A hungarian product


On the 22 April' meeting, the board decided to export a Hungarian product - Tokaj to China in next quarter. Moreover, each department has already started to do the preparation for entry the new market. So do I, to be the human resource manager of the Tokaji-China Ltd, I need responsible for the employees and provide the best employees when each department needs. The aim of this report is to present the findings from HR's side of view during the meeting, which determines to recruit new employees and set up the legal issues to new comers.

What type of personnel we are looking for?

Firstly, according to the organization structure of Tokaji-China Ltd, we can see there are Marketing Department, Operation Department, Financial Department and Human Resource Department. And I found that we at least need 5 more people to help our business developing.

l One vice-marketing manager, who should have great deal of experience in the marketing of wine products, good communication skills, familiar with Chinese market and the age about 30 to 50.

l One professional accountant, need the accountant certification and work hard, the age about 25 to 35.

l One sales manager to work on operation department, the requirement of this job is to help company make high performance on sales, the person should have the work experience in sales areas, good communication as well, and good outlook, kind personality and responsible for the job. The age should above 25.

l One logistics manager, who should have ability of logistics management and help the operation manager to distribute the product into each market. And who has experience before will be priority of this job. The other requirements of this job will be discussed in the interview.

l One HR assistant, who should assist with the administration of day to day operations with HR manager, and help the manager to develop the HR department and high responsibility of to be an assist. Therefore, it need knowledgeable and professional person with appropriate behaviors, the age should above 23.

Notes: all qualification need bring to prove themselves and the education diploma as well; more details will be discussed during the interview.

Moreover, if needed, we will recruit several sales people and temporary workers, in order to develop the new market more easily and quickly. And we will post the recruitment ads on the news paper, internet. Furthermore, the candidates can register in our website www.Tokaji-China.com to send the CV to our department.

How to recruit?

After meeting, there are 8 concepts of recruit steps produced:

  1. Determine the need and position to fill.
  2. Identify characteristics and qualifications you are looking for in a new recruit. Using this list develop, a job description for the new position.
  3. Find the candidates: Consider classified ads, internet job postings, recruiting and staffing services, etc...
  4. Start screening your candidates through their resume and/or application. Schedule a first interview with outstanding applicants.
  5. During the interview process, explain the position and ask open ended questions.
  6. If the candidate does well with the interview; thank them for coming and tell them you may be contacting them soon for a follow up interview.
  7. Check references! If references check out schedule a second interview and have your office manager and other employees (who will be working with the new recruit) sit in.
  8. After recruit has successfully completed first and second interview, make the offer and hire the candidate.

Training plan

Because of the Tokaji export to China is a new business, so each new manager will not have time to attend the training program, but we believe that the managers we are hired were good enough to do the job.


After we find the satisfied employees, we will sign the contract with them. For each employee of our company, they must have one month probation period, and then make at least one year labour contract with us. The details will see in the contract.

Benefits and compensations

We will buy the life insurance to each employee, and allowed half month with salary vacation per year. And the basic salary for each manager is about 5oooRMB, for common staff is 3000 RMB, but the bonus will related with the working performance, and the company will pay for the taxation for their employees, so they do not consider about how many taxes they will pay per month. Moreover, we will offer the company cars to the managers, and each employee will have an opportunity to get the year end bonus as well. The working time is inflexible; the employees should work at 9:00 until 17:00 during the week, excluded weekend. If somebody gets extra work, they will get extra money for it. Because our company is very fairness and human centered. The company also pays for the business trip.

Conclusion and recommendation

To sum up, the meeting clearly shows what kind of personnel we are looking for, and how to recruit the people, and also mentioned many requirements and benefits to the new employees. It seems our requirements for candidates are very loosely, and the benefits are vey attractive. However, in fact, the strictly recruitment steps may reject many people. My recommendation, because of the exporting plan in next quarter, we need as soon as possible to prepare everything to welcome the customers in China, therefore, we should hire that 5 people as soon as possible, and let them go into the business operation, if possible, the other common employees can hired while we are start working. In addition, employee's benefits and compensations should be variable, by their performance to improve or impair. That is a kind of motivation to employees to work hard, I think.

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