Muscle cell

Muscle cell

Subject General Outcome:

Students will explain the role of the motor system in the function of other body systems

Subject Specific Objectives/Outcomes: [at least 2 specific objectives]

Explain how the motor system supports body functions (i.e., digestive, circulatory,respiratory, excretory and locomotory), referencing smooth, cardiac and striated muscle

ICT General Category Outcome (C; F; P):

F.2 Students will understand the role of technology as it applies to self, work, and society

ICT Specific Learner Outcomes (any 2 that correspond with the General Category Outcome):

4.4 Evaluate possible potential for emerging technologies

Note: only one outcome is relevant to this lesson


1) Anticipatory Set - the teacher would something along the lines of: We you have already gone through the other 2 kinds of muscle, and today will be doing the most exciting one, skeletal muscle. He would also gain the appeal of the guys but telling them that this is how they can get really muscular and impress the ladies. The students would sit there and receive it.

2) Purpose (objective) - The purpose of the lesson today will to understand how a skeletal muscle works.

3) Input - As the substitute reads the PowerPoint out loud, the students would receive the terms and theories. The students would also gain the knowledge by filling out the note sheet along with the PowerPoint, keeping them paying attention with the PowerPoint.

4) Modeling (show) - The teacher would show a normal muscle contracting, by contracting his/her own muscle for the class,

5) Guided Practice (follow me) - N/A

6) Checking For Understanding (CFU) - I have integrated the material multiple times in different formats and the way it's presented, so if the students miss it once they have a couple more times to receive it. If the students do get it the first time, they can move on to the work sheets. It allows the students work at their own pace. If student feels they have an understanding of material they will work on the worksheets and practice questions.

7) Independent Practice - Teacher hands out worksheets. Students work on the worksheets

8) Closure - The wrap up will come on Monday when I return and they have the worksheets completed. We will go through the worksheet which will serve a double purpose, a review and a check to see if they understand the material.


Which Learning Theory predominates your Lesson:


Identify the key factors influencing learning in your lesson. Where are these used in your lesson?

Well in this lesson there is a connection between a stimulus and response throughout the PowerPoint. Also there is repeated practice with questions and also in the learning of the material as it comes at them in different forms 3 times.

What is/are the teacher role[s] in your lesson.

Trigger the desired responses in the learner, which would be he/she completing the worksheet. In this case it would be a fixed interval schedule, in regards to reinforcement. Since this is such a high level and developed student the reinforcement would be minimal.

How is/are this/these role[s] accomplished. [in other words - Where is this demonstrated in your lesson? Be specific.]

What is demonstrated in the lesson is teaching the student about the muscle cell with the desired response is they understand and are able to complete the worksheet. Also, they should have a certain understanding when the discussion happens. A lack in the discussion could be due to a lack of understanding.

What type[s] of learning is/are best explained in your lesson:

A semi - passive learner who absorbs all the information

State the teaching method[s] used in your lesson, and, for each, briefly explain how this/these method[s] relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how is that method demonstrated in your lesson]:

Behaviorist - this is used because the learner is a semi- passive who takes in the knowledge and information which the teacher puts upon him/her

Constructivist - trying to engage the student to think critically, we pose the discussion at the end, hoping that the students can think for themselves

State all the teaching strategies used in your lesson, and, for each strategy, explain how these strategies relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how are the strategies demonstrated in your lesson]:

It uses direct instruction; with the teacher explain everything with regards to the PowerPoint and the other resources it also uses Programmed instruction throughout the PowerPoint, making the whole muscle cell concept feasible for the students to understand by breaking them down to more manageable and understandable units. Also drill and practice is used to help ensure they understand the concepts.


Identify the types of learners (multiple intelligences) you are addressing in your lesson. You MUST refer to Gardner's work [see Lab 5]. Minimum of 3 identified and explained.

I will be addressing the verbal-linguistic learner, the logical-mathematical learner, and the visual-spatial learner. The verbal learner learns with the auditory aspect of the PowerPoint, and software, as well as the video. The logical learner learns by the logical steps going outside in for the muscle cell. The whole lesson follows the logical steps. The visual learner is please because of the pictures and diagrams to illustrate the muscle cell. I incorporated multiple pictures to accommodate students who might not grasp it with a certain picture or view.


Identify all resources and materials used to create your lesson PLUS those resources and materials used by the teacher and students during your lesson

Content resources (books, handouts, materials, etc.) -

The students have a text book, but they can look on it for clarification. I have handouts for the students to follow along with the PowerPoint. I also have worksheets for the students to take.

Hardware (computers, TV, VHS, etc) -

Just a computer and project/speakers

Software/Web Resources (CD- ROM's, URLs, graphics, pictures, etc.) -

CD ROM, pictures, diagrams, additional resources on internet

Other media, video, satellite, etc. -

YouTube video, interactive software


The purpose of evaluation is to determine if your students met the lesson objectives.

Describe how you will evaluate the class.

I will evaluate the class by the worksheet they will return on Monday, as well as how they answer the questions in our review on Monday. Also depending how involved they are in the discussion the teacher would be able to grasp whither the students have an idea of the concepts or not.


Identify all Student Determined Content used in support of your lesson. Complete the following information for each [e.g., file, website, document, computer application, Web 2.0 program, etc.] technology used in support of your lesson. You should answer each in the order identified below.

1. A)Test Time (hot potatoes)

B) Website - to be used by the student

C) Practice for the students trying to ensure they have a good understanding of material

2. A) Muscle worksheet and additional worksheet

B) Handed out and on website - used by students

C) The worksheet is used to evaluate the students, and the additional worksheet is for students who want/need more practice. This will help them with the material.

3. A) Notes for PowerPoint

B) Handed out by teacher - used by students

C) This helps the students stay engaged with the material and will give them a better understanding of material

4. A) Permission form

B) Handed out by teacher - used by me

C) This is used to ensure that all the parents consent to what we are doing.

5. A) Letter to teacher and directions for cd rom

B) This is made for and used by teacher

C) The letter will help the substitute teacher in giving my lesson, and the cd rom instructions will help the teacher to use it if he/she needs too, and in case a student says he/she doesn't know how to use it.

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