Tata Nano the cheapest

1. Introduction

Tata Nano is the cheapest motor-car in the world. It is traded in domestic nation, India for about Rs 1 Lakh. It is constructed by Tata motor limited, the biggest vehicle industry in India. Its chairperson, Mr. Ratan Tata envisions that Tata Nano to turn out to be a "people's car" which is cheap for everyone. Tata Nano was started in India on 1st apr 2009 and anticipated in Indian marketplace by Jul 2009. While launching, it has made an enormous buzz among the Indians. By the initial of launching, it has encountered by 5500 registrations. Since from launching, the production of the car is still growing.

Progressively the Indian motor-car customers signify a small place of the huge marketplace in India has just seven cars among 1,000 people. India's auto company has evolved a medium of 12% for the former of ten year, however just 1.3 million passenger automobiles were traded in India by the financial annum ends on mar 2006. That implies more than 100 crores of Indians to purchase the equal number of cars in a year as 300 million Americans will purchase by a month.

If 4 wheels cost as small as two wheels, that would quickly alter among the people. Last year about seven million scooters and motorcycles were traded in India, generally among 30,000 rupees and 70,000 rupees, about $675 to $1,600. Tata is aiming an expense of 100,000 rupees as a single of 100 thousand, by Indian conditions of evaluation or about $2,500 at present to replace the rates, for that little motor-car. It's impossible that which is affordable in the west however persists three times upper than India's yearly per capita money. The medium wage for industry employees at Tata motors is just $5500 per annum. (Nandini Sen Gupta, 2009)

There are three different kinds of Tata Nano motor-car that they are Tata Nano, Tata Nano cx and Tata Nano lx. Anyway, due to warm climate in India, exclusive Nano cx shall be taken to India and traded now. The retailing expense of Nano cx in India is NZD 5746.90 as a whole. With this expense, the aim of the marketplace is very broad that involves this with money NZD 838.70 per month, students, female employees and scooters' riders.

2. The Product review

• There are three variants in the Nano stage: Nano, Nano cx and Nano lx

•Exclusively the Nano cx variant could be prefaced in the New Zealand's marketplace for the initial phase

•Tata Nano lx shall prefaced in the New Zealand's marketplace since the subsequent years the motor-car has attained its base expense by minimizing costs on needless "luxuries", the fundamental Nano car approaches unless frontage and back fog glows, unless a heater or ambience disciplining, unless anti-lock brakes, single windscreen wiper, manually functioned windows, guidebook steering with nothing ambience purses, small 12" wheels, plastic body portions added with paste besides of more traditional metal and welding and a two cylinder 623 cc locomotive that renders a big highest speed of 65 mph (approximately 105 km/h). (mayank2009) Between the characteristics of the motor-car are:

2.1 Stylish and comfortable

The people's motor-car, planned with a module of mind, has a spacious passenger compartment with benevolent leg gap and head room. It can be contentedly placed by 4 members. 4 doors with elevated seating places create ingress and egress.

Length with a distance of 3.1 meters, breadth of 1.5 meters and an altitude of 1.6 meters, with sufficient land clearance, it can effortlessly access on busy roads in metropolises as fine as in countryside fields. Its mono-mass plan, with wheels at the corners and the power train at the back, facilitates it to unique aggregate of the couple space and the ability of movement that shall group a standard between little cars.

2.2 Fuel-efficient engine

The people's motor-car has a back-wheel drive, all aluminum, two-cylinder, 523 cc, 33 PHS, multi point fuel infusion petrol locomotive. This is the initial occasion that a two-cylinder gas locomotive is being applied in a motor-car with a one balancer ray. The lean plan strategy has availed to minimize the load that aids to maximize the activity as a whole expended and renders elevated fuel accuracy. Activity is ascertained by particularly planned electronic locomotive administration.

2.3 Meets all safety requirements

The people's car's security activity beyond will present the restrictive necessities. With all sheet-metal body, it has a firm passenger compartment, with security characteristics suchlike an s crumple zones, intrusion resistant doors, seats belts, firm seats and anchorages, and the back tailgate glass adhered to the body. (pradeepnu 2008) Tubeless tyres improve the security. 2.4 environment-friendly

The people's car's tailpipe releases the activity beyond the restrictive necessities. In conditions of total pollutants, it has a less pollution than the two-wheelers being constructed in New Zealand nowadays. The elevated accuracy also assures that the motor-car has less carbon dioxide emissions, thereby offering the twin advantages of a cheap transportation solution with a less carbon footprint.


In most of the overseas countries The Tata Nano was introduced. Here the target place is New Zealand market place. This product can be introduced to the New Zealand people in the New Zealand market place. We can also provide the online registration to book the car online. The demo and other presentations can be given to the New Zealand market place. This Tata Nano can be marketed to many people in New Zealand who requires the own transportation facility with the low cost and who requires luxurious transportation with low cost.

4. Business and marketing analysis

Tata motors limited is India's biggest vehicle industry, with incomes of Rs. 35651.48 crores (used 8.8 million) in 2007-08. It is the organizer in marketable automobiles in every chapter, and between the peak three in passenger automobiles with succeeding commodities in the constriction, midsize motor-car and usefulness vehicle sectors. The industry is the world's 4th biggest truck producer, and the world's latter biggest motorbus producer. In mar 2008, Tata motors adopted ford's UK depend motor-car brands jaguar and land rover (BBC news, 2008). As per the ratan naval Tata (chairperson of Tata team), the requirement for the creation which is similar to Nano that has obtained to perform somewhat for the people of India and for their traveling Unavailability and bad feature of long travel is a general difficulty in India. So, this is a comparatively an unsafe form of transporting a module. So with this, Tata Nano is made as a safer mode of travel.

As single of its aims is to turn out to be an Indian commerce corporation functioning in numerous nations, Tata Nano shall be prefaced in India

The following will be key strengths and weakness within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Tata Nano.

4.1 Strength

The internationalization strategy thus distant has been to retain native directors in recent gains, and to exclusive transplant a pair of superior directors from India into the recent marketplace. The advantage is that Tata has capability to replace the expertness. The industry has a prospering federation with Italian bulk manufacturer fiat since 2006. This has improved the merchandise portfolio for Tata and fiat in conditions of generation and information change. For instance, the fiat polio elegance is started by Tata in 2007, and the parties have a contract to construct a select-upward that was aimed at middle and South America. yoginvora (2009)

4.2 Weaknesses

The industry's passenger motor-car commodities are depends on 3rd and 4th production platforms, which places Tata motors limited at a demerit with opposing motor-car producers. It is frequently not recognized that in English the term 'tat' implies garbage.

4.3 Opportunities

In the summer of 2008 Tata motors proclaimed that it have profitably purchased the ground rover and jaguar brands from ford motors for UK countries. Two of the world's comfort motor-car trademark have been joined to its portfolio of brands, and shall undoubtedly to the industry. The opportunity to marketplace automobiles in the comfort sector Tata motors limited adopted Daewoo motor's marketable vehicle trade in 2004 for approximately used $160 lakhs. Nano is the cheapest motor-car in the world - selling more than a motorbike. The recent and emerging industrial countries suchlike India, South Korea and china shall have a thirst for low-cost passenger and marketable automobiles. Anyway the industry had placed in a realistic positioned company commission to call essential plans that shall create some performances which are maintainable. The stage of wonderful Milo fuel proficient buses is powered by wonderful-proficient, eco-friendly engines. The motorbus has optional biological grab with booster aid and best ambience intakes that shall decrease fuel expenditure by 10%.

4.4 Threats

Other opposing motor-car producers have been in the motor-car trade for about 40, 50 or for many yrs. Hence the Tata motors limited has to grasp in conditions of feature and lean generation. Sustainability and environmentalism would imply additional costs for this base-cost manufacturer. This would influence its underpinning spirited benefits. Apparently, as Tata globalizes and buys into other brands this difficulty would be improved. Since the industry has concentrated on the marketable and little vehicle sectors, it has to explicit to the contest from abroad parties for the emerging Indian comfort sectors. For instance icecap bank and Daimler Chrysler have endowed. Recently Pune shall construct 5000 recent Mercedes Benz per year. Other participants of growing comfort cars aimed at the Indian marketplace that contains ford, Honda and Toyota. In reality the whole Indian marketplace has turn out to be an aim for other international competitors consisting Maruti, ford and others. Growing companies in the international financial system which would pose a menace to Tata motors limited on a pair of faces. The expense of steel and aluminum is developing and putting pressure on the costs of generation. The tata's commodities will run on diesel fuel that is turning very expensive internationally and inside its conventional domestic marketplace. yoginvora (2009)

4.5 Objectives and issue

We have a group of fast-growing and still accomplishing the aims for three years of the markets. First year goal we need to accomplish 25,000 units of trades acquiring the markets highest percentage to obtain the dimension

Second year goal

We need to accomplish 10% for expanding in periodical establishment (NZD 20381.00)

Third year goal

We need to accomplish 10% for expanding in periodical establishment (NZD 22419.10)

4.6 Product strategies

The product strategy that shall be accommodated direct product elongation that is trading the motor-car in an additional overseas marketplace unless some alteration was made. This is due to the product's growth and its cost, constructing alters, or recent promotions. hweta Bhanot (2008)

The Tata Nano cx, consisting of all the characteristics explained in the previous product study division, shall be traded with 3 yr guarantee or 100,000km guarantee, either approaches the initial stage. We shall preface the Tata Nano lx since the subsequent annum, later than we have found our Tata trademark. The trademark and logo shall be showed on the motor-car as fine as in all trading sectors.

4.7 Branding

Brands analyze the resource or producer of a product and permit the customers - Persons or organizations which will allocate its problems for its activity to a specific producer. Marketing is endowing with commodities and facilities with the influence of a trademark. It's all about making dissimilarities among commodities. For marking plans to be prospering and trademark rate should be made, customers should be satisfied and there are significant dissimilarities between brands in the product or sustainable sort. In Tata nano's example, the marketing strategy is applied to the companies identity merged with single product names. This company's identity legitimizes and the identity individualizes the recent product

5. Financial analysis

5.1 Pricing strategies

The cost expense is an approximated USD 2,420 that involves importing revenue, responsibilities excise, trades revenue, shipment costs and gathering cost. The retailing expense for the New Zealand marketplace is comprehensive of principle supplements; however omit road revenue (NZD 29.40), listing payments (NZD 62.90), number plate (NZD 21.00) and possession endorsing payment (NZD 21.00), trades revenue (NZD 574.70) that numbered to NZD 134.20. The on-the-road expense shall be NZD 6624.80.those issues replicate a strategy for accepting a portion from found competitors, such as perodua's paradigm of kancil and viva. (Farris , et al 2009)

5.2 Setting the price - selecting price objectives

Tata Nano New Zealand has a group of three aims in its attempt to place itself in the New Zealand moving marketplace. The aims are: existence, highest current incomes and highest market income.

5.2.1 Existence

Strong contest from New Zealand's latter motor-car producer, perodua for a portion of the moving marketplace chapter for the under 1,000 cc sort shall spur tnm to assure that the motor-car expense conceals the variable costs and certain determined costs. In this example, existence is a concise word goal as in the lengthy execution, tnm shall append rate such as joined security characteristics to the Nano stage.

5.2.2 Highest current incomes

Tata Nano New Zealand has a group of expense that shall enlarge the present earnings, currency run and continues on asset, later than accepting into assumption the requirement and costs committed. As this sort of little overseas cars chapter has not been absolutely tested by other producers, hence the requirement is alternatively hard to approximate however tnm is self-assured of a better acknowledgement that towards the entrance in the New Zealand markets.

5.2.3 Highest market income

For the New Zealand marketplace, Tata Nano shall execute the marketplace-diffusion pricing that is to group a low expense for a recent motor-car in sequence to lure a huge number of customers and a huge marketplace portion. This shall be finished by accomplishing the elevated trades and their outcomes in low costs, admitting the industry to reduce its expense. The base-expense entrance shall render New Zealand customers with a feasible option to perodua -New Zealand latter federal motor-car. More relaxation is anticipated as New Zealand implements the Asian independent sale domain contract that commits the New Zealand regime to reduce the overseas motor-car taxes. (Saneesh Michael 2009)

5.3 Total sales estimation

* It was approximated that the requirement for the people's motor-car will be at minimum cost. First expectations were at about 500 k cars per annum.

* The fundamental cause was the certainty that the aim of the expenditure will modify the four - wheeler sector.

* The expenditure choice of 100 thousand rupees is absolutely moving to create a numerous people that transit to four-wheeler fold and that will burst the requirement.

* An exclusive 10% clients of nine million two wheelers in market that are transited to four-wheelers it will evaluated to 50% of the passenger motor-car in share market.

* It was chosen to group the organization with five Lacs cars per year capability and increase upward in levels, with expand of small car in marketplace requirement.

6. Advertising and promotion

6.1 Promotion strategies

Objectives of promotion strategies

Already it was found about the promotion plans that it was very obvious about the aims to accomplish. It was recognized as above, the actual missions are to boost the Tata Nano in New Zealand and to expand the trades periodically. Tata Nano is very recent for New Zealand, they sense new with this recent trademark and procedure of this motor-car.

Thus the goal for promotion plans is objectives to build trademark consciousness and procedure/information of this recent motor-car - Tata Nano. This is the cheapest motor-car in the world and explodes into the global marketplace in the concise occasion. However yet is the recent trademark for the New Zealand, thus it performs the announcement and manages the occasion or operation in adequate information to constitute the better trademark approaches. Trademark consciousness is essential to render the establishment for trademark fairness. Later than that, our latter goal is information and persuasive. The target to build, preference, certainty, and buy of a Tata Nano motor-car it can perform the evaluation with other cars that are very expensive and this expense is not each for people but that shall be cheap particularly by lesser money modules and that for students. Along that we shall convince present purchasers that we shall provide the essential consumer for enjoying the better knowledge with Tata Nano by providing a trial to drive the Tata Nano for purchasing the motor-car and also shall render its guarantee for Tata Nano. (Tapan Shah2008)

We shall manage all the promotion plans with lesser cost to retain the lesser expense for the Tata Nano in New Zealand.

6.2 Promotion tag line

Tata Nano - one Lakh car project "people's car"

Why we constitute this label line? Due to this is to create all the New Zealand to memorize the Tata Nano and enjoyed all the manners with Tata Nano. Tata Nano is for security and it can migrate universally by Tata Nano with the module by entertaining, however it just want to wage all of this at lesser expense -pay fewer and obtain more.

Along that we can enjoy peculiar entertaining with Tata Nano, our globe also enjoys with Tata Nano due to its size and cost expenditure. kate cadbury(2008)

6.3 Advertising program

We objectives to notify New Zealand people that this is the cheapest motor-car in the world and persuade

New Zealand people to purchase the Tata Nano due to its security, better features and also friendly surroundings for growing an announcing code

6.4 Online advertisement

Initially, it begins by launching Tata Nano, we perform the online announcement. Tata Nano made an internet location at www.tatanano.com on mar 2009 for best intercommunication with the clients. In the internet location, we mailed the photo types and videos to render the clients about the message and peculiar characteristics of Tata Nano and carry it within the industry. In combination of photos and videos, the internet location associates to late news about Tata Nano and gap for common acknowledgement. More than that, blogs have turned out to be an essential outlet that is routinely updated by online diaries. Blogs is bestowing collectively by people with general interests. They differ in broad and can impact enormous listeners due to numerous web clients to study blogs. We can constitute the web blogs network and cautiously supervising to determine out what is on people's minds particularly the

Essential client this is a cheapest and better manner to construct trademark consciousness.

6.5 Television advertisement

Television announcement is very costly however this is the most effectual to carry out the Tata Nano to the common by showing Tata Nano properties and persuasively explaining their equivalent customer advantages. By lesser announcing spending plan, we can't perform the TV announcement in altogether day, CJ: Shishir Srivastava(2008)

thus we just select the occasion (7pm - 11pm) to position the announcement. By planned and performed TV announcement can enhance the trademark fairness and attack trades and earnings.

6.6 Radio advertisement

Most of the New Zealand people hear to the radio day-to-day. Presently they have numerous services suchlike as mp3, hand phone and so on, is expedience for the people to hear the radio anytime at anyplace; this is an affordable and pervasive average for manufacturers to build the trademark consciousness by often hearing the announcement and the trademark identity. Benefits of the radio announcement are versatility, fast acknowledge and also more effectual media for reaching teens.

6.7 Newspaper advertisement

Along with the radio, most of the New Zealand people also will see the newspaper daily. Thus this is better for marketplace concealing. (Monty Alexander , ND ) From now, Tata Nano can obtain the wide adoption and better reputation from New Zealand people. Newspaper announcing is cheaper.

Marketing and Research analysis

7.1 Marketing analysis

Launching code is very essential for placing that the role of planning Tata Nano and picture to employ in New Zealand in the minds of the targeted marketplace. Launching code is also a single for the promotion plans to construct consciousness, via launching at common midpoint Tata motor shall preface the Tata Nano to marketplace. We focus on trading operation that shall take position at all the IPTA and IPTS that can manage the convocation, by offering merchandise show and sign; and the people can have the knowledge with Tata Nano by rendering the chances to drive Tata Nano in the campus. For this operation, the title is 'better outlook with Tata Nano'. In their processing existence however they cannot provide to purchase the too costly motor-car; multinational young people just want the motor-car that is under their financial system and by it in concise period for about 2-3years for their adolescent existence in New Zealand. This is the cheapest cost by occasion or operation in the campus. John Baden(2008)Thus it can focus on lesser money team with module particularly these are arrived from New Zealand or India. By the e-mail, telephone, fax, email to intercommunicate with them. Low on historical, more of the Malay or Indian shall purchase the motor-car in some reasonable cost. 'Raya with Tata Nano' can be the topic for our operation at this era, and boost the Tata Nano as the cheapest and security. kate cadbury(2008)

After the arrival of Nano, New Zealand will have the mega trades due to the recent annum in the stop of the annum at altogether New Zealand thus that they have numerous people and shall move for purchasing. We can manage the occasion at purchasing in midpoints. In New Zealand such as klcc, mid-valley, betrayal and sungai wang by offering merchandise show and sign. Very soon most of the employees in New Zealand shall obtain the incentive in this era thus for buying influence shall expand. Along that Chinese recent annum are at that time. Transmit the booklets to a little and average industry or agency and perform the introduction or briefing to it. They proceed by e-mail, telephone, fax or electronic mail for growing effectual interaction.

We shall perform the road display at each state (altogether New Zealand). We can have the road display at the midpoint of the market such as the entire marketplace at all the state. Have numerous people shall move to marketplace former daylight to purchase the vegetable, take the breakfast or purchase the essential entities. Most of them are ladies or housewife. Certain of them move to markets by motorcycle or by motorbus. There are our aim trades. kate cadbury(2008)We can boost Tata Nano to it such as, Tata Nano is the cheapest motor-car in the world, obtain the Tata Nano to be latter motor-car for their module person particularly for their kids or senior root, 'simple existence with Tata Nano'. Housewife or mother can move to markets or anyplace by Tata Nano best than motorcycle or by motorbus for their total day-to-day issue more efficiently. While the ladies obtain the news, they shall pass this news to their pal instantly. This shall support us to boost Tata Nano efficiently in the native community. At the road display, people also can obtain the knowledge with Tata Nano by have the chances to drive the Tata Nano motor-car to buy it.

7.2 Research analysis

7.2.1 Various results of analysis in the form of charts

The percentage of the people who are conscious of the tata's recent merchandise - Nano motor-car is exposed with the support of pie graph.

* here, blue shade shows that people are conscious of Tata Nano

* And red shade shows the percentage of people who are not conscious of Tata Nano.

By examining the graph, we can recognize that the exclusive of 3% of the overall population is not conscious about Tata Nano. This indicates the large consequence of media, newspaper and launching of this merchandise.


This graph indicates the preference of unique team to purchase Tata Nano and it is started. Now on x- alliance, nothing of respondents is contributed. and on y - alliance the developed team is contributed.

O blue triangle shows willingness to buy Tata Nano.

O red triangle shows that the respondent is not eager to purchase it

O and green shows that the respondent is not certain.

By analyzing this graph, we can notice that the new production is to purchase the merchandise. Due to certain confusions about Tata Nano, the earlier production doesn't long to purchase it or are not certain about it.


The query that requested now was,” do you imagine Nano will be successful" the alternatives contributed were yes/no. it's very amusing to notice that the respondent said that Nano won't be prospering. As exposed in the graph, the division of purple shade that indicates unsuccessful is not there at all. However another time people do not consider in its achievement. As seen as a mode in the graph, 50% of the respondent has a suspect about achievement of Nano.


In this graph, several respondents are contributed on the y alliance and certain characteristics are contributed on x- alliance. The query requested now is, "what is it that causes Nano a people's motor-car?" By examining the graph, we can tell that people conceive the cost aspect the most for Nano proceeded by the creation. Still appears had obtained rather optimistic respond. Nano is a merchandise that is increased absolutely at least cost unless sacrificing the feature.

7. Conclusion

Introducing the Tata Nano in the New Zealand market place requires good marketing strategies. In this paper we have discussed about the features of the Tata Nano and marketing strategies to introduce the Tata Nano in the New Zealand market place.


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