Imagine what life would be like if there were hardly any breakthroughs in the health field for people within the past one hundred years. There would be few antibiotics, vaccines, and organ transplants that would be able to safely help humans. Today, 580,000 of United States diabetics that depend on their insulin to keep them alive would most likely be dead. There would not be medication to help people control their high blood pressure, so sixty-five million Americans would be at risk of dying from a heart attack, stroke, or even kidney failure. Also, if there was no cataract surgery there would be more than one million people who would end up losing their eyesight in at least one of their eyes. All of these catastrophes and many others would be happening in the present day if animals were not used in biomedical research.

Biomedical Research is used to help find cures to prevent and treat diseases that humans and animals can get infected with today. The scientists in this field need to use animals so they can find new and effective ways to help treat and diagnose humans and animals. Scientists use the animals to test the safety of new medicines they have developed to help save a human life. A commonly asked question when people wonder why they have to use animals is “Why can't they do it on computer models or tissues?” The reason they can't is because they need to use a living organism to see how our bodies will react to certain things, and animals are biologically similar to humans making them able to get a more accurate result. The living system is very complex so it makes it impossible for scientists to explore the effects of diseases without observing and testing the living system in animals. An example is the effects of having high blood pressure are not able to be studied in tissues cultures. Overall, animals are very essential in the process of testing new medications so they can then be used on humans.

When scientists are using animals in biomedical research they have to follow certain rules when testing new medications on them. For example the “American Association for Laboratory Animal Science” make the technicians go through various stages to make sure that the caring of the animals is set to their standard. They want the animals to be as healthy and well kept as they can be so they can get the best test results. Also, the “United States Government Principles for the Utilizations and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used” in testing requires certain guidelines. First, the procedures they are doing must be related to humans and animals. They also make sure that the animals don't experience any antagonizing pain and have appropriate living conditions. The technicians that are trained make sure the animals are not nervous or unhappy because they are not good models for research. Also the veterinarians have to go through hard training just like a doctor so that they have all the right skills before they are hired. Therefore, the animals that are used for biomedical research are taken well care of by the technicians and veterinarians that have gone through training.

There are many people in my life that have been affected by biomedical research, as it has been able to help save their lives. My one friend's sister, Lucy, was three months old when she had to have a liver transplant. Lucy's liver was abnormal and through a donor and biomedical research she was able to have a liver transplant. Now Lucy can enjoy her life. Another person that has been able to survive from the advances in the medical field is my friend Julia. Julia was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four years old. The doctors were not sure she would survive, but thanks to chemotherapy and new advances in medicine Julia was able to survive, which was a true miracle. Finally, my grandpa has been able to overcome some of his heart problems with a pacemaker. He has had two pacemakers successfully implanted to help give him a regular heart beat. Those are just a few people in my life that have been able to survive because of advancements in the medical field.

In conclusion, the use of animals in biomedical research has been rewarding in many ways. There have been many advances in the medical field because of it and many people are now able to survive different diseases and health problems. Without it we would not be as medically advanced as we are today, so we can appreciate the use of animals in biomedical research.

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