The slums of Mumbai

I'm writing about a Danny Boyle based film called Slumdog millionaire. Based in the slums of Mumbai.

It's about an 18 year old orphan called Jamal Malak, he's from the slums of Mumbai and he decides to participate in the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. He gets to the final question which could possibly win him 20 million Rupees, as he answers the question the show breaks for the night, as he finishes for the night he is abruptly beaten and brutally attacked as he's been arrested on suspicion of cheating. In a bid to prove his innocence he tells his story of life in the slums of Mumbai and living with his brother, the initial survival of them on the streets. As he is telling them about the story, every chapter always lead to the key answer for each question he answered on the show. Through common sense and past experiences. This story explains fully how he was able to answer the questions on an extremely hard quiz. Through this he hopes that his long lost love Latika would have been watching.

Many unknown Indian actors are used in this play to really enhance the whole Mumbai journey. But the most recognisable actors are Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto; they stared as Jamal and Latika. The film, Slumdog Millionaire is originally based on a novel called Q&A, written by an Indian author Vikas Swarup, the film and this novel had similar Genres but they have made adaptations but kept it on the same principle. The genre of the film is a variety of types. It's Comedy, Love and romance. Throughout the film its evident it's a love quest for Jamal and Latika. This really emphasises the Genre of the film.

I believe that the quality of the film is defiantly of a high standard for many reasons, throughout the film it's evident that there's chemistry between the entire cast as when watching the film the quality of acting produced is unbelievable. The Cast has been worked with well to get the best out of them, they have used actors who have actually lived in slums. This makes the whole experience much more realistic as its natural for them to act in certain behaviour's whilst in scenes involving the slums.

What really fascinates me is the introduction of the film, the way the film starts and immediately grips up into it. The film starts with an action- packed scene with Jamal being introduced to the Quiz game, then suddenly being constantly tortured because the police are convinced that he's been cheating as he is on the verge of winning the ultimate prize, 20 million rupee.

Children ordinarily playing India's most prized game, cricket. It was on non- permitted premises and they get caught, they are being chased by security men who are named by the slum children as "Dogs". This scene introduces Salim and Jamal to the film. The surroundings I believe really catch the viewer's attention. The location it's just fascinating and ad reline pumping action with the chase, they scurry through the slums and the brothers always provides a sense of humour which enhances the whole moment.

Right at the beginning of the film Jamal has just been competing in the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and has been suspected of cheating, he's been tortured as the investigator is convinced that he's cheated to get himself in the position of possibly winning 20million rupee's, this defines the little expectation of most slum dogs, a sign of predujuced, this is an example of lower class citizens being prejudged and discriminated. Salim, Jamal's brother is introduced in the 2nd scene when they are being chased by the police. After that event in the next scene Jamal's mother unfortuanly dies in a example of an anti- Muslim attack which is a fight between the Muslims and the Hindus. Other than killing their Mother this caused devastating damage to the slums and many innocent lives were taken. Fortunately for Salim and Jamal they escaped but were homeless, this is where Latika is introduced. The following night whilst the boys are covering under some shelter they notice a girl of the same age was sitting outside pouring it down with rain, as Jamal was inviting her in Salim was less reluctant to let her in, demonstrating the superiority that Salim posses over his younger brother. At the end Latika stays with them out of guilt.

Throughout the film the soundtrack is extremely significant towards the impression you get from them, it describes their personality, also it really establishes the tension of the scene. The soundtrack especially was a key factor towards the humungous success they achieved. It was especially unique as they used cultural Indian music whilst provided the a sense of a modern twist here, this also shows the authenticity of the film

An example of when the soundtrack can is effective is in the scene of when Jamal finally meets up with Latika and she get abducted, the soundtrack really increase the tension and with a upbeat rhythm and intensifies the scene.

A scene which really shows the relationship between them three at breaking point was when Jamal is kick out of Salim's apartment without Latika. This is another example of Salim taking advantage over this age; you must respect your elders. This moment really weakens their relationship, and with Latika vulnerable she cannot do much else.

The film is set in the slums of Mumbai, India. The way the Director has create the atmosphere is absolute genius, he hasn't just used computer technology to enhance the realism of slums, he's taken us straight to the slums themselves, there no kidding yourself as it's all genuine day to day living. I believe that one of the reasons of the success is because he's based it on real life. It just

Fascinates people by the way people can live. As I explained before about the significance of the soundtrack towards the film. Here are a couple of examples of how the sound effects are used. In the slums the soundtrack is used, at the beginning it's an upbeat tune as it was a chase between the police officer and the slum children. This creates a sense of excitement.

In the film they have used native actors from India; this makes the film more genuine and realistic. Through this they're a language barrier. But Danny Boyle used this to his advantage as he could use subtitles throughout the film to translate what they were saying. Also this would make the film more authentic and the actors would act more naturally if they spoke in Hindu. When you talk in Hindu it makes it more graphical. It shows emotions which you would be became too produced if spoken in English. The violence used in the film as a ethical influence and this shows how different cultures discipline each other, this can also relate to the money issue as money is a big factor in the way that they use violence because it so valuable.

The film was an absolute success as the expectation of this was minimal and the reaction was unbelievable. It within it first year has over 360 million dollars gross profit. The reason that the film was so successful was because of the genuinely of the film and it's extremely realistic. I believe that the plot line shows justice to the lower class citizens. The film is originally non- fictional but what the director did was to base it on reality and it really caught people's attention. It shows life as a Slumdog.

The main characters which I really enjoyed watching would have to be Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto. They are a credit to the film as they used their experience to make the whole film a joy to watch. The younger Jamal and Salim was absolutely amazing as there brought a new dimension to the film as they actually live in the slums.

I would defiantly recommend this to absolutely anybody. It an amazing and well worth the time to spend watching it.

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