Human growth population

How to Control the Human growth population

Many years ago scientist have start to talk about how to control human population. This topic has preocuppied economists, politicians, demographers, ecologists among others professionals. In this essay I am going to write about how science has try to cope this worldwide issue.

This graph shows the growth I human population from 1000 A.D to 2000 A.D. It clearly displaythat inj the last two centuries the human population has multiply aproximately ten times. It is soected to ggrow to 11 billion people by 2100.

In first place, thanks to science different ways of contraception have been evolved, for instance the condom. Condoms are cilindrical globes made out of different materials like latex, that are put in an erected penis acting as a barrier evading the entry of semen to the vagina. Specialists in health recommend to use a condom during a sexual intercourse because is is the only contraception that avoids sexually transmitted infections like VIH/ AIDS, herpes, gonorreah, and syphlis. Nevertheless, they exist some companies that produce low quality condoms therefore the condom split during a sex intercourse. Moreover, some religions like the Roman Catholic are against the use of the condom in sexual intercourse because they consider it is a sin to use any type of contraception. Liberal catholic organizations have asked to the Pope Benedict XVI to modify the doctrine of the church so modern types of contraceptions can be use.

Adittionally science has developed a safely way to abort. Worldwide the rate of unwilling pregnancies has increase dramatically, therefore now in some countries like USA there are legal clinics speciallised in abortions. If the fetus has less than twelve weeks it can be aborted thanks to a surgery, that involves the use of a vacuum.

When a women aborts the fetus is killed and expulsed before the first five months. A spatula is introduced through the vagina and a cannula is inserted in the uterus. Afterwards ammiotic liquid, placenta and the fetus are absorbed through the canula. While they are absorbed the fetus and the placenta are broken through the process. Afterwards the uterus are scrap determining if there is any parts of the fetus remaining. Finally, the content absorb is examined in order to ensure all the parts of the fetus where absorb according to the development of the fetus. Some people consider abortion denies the right to live of the fetus while other consider the womens have the right to decide if they want to have a baby or not. With the above in mind a ethic conflict has arise. Unfortountaley, this process cost more than 300 US Dolars some families are not able to pay an abortion.

Two years ago an inyection htat functions like a contraception form men was invented in China. The inyection has testosterone and blocks the production of sperm; he has to apply it once a month. A benefit therefore is it does not produce side effects. After a research that involved 1045 fertile men between twenty and forty-five years, it showed that only 1 of 100 participants had a child meanwhile they were submit to the treatment.

Additionally, it exits a method called the after morning pill. Doctorse provide a pill to the patient in less than seventy-two hours after the sexual intercourse. If there was not use of any type of contraception like the condom. The main advantage it is the unique method of contraception that can be use after a sexual intercourse. This type of contraception delays or avoid ovulation, so fertelization does not take place. As well as preventing implantation, consequently the embryo does not sink into the soft lining of the uterus. This pill is very useful because it can be use when a women is raped or if the condom has split. On the oth hand, it is not as useful mothod for contraception for long terms, it produces side effects like nause, vomit, headaches and cramps.

In conclusion, human growth population is increasing at an impressive rate. This increase can affect the economy, society and environment universally. As a consequence, most of the conuntries cannot develop in a sustainable way. Nations are unable to provide an adequate public health, food, high quality education and fresh water due to the increase in human growth. At the present time, new campaigns like Global population speakout, that counts with more than 100 people in 19 countries have commit to talk in public about increase in human growth. According to the UN a can cost more than. We all have the right to different alternatives of contraception, acess to information and help, but this right is not always respected. It is estimated that funding of a program that provides family planning to everyone who needs it would cost U.S. $ 1,200 million a year according to United Nations; fewer than half is being invested in the moment.


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