The plastic surgery


My research highlights on the plastic surgery, which states the meaning of plastic surgery by which plastic surgery does not mean patients only. Also this research contain the cases that rise up the need for doing such a surgery like the burning or any injured people who need to do this surgery.. Furthermore the definition of the plastic surgery by which it is an important surgery the same as others surgery we do it...In addition to the two types of plastic surgery ''reconstructive'' which is the procedure for the correction the defects on the face or body. and the other type which is cosmetic which is a procedure that alert the part of the body that the person not like it or satisfied with. And as we know plastic surgery has many advantage and disadvantage with illustration of these advantages and disadvantages. At the end, the research will include a statistics about plastic surgery in Lebanon and my opinion about this issue.

The plastic surgery revolution started after the end of world war one. As it is clearly known that this war left a lot of injured people who need reconstruction surgeries for their organs that were burned or injured during the war. So the studying of this major starts in many countries and it became an important one like any other major. But today, plastic surgery is not only surgery for the patients who are suffering defects of their organs, and need a surgery in order to return as they were. But it is also a surgery that stands instead of the cosmetic procedures for the people who are not satisfied with their physical appearance and willing for a perfect body appearance like the stars and other famous people.

As it is well known, Beauty moves lovely feelings in people; it makes the pretty person to feel happy and attracts others to contact him in a lovely way. Most of people, and throughout the history were concern about their physical appearance, Even the famous people took care of this side like the legend Michael Jackson.

Moreover, and while our children are growing up; they face a lot of obstacles in their life. One of these obstacles is psychological, which highlights on the physical appearance of the person. For example girls want to be tall, thin, and beautiful; while boys, want to be muscular and handsome.

Furthermore, some children are born with some little physical defect while others born with major defects. These defects leave hard deep feelings and affect their psychological side. And off course the plastic surgery played an important role to reconstruct their defected organs and rebuild back their self confidence and their life.

And as we know the medial field is developing with time in order to achieve this issue by making a plastic surgery.

Medical field is developing with time, but is the person who is doing the plastic surgery on the safe side? Are parents really concerned with their children's beauty? Do parents believe that plastic surgery can give their daughter a Barbie look and their son a Van Diesel look that they have always wanted? Even though medical technology has improved over the years, but there is no guarantee on the outcomes. In some cases, outcomes are unwanted and sometimes lead to death. However, people still doing the plastic surgery, and are packing the surgeons office on a daily basis wanting plastic surgery performed on their body.

Society seems to have somehow been brainwashed on the idea that in order to be beautiful, one must appear like the photos seen on the covers of magazines, television ads, billboards, and even in movies. Society does not investigate plastic surgery or the surgeons who they are having perform it. A person who is considering having plastic surgery performed must take into consideration that each new procedure is only as good as the surgeon who does the surgery. There has been much technological advancement that has improved plastic surgery. Anyone can attend a seminar on how to perform a liposuction for a few hours, and go back to their office and perform it. It has been noticed that dentists are doing this as well as plastic surgeons. Everyone needs to be aware of the risks of plastic surgery. Some of the risks can leave a person with emotional and physical scars.

The plastic surgery is not only a single type of surgeries or a general title for a surgery; it is divided into two different types, reconstruction and cosmetic surgeries. The reconstruction surgery is to correct the physical defects on the face or the body like cleft lips and plates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns, or aftermath of disease treatment like rebuilding a woman's breast after surgery for breast cancer. While the cosmetic surgery is the procedure that a person goes through if he is not satisfied with the common cosmetic stuff.

There are many disadvantages of plastic surgery. Some disadvantages include necrosis, scaring, nerve damage, skin death or breakdown, asymmetry, numbness or tingling, infection, going into shock, bleeding internally, or even at times death can occur. Moreover, these surgeries are costly if we are mentioning the economic side. And need sometime to takes effect on the patient after the surgery is done.

Although of the disadvantages of the plastic surgeries, we find an increment request on these surgeries. This off course increase the surgeons who choose this field as their major study, and travel aboard to get the knowledge of these surgeries. Also we can notice the increment of the medical centers, hospitals and clinics that are specialized in these surgeries with special treatment because unwanted outcomes mean bad reputation for the medical place.

So all over the world the people make plastic surgery and they don't care about the money that they will pay. They one search for the success of the surgery and the good result that will achieve at the end. The statistics show that the number of people who did plastic surgery is increasing day after a day. In Lebanon we notice that really there is a large number and all the statistics show that by which Lebanon become the Mecca and the capital of the plastic surgery among the Arab states of the Middle East. In Lebanon we find the high proficiency level of surgeons with low prices.

According to'' Tony Nasser'' who is the owner of the Brazil aesthetic clinic we realize that the plastic surgery began in Lebanon since 2ooo and especially after the removal of the Israeli troops from the south Lebanon. And this was the development of plastic surgery in Lebanon. After this information on the plastic surgery, the question that rises is that what happened to the growing of your own face and body, instead of having someone else make it happen for you? How do teenagers know what really makes them happy? Perhaps some of these kids' parents have undergone plastic surgery and so having their children assume their role is not a big deal.

Finally; plastic surgery is a phenomena in the world and it is the big sign of the development of the medical field .by doing plastic surgery we will satisfy our selves and achieve all our wishes. But not always the result of plastic surgery is good. Some times we received a negative result that will hurt us a lot.

if I have the chance to do plastic surgery in a perfect high quality professional to any of my organs I will not do it because I believe that my god gave me the organs that is suitable for me and I will became a plastic girl if I do any plastic surgery.


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