10 web design conferences in 2010

10 Web Design Conferences in 2010

Web designers have a number of conferences to look forward to in 2010. Though expensive, web design conferences provide a platform for experts and amateurs to network and share ideas. Web designers get first-hand knowledge from leaders who have contributed to the field and paved their own success. By aligning with new and forecasted trends, web designers become more competitive and primed for the future.

Ten web design conferences that designers should keep tabs on are:

1. MIX10

Paul Stubbs, a leading authority on Microsoft's SharePoint and Office will be discussing Microsoft's broad web platform and tools for creating rich web applications. The conference will include discussions on Silverlight, Windows 7's multi-touch capabilities, and the open source free implementation of .NET - Mono. It is aimed at enthusiastic web designers who hope to develop the world's most innovative websites.

Date: 15-17 March, 2010

Venue: Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

2. Search Engine Strategies 2010

SES conferences are attended each year by thousands of web designers, internet marketers, and professionals to network and learn about PPC management, SEO, social media, keyword research, link building, duplicate content, video optimizations, site optimization, usability and related topics. SES includes more than 70 sessions, exhibitors, networking events and gatherings.

Date: 22-26 March, 2010

Venue: New York

3. An Event Apart

Founded by the web visionaries Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman, An Event Apart, features 12 intensely educational sessions delivered by 12 great speakers over two days for web designers who care about content and usability as well as design. Jeremy Keith and Dan Cederholm follow the Seattle conference with a unique one-day learning experience - A Day Apart - on HTML5 and CSS3.

Date: 5-7 April, 2010

Venue: Bell Harbor Conference Center, Seattle

Date: 26-27 July, 2010

Venue: Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis

Date: 16-17 September, 2010

Venue: Hilton Washington, Washington DC

Date: 1-2 November, 2010

Venue: Westin Gas Lamp Quarter, San Diego

4. WWW2010

The 19th international WWW conference includes workshops and discussions surrounding the evolution of the web, technology standardizations and its impact on society and culture. Key speakers include Vint Cerf - VP and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, Danah Boyd - Microsoft Research, New England and research fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and Carl Malamud - founder and director of Public.Resource.Org.

Date: 26-30 April, 2010

Venue: Raleigh, North Carolina

5. Future of Web Design

The Future of Web Design conference includes 33 sessions and 4 workshops spread over 3 days. The talks delivered by notable speakers such as Dan Cederholm, Molly Holzschlag, Jon Hicks and Elliot Jay Stocks will touch on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, design, creativity and business strategies.

Date: 17-19 May, 2010

Venue: London

6. WebVisions

WebVisions, celebrating its 10th year, explores the future of web design, technology, user experiences and business strategies with fun workshops, parties and gatherings. Topics of discussion will include mobile apps, video and motion graphics, and much more.

Date: 19-21 May, 2010

Venue: Oregon Convention Center, Portland

7. How Design

The How Design conference is geared towards web designers wanting to improve their graphic skills. "Why we brand" and "Why we sell" are some of the important questions that will be discussed by Debbie Millman, President of the design division at Sterling Brands and President of the AIGA. Workshops will boost practical competence with theory.

Date: 6-9 June, 2010

Venue: Denver Convention Centre, Denver

8. Flashbelt

Flash enthusiasts - amateurs or experts - will love this conference. Events include educational workshops, and exposure to tools and future apps in an informal environment.

Date: 13-16 June, 2010

Venue: Holiday Inn Metrodome, Minneapolis

9. Adobe MAX 2010

Adobe MAX 2010 brings together decision makers, designers and developers to shape the future path of client and cloud computing, social computing and rich media across devices and screens.

Date: 24-27 October, 2010

Venue: Los Angeles, California

10. Web 2.0 Summit 2010

Co-produced by O'Reilly Media and UBM TechWeb, this conference gathers leaders from the media and internet industry. With speakers like Al Gore and Lance Armstrong, Web 2.0 summit sounds promising. You also learn strategy from Evan Williams, Sergey Brin, and Brian Roberts. Topics of discussion include real-time search announcements from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, and reflections of the Web's patriarch, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Date: 15-17 November, 2010

Venue: Los Angeles, California

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