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I am the marketing manager, representatives of AAA. Ltd, and we would like to introduce a new product to the Hungarian market as a first and after to the whole world.

When you hear about Russian cars, what does it associate with?

The Old Russian rust buckets with nuts and bolts that have not been considerably upgraded from the socialist times and which by the way are not a rarity on the streets of Budapest.

Or tank, which by the way are much more comfortable, faster and then their cars.

We are going to break forever the saying that anything the Russians make turns out to be a tank.

The first Russian sports car MARUSSIA was engineered on the basis of a new special chassis, created by Russian engineers. It is a fast sports car with wonderful aerodynamic characteristics.

The main requirement for the production is the use of the high-tech materials and components. Among the main car characteristics one can see a unique design of the vehicle exterior, which can be chosen in person; high operating performance; comfortable city driving.

Uniqueness of the concept is that of several completely different in design and color vehicle bodies can fit sole chassis. Together with the outside appearance, the interior design may be changed also to match color and shape of the body. Finally, in spite of all changes the character and driving facilities of the car will remain unchanged. So, off-the-shelf product becomes an exclusive car, which has no analogues in the world.

The first automobile Marussia is equipped with a 3.5 liter petrol engine providing 240hp. Along with several kinds of outside appearance, the expansion of production range and creation of vehicles of other classes is planned: in particular, more popular among customers, five seats four-wheel drive SUV. A racing version of the car, which is being developed now, will be engineered with respect to contemporary auto racing technologies. At present MARUSSIA is a mid-engined vehicle, but the working on a front- and rear-engined versions of chassis has been already started.

The interior of the MARUSSIA vehicle is a product of Italian and Russian designers' teamwork. The interior of the car is a harmonious extension to the swift beauty and completeness of the car's exterior, being a perfect match to the color and shape of the body. The interior decorations have been chosen carefully according to the principles of ecological compatibility and comfort to satisfy the requirements of the most sophisticated customers.

The main part of the interior is made of expensive durable material — leather, that goes together with the modern and convenient surface of plastic elements and SOFT TOUCH gear sticks. Another material used in the interior is high-tech textile with 3D plaiting. The unique designer solution is the M-shaped instrumental panel that goes well with the outline of the body and reminds of the MARUSSIA logo's contours.

The interior design unites elite style and classical comfort with sports and high technology. The concept of the MARUSSIA's design is reflected by the integration of classical leather upholstery and innovative multimedia technology including LCD monitors.

The Marussia is slated to use a 240-hp, 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine, from Renault, but it's unclear where the electric drive components will originate from. While much of the car's parts are expected to be sourced from established companies, approximately 35% of the content will be Russian.

Adding a bit of sizzle to its speed, the Marussia will also have "a host of gadgets," including a4G Yota network with 10 Mbps data transfer rates at vehicle speeds of up to 120 km/h. Bluetooth, GPS and video screens all around, plus a 320 GB hard drive to round out the electronics.

The goal for the electric supercar is a 400km range, but Russian winters mean the batteries will need a boost. That's where nanotechnology comes in. Fomenko thinks the solution might be in a "nanotech project made at one of Russia's big construction bureaus." The company foresees a 0-62 mph dash of around five seconds and a Tesla-like price tag of $100,000.

We are going to hit the market hard and fast, like Hitler's war method lightning attack. Advertising is a very important, and we not going to make any cut backs on this. We will invade the city with posters, billboards, flyers, adds and so on and so forth. We will make the impression that the elections did not pass, but we will not introduce the product right away. Why!? you may ask, to build up the suspense, so that the word Marussia will be on everyone's lips, so they will want it more and only then we will include the product. We will make contracts with F1 pilots or rally racers and give them a car for free. They will advertise aur car without even knowing.

Ex: What car do you thing is the favored for retired F1 racers like Michael Schumacher, that will give him the speed and agility that they are used to?

Ferrari? Not anymore. Marussia!!!

The method we have chosen is not your average one, make an auto show. Since Marussia is a Russian girls name we are going to enter the market with a fashion show were the models will be our girls Marussias. Please click (

After we will build auto saloon and a specialized service center because customer recognition, satisfaction and loyalty is a very important issue as by buying a car from us they will be tied up with the services that we provide.

The auto salon will be made as a small village so that the customers have the opportunity to try before they buy. The test drive will be produced with an experienced driver and the test drive will consist from 3 parts: slalom, drift and drag. Since it is a sport car of o grand truismo category we can even do piloting lessons with the new owners so that they will feel more comfortable and confident plus they will know all the possibilities of the car.

Hope you liked our marketing strategy, and the product which we know was a great perspective.

And remember the motto of our company: “Invest, sit back, relax and let us make money for you.”

AAA Ltd. is not just a name but also our rating, recive a bigger return with a minimal risk.

AAA Ltd. you are dealing with professionals.

Budapest 2010

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