What I need to improve on

Action Plan


Strengths, Skills & Qualities:


Ability to Work under Pressure


Good Reading Skills


Practicable Approach to Tasks

Good Communicator

What I need to improve on:

1. Writing Skills and Constructing Essays

2. Presentations

3. IT Skills

What am I going to do? When and how

Writing and Constructing Essay's

To improve my writing skills I have enrolled on a GCSE course, which will begin in November. This course will allow me to identify areas which I need to improve on and equip me with a better understanding of the English language. This course looks at grammar, punctuation and essay writing which will help me when I am constructing and writing my assignments for my degree.

I have also contacted the University writing skills support group, (LDU), they can provide support on a one to one basis, and provide me with help and support on this issue.


I have contacted the LDU at the University; they can help by offering one to one support, looking at my understanding and then giving me tips and hints at what I need to do to give a good presentation.

I have also looked at some websites that give some useful information on presentations, the dos and don't, which will help me.

I have spoken to colleagues and friends on this topic as well as doing my own research. It seems to me that, to deliver a good presentation, the key is to have a good understanding of the subject you are presenting and also have a good understanding of you're audience, this will allow you to keep you're listeners captivated.

I will arrange to meet someone from the LDU in the first week of November.

IT Skills

I have put this down on my list of weaknesses, although I am very competent in using elements of the computer, I do often struggle when trying to set up graphs and tables.

To improve this I have asked my colleague at work who does all our IT work, to help me in this area, I will be meeting her on a weekly basis and looking at programmes, setting graphs and tables. In addition to this, I will use my IT lessons as a stepping stone to further my knowledge in IT.

How Will I Monitor and Know

Writing and Constructing Essay's: They way in which I will monitor and recognise my improvement is by getting feedback from friends and tutors. I will also become more confident in writing and constructing my essays, as well as being less critical of myself.

Presentations: I will carry out mock presentations on friends and colleagues and take all their comments and use them constructively. I will also get feedback from tutors.

IT Skills: To monitor and recognise my progress in this area, I shall undertake specific tasks at work which will involve using computers, and then to receive feedback from my colleague. My IT session at university will also help me develop in this area, which will be another way of monitoring my progress.

In order to progress and improve my areas of weakness and become an independent learner; I shall take the reflective approach, by keeping a diary of my studies through which I will monitor and record my achievements. Kolb 1984 reflective learning cycle is an excellent form of learning as it allows you to learn through reflection by planning, doing, reflecting and conceptualising.

(http://bsspdl.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/kolb_cycle1.gif- accessed- 10.10.2009)

By reflecting on my studies this will help me develop an insight in to ways I learn and which will help keep my studies under continual review.

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