Airbus is an aircraft models

Airbus is an Aircraft Models

Airbus is familiar that is the people who propose the models, manufactures, trades and supports the airplanes. At the heart of Airbus there lies a core of human idea, talent and the effort that always place the industry in the front position. Airbus makes sure of hiring minimum 20percent of women graduates.

Family ties

Airbus planning is dependant on some factors that supports in enhancing and improving the performance, the employees show commitment to their work, produce good quality in order to preserve the position of the industry. Talent plays a vital role and also acts as an important factor. Airbus recruits all the people throughout the world who carries good talent. Airbus spends lot of money and time in coaching the people recruited. In order to handle the recede and flow a company should have compliance.

Listening to employees

To achieve the aims and objectives; and to be at the top position Airbus needs a very well-built management system. The company always supports liability and dependability in terms of responsibility. One of the important aims of Airbus is to provide safety and security to its customers and to implement environment friendly aircrafts. Airbus communicates in between the employees and the companies as it plays main role in achieving the success. At the European level public discussion occurs in the European Committee Airbus that consists of employees and their legislative bodies.

Invaluable resource

Airbus has launched a special field as the Awards for Excellence which is to motivate the employees, to appreciate their effort in growing as a team and moving ahead to attain success. Airbus has also introduced many incentive pay proposal depending on the performance of each individual. Airbus employees have zeal towards their work and pride in manufacturing the aircraft that ultimately lead to success of an industry.

Macro Environment - The Airbus meets the unseen challenges head on

In today's fiercely competitive market an aircraft on the ground when it should be flying means vital revenue lost - a flight that could miss a crucial connecting slot or a freight delivery that won't be paid for if the deadline is not met .Airbus understands why every moment counts and in response it provides technical help, advice and spares support around the- world and around-the-clock.

Customised approach

Airbus offers support meant for the customers to build connectivity between the customer and industry. Every customer of Airbus will be given a personal contact number wherein, the customer is assisted by a particular representative throughout the process of sales. At the starting stage Airbus provides its customers few spare engineers and a team of local engineers who will help the customer in the start up phase. Apart from this a 24-hour customer support is provided from Toulouse, Washington and Beijing team and also offers 365 days i.e.; a year access to all the technical support through Airbus AIRTAC centre located in Toulouse. Here in this centre all the special engineers are present throughout in order to provide the technical support to the customers. Each and every customer gets information and support related to his requirements be it a main national network airline, a freight carrier, a leasing company, low-cost airline, a corporate jet operator or a charter operator. As the main objective and aim of Airbus is to provide its customers a safety level, consistency and productivity in order to reduce the cost of the operator.

Anticipating change

Airbus also serves the requirement of the market through special teams having acquaintance about the customers' requirement and a consultancy service which aims to support the airlines on some consequences such as competence in price, providing safety, managing work force. Airbus provides an Upgrade team specialist in handling the enhancement of the aircraft structure, allowing the customer to change their needs rapidly. It provides a suggestion on the upgrades if the customer chose to do it by themselves. Hence, it provides the airlines a better flexibility by offering a quick re-arrangement in order to allow the aircraft to change the route immediately.

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