Medium length hairstyles

Secrets For Managing Medium Length Hairstyles

A lot of women feel more at ease and comfortable if their hair is of manageable length. Some prefer to have short hair while others opt for the more versatile medium length hairstyles. Medium length hair is generally classified as styles that are anywhere between two inches above the shoulders to about three inches below the shoulders; or variably, a hair length that is somewhere between the shoulder and the jawbone.

These hairstyles are favored by many women as they are neither too long nor too short, making it easy to come up with various hairstyles. But the most significant reason for its popularity besides its versatility is the ease and simplicity of managing and maintaining it.

Although medium length hairstyles require less effort in its upkeep than long hair, they do still need proper care, especially at the tips. This article will share some secrets of managing medium length hairstyles; guiding you with the best tips and information.

The Many Ways of Wearing Medium Length Hairstyles

  • Layers define the looks of medium hairstyle. Layered medium hairstyle is probably the most popular in this style because it can be done in a simple fashion and takes very minimal time to fix. One of the ways you can really bring out the beauty of the layered version is to apply some mousse throughout the hair before blow-drying with a round brush.
  • Bangs swept to the side accentuate your facial features. You can curl the layers in any direction you want, either away from or toward your face. You may want to add a little drama around the face with face-framing bangs that is sure to give you a unique and exotic but glamorous look.
  • Try a straight and sleek or curly and wavy look. Medium hair can also be worn straight and sleek; or maybe wavy and curly to lend some variation to your looks. If the hair on the nape is allowed to grow longer, you can use gel to create a short ponytail; with combs used for great effects by putting the hair off the face and up to the side with a clasp.
  • Great formal looks. Some women think that it is difficult to achieve a formal look with medium length hair. Although the classic updo may not be recommended unless hair extension is added, a great formal look is achievable by pulling back the hair into a low bun, accented by a fringe or side-swept bangs.
  • Fun and carefree look. If you want to create a fun, laidback surfer girl look, you can make temporary curls by simply twisting and pinning wet hair into tiny rolls until hair has dried, then apply a small amount of styling spray.

And here are some very important tips to bring out the best in your medium length hairstyle and make you more stunning:

  • Shampoo and use conditioner regularly.
  • Add volume to give your hair a personality of its own. Use hair products that can help add extra texture and shine since medium length hairstyle looks even more fantastic with a lot of volume and bounce.
  • Be creative and add highlight or accessories to your medium hairstyle. You can also dazzle up your 'do with hair accessories or even add highlights and vibrant colors to emphasize different layers.
  • Have a hair trim every 4-6 weeks. Medium hairstyles may be easy to maintain but once the layers grow longer, the style can look more unkempt. It usually takes about eight weeks for the style to still look good without any trimming done. To keep your style looking great, anticipate and get a quick trim more frequently.

Be smart in choosing the right style that will work for you best; and remember: In order for your hair to remain healthy and attractive, you have to think of taking care of your hair as a daily task that must be done.

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