brave enough to speak out and I never volunteered to lead a discussion. Fortunately, group members and I diligently did a comprehensive coverage of requirements for the presentation. We worked co-operatively towards a common purpose. As we do the presentations together, our group members have discussion with each other and thus, I have gained knowledge from my friends. Through group activities such as doing the assignment, presentation and so on, I learn to be caring and helpful towards others. After doing the presentations, I was surprised to discover unity is strength and learn how to cooperate with others and mutually help each other.

Additionally, I am a quick learner so I have great problem-solving skills and I am willing to learn new things whilst doing the project and presentations. Besides, I seek and try out new ideas, enjoy problem solving and quick decision-making. These all are my strength which help me a lot when I carry on doing this project and presentations! However, I am bored with long discussions and thus sometime I felt the workshops are annoying me and do not help my project.

Practice makes perfect, we didn't over run the time whilst we presentation. However, I have trouble pronouncing the words and sometime I said 'um' while I am nervous. I hope I will do better in the future. Overall the group presentation, we tried our best to let the presentation looks great. Although the marks are important to us, but we want to cherish the process when we do the assignment together! It is often said that University days are those during which you make the best friends of your life. Moreover, I think that presentations are important because in my career I will be required to present. I need to feel comfortable standing up in front of people. People in business have very little time and thus they will make decisions based on how I present my arguments as well as the nature of the arguments,

From the past to present, I learn the development of skills in critical thinking, self-evaluation and reflection. The learning log really helps me to identify what I have learnt during the whole year! I surprised that how much I have learn, my motivation changes as a result of reflection and this encourage me to experiment and learn yet more. It brings me to realisation and let me know that many areas that I still need to develop. First of all, I need to learn responsibility for maximizing my positive behaviours and minimizing my negative behaviours. I need to improve my analytical skills, vocabulary and writing skills since work papers and reports must be clear and concise. Secondly, as we know, teamwork is an integral part of an effective within the office. Hence, I need to develop strong interpersonal skills because it is important to establish a good rapport with staff and clients as well. In addition to these, I must strengthen my leadership ability and the skills of communication. These leadership skills are important after one leaves school and starts working because one is then equipped to deal with different types of people.

Moreover, all of the journals and sources which I have gone through are really a brilliant works from the authors, which will put me in good stead when I start working. Hence, I still need to learn how to see the issues from many different perspectives. By gaining a better understanding of these, I hope to fully utilize my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses.

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