Singapore Airlines


From a marketing perspective, discuss FIVE (5) factors that have contributed to the success of Singapore Airlines.


Nowadays, brands are very important for running a business. A brand is giving us identity, stimulate our senses and enrich our life experiences. A strong will be creating profitable business. Mostly, brand is something to help people know what company you are. Moreover, there are too many products and services in the whole world, so the people need a strong brand to help them to choose among substitute. And also, a good brand equity even more important as it helps products and services to compete for attention and increase the sales. So, good and strong brand equity get a first-mover advantage and a chance to reap the finance benefits.

The individuality of the Singapore Airline brand is focus in mixed male and female cabin crew, and promotes Singapore Girls to global. The first Singapore Airline brand is created in 1972 by French haute-couture designer Pierre Balmain at the inauguration of the airline. Pierre Balmain help Singapore Airline to design a special version of the Malay sarong kebaya as the cabin crew uniform which later became one of the most recognized signature of the airline. The idea of Singapore Girl strategy is a very powerful idea and has become a successful brand icon now. Key element of Singapore Girl promote by SIA is introduce the caring, warm, gentle elegant and serene to public. It is a brilliant personification of SIA's commitment to service and quality excellence.

Singapore Airline become pioneer who can promote high service and excellent quality brand strategies compare with other airline in whole world. For now, the Singapore Airline has been able to maintain their brand advantage by not vacillate from SIA's brand strategy. Furthermore, the Singapore Airline has also tried to maintain a longer term outlook to making short-term. For the future, the Singapore Airline will like to maintain their ability to constantly nurture the brand promise and keep innovating and capture the overall value of the brand in the minds of the customers.

Let's take an example, there are a businessman want to buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to London, accounting to the information from AirAsia, AirAsia cost him RM 4, 899 per person, but Singapore Airline's ticket and include all the fee is costing him RM 6,147 per person. Both of the tickets are same destination, same date, and same cabin stateroom, but the businessman choose to buy Singapore Airline's ticket because of the brand of SIA is greater than AirAsia depend on their service and attitude of care of SIA is better than AirAsia.


A good customer service is the life-giving of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as more as new customers you like, but unless you can attract the customers to come back again, your business won't be able to profitable any more. Good customer's service is about bringing back the customers who expend in your company before and maintain your business in good quality and excellent service to attract all the customers become repeat customers. Moreover, the Singapore Airline supply an unforgettable journey with first-class for their loyalty customers.

The main product of Singapore Airline is air travel, so the service on the way in travel is very important. Singapore Airline trying to giving all the loyalty customers excellent service in-flight services. There are three types of seat in Singapore Airline first, business and economy class. The first class in SIA is being designed by James Park Associates, it features a 35 in (88.9cm) wide seat with leather and mahogany and a 23 in (58.42cm) LCD screen and the seat fold out into a flat bed and it are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. For the business class, the seat is narrow than first class but still giving customer comfortable seat. The seats in business are arranged in 1-2-1 configuration, and the seat is up to 34 in (86cm) wide and the leather seats feature a 15.4 in (39.1cm) diagonal screen size personal television, in seat power supply and 2 USB port. For the economy class is still comfort even that is the cheaper seat in SIA. The seat are giving 19.5 in (49.53cm) wide, have in seat power and have a 10.6 in personal television screen which can used as a non- intrusive reading light. And also, the economy class is configured is arranged in 2-4-2 layout and it is including the iPod connection for each seat.

In addition, the Singapore Airline offers World Gourmet Cuisine in all three classes. All the passengers in three classes can enjoyment the regional dishes on their respective flights such as Kyo-Kaiseki, Shi Quan Shi Mei and Shahi Thali meals. And also, SIA has introduced to all the passengers in business first class, they may choose to use the Book the Cook service on some specific flights.

Some more, to improve the service in- flights, the SIA should introduce more in flight entertainment system which the passengers exactly need on flights. They can offer the entertainment system such as on demand movies, audio, Wii(Nintendo) games in all the classes, and also built in office software, AC power port in seat and so on. Include all of the system, and then the customers can find any entertainment they like in Singapore Airline. Furthermore, the Singapore Airline can offer active noise-cancelling headphones for the first class and business class's passengers to avoid the sound pollution from the entertainment create by others passengers.

Besides that, Singapore Airline also provides an excellent ground services for all the passengers. They can check-in between two to 48 hours before the flight departure. This may be done over the counter or at the lounge within the airport. After that, the SIA also offer the passengers internet check-in. All of the services for passengers who choose SIA are only for achieve the right quality of services and to lets all the passengers have a great way to enjoy their flight.


Customer satisfaction is important in order for the company or firm to achieve their objective. In order to make sure that Singapore SIA customer are happy with the service the SIA come out with survey. The survey is called as The Airline Satisfaction Index. This can be done by passenger or public people to describe their feeling about SIA. The survey is available in Moreover the survey is helping the SIA to improve their service or weaknesses in order to full fill the customer satisfaction to the maximum level.

For example with take look at the situation when the Singapore Airlines want to powering the First Productivity Suite in the Sky with Sun StarOffice 8. The challenges that they face is to increase customer satisfaction, allow customers to work on various office productivity format without a laptop, ensure provision of a comprehensive suite of service. In order to fulfill the customer satisfaction they come out with the solution. According to ORACLE online, the Singapore Airlines is deploying StarOffice 8 for a access by passengers on the airline's 19 new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The move to install a productivity suite is part of the Airline's 360 USD plan to revamp its aircraft cabins. As a result, this idea helps to position the SIA as one of the best in the industry. Other than that it's also increased convenience to the passengers and enhanced customer satisfaction. So this will give the customer full satisfaction and this show the good marketing strategy that should be implement and continue been use in future.

The complaint from the customer can be taken as challenges. Its mean something needs to be improving. This will make the company become better and learn from mistake. The solution and improvement will help to fulfill the customer or passenger satisfaction. The passenger will more respect and happy with the service and this will make the company reputation going up. In order to get feedback about the service the SIA create the website which the people can leave the comment or complaint. This is available at This makes SIA easier to respond the customer complaint or question in a short time.


Promotion is one of the most powerful ways to attract people to use the product or service. There have many type of promotion which can be done by advertise at billboard and newspaper. Other than that they can open booth or contribution with airlines agency. Airline agency can help to promote and intro the SIA. The nice and colorful brochures will attract people to use the service and product.

Furthermore the SIA also can promote their self by sponsor the events. For example we look at Air Asia. Air Asia sponsor the reality game show The Amazing Race Asia and F1 team AT&T Wiliams. Other, they also recruits pilots through a blogging content and keep in touch with the customer via Twitter and Facebook. This helps the Air Asia known in global and attract people to use their service. Air Asia also sponsor the Manchester United club and this give the big advantages to this airline company to get more profitable with the good and excellent marketing strategy. According to US-based business magazine Fast Company's Air Asia is in the list of top 50 of the most innovative companies in the world in 2007.

According to Kathleen Tan, in order to explain the successful of the Air Asia she said “Marketing reflects brand attitude and personality, creative marketing input comes not only from its marketing team, but also from staff, including pilots, engineers and ground crew”.

Adding more she also said that “When someone comes up with a pioneering idea, we don't shoot it down and say: ‘Oh, that's unconventional. ‘ Instead, we play with the idea and find the best way to employ it to advance our brand or introduce new product and services.”

So for the conclusion we know that SIA is much better airline compare to the Air Asia. However some idea and strategy that use by Air Asia make be can help and can be use by SIA to earn more profit and make the SIA become better in look and service in the future.


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