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During the last decade, we have seen a big bang in Asian economies, particularly Indian and Chinese, fueled by foreign investment, domestic consumption and low-cost exports. At present, this unheralded economic expansion that has lifted millions of people out of poverty is threatened by crippling waves of recession in the West. The recent economic crisis that started in the United States and its ripple effects across the globe are being followed everyday in the world news and has underscored my belief that although countries have borders their economies do not. In order to understand these complex connections and to be able to make sound decisions at various levels either as a corporate executive or as a small investor, a proper training in international business, management models, tax laws, and understanding of cultures are essential. I believe that Master in Business Administration degree from Chicago Booth School of Business will not only provide me with deep insight into the business world but also suitably train me for the challenges ahead.

My career thus far has entailed a rapid assumption of responsibilities that require coordination, management, collaboration and planning with people in different places and time zones. I have observed that the need for global leadership and decision-making has amplified over the last decade. Individuals who have a better understanding of the globalization of finance markets are likely to be valuable assets to their corporations. In the past two decades, capital and businesses have moved from Western economies to emerging markets. The potential growth for trained individuals with modern and global business outlook is immense.

In last nine years, working at Sabre, a global leader in travel industry, has taught me how to handle situations, personalities, issues and processes in a corporate environment. I know that those skills are pre-requisites to corporate leadership and now, I am at a point where I see an urgent need for skills to streamline my career goals. I have been thinking about getting an MBA for past few years and preparing for the same. Coincidentally, my wife started her residency training in Pediatrics and moved to New York. To accommodate our professional and personal goals, I have been juggling between a full time job in Dallas, Texas and weekend trips to New York. Last two years of my life have been the most challenging but with each passing day, my dream of acquiring an MBA degree from Chicago Booth became stronger.

Journey so far:

Since childhood I am trained to overcome adversity. Today, over a million students throughout India take the Engineering Entrance Exam in pursuit of admission into engineering in government-aided institutions. About a decade ago, when I was a prospective student, the number was close to half a million out of which only the top 2% succeeded. Cut throat competition and inherent ambitiousness have trained me to accept challenges and have taught me the art of skills development to overcome hardship. In 1996, I started my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Lucknow Technical University, one of the premier technology institutes in India. With the skills I learned, I was thriving to go out and make an impact in the work force. Within first eight months of working at CMC Limited, an organization that specializes in hardware asset management and operations, I realized that the general skill set I had congregated was not adequate. I decided to pursue further education and enrolled in Masters Program in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University. While at MSU, I worked with some very bright and intelligent people in the academe, learned latest industry standards and tools, and interacted with students from across the globe. My time in graduate school had most profound impact on my perspective in choice of career. During that time, I witnessed the bursting of IT bubble, leaving thousands of IT professional unemployed and creating a demand for people who understand business to help reshape the industry.

With this new viewpoint, I stepped into a career with a focus on business analysis and consulting. I was engaged in projects with students with varied background both educational and cultural. Equipped with skills I gained while working in various departments in MSU, I joined Ness Global as a Senior Quality Analyst.

My first job as a consultant was in Sabre Inc. Sabre opened a new opportunity to apply my knowledge to real time business scenarios. In two years, I expanded my role from technical consulting to leadership. I had a chance to lead many projects, improve quality of products by reducing test phase using automated methods for repeatable tasks and focus team’s attention on new features thus uplifting the overall quality and efficiency. As an analyst in Quality Assurance, my team worked hard on many projects to attain higher customer satisfaction and increased customer’s confidence in Sabre Holdings as a company. Because of my success in this position, Sabre offered me a full time Test Solution Architect position in January 2006. Although this position was not a perfect fit for my long term plans, leading a team whose members were distributed in the US, India, Poland and Argentina and working with customers all over the globe gave me an excellent exposure to international business.

Interacting with people and clients across the world does not guarantee success in global business. Even having a diverse background and knowledge of cultures does not assure a path to success. Yet, I believe that these exposures have served as basic building blocks to my knowledge in general management and decision making. I want to pursue part time MBA and continue reinforcing my foundation by daily interactions at work and at the same time apply concepts learned from business school to real time projects. I consider that my current job will provide me a test bed for new skills acquired from MBA classes. I have full confidence in structured learning from Booth MBA program and with this opportunity; I will potentially continue to gain success in my current role.

Projected Journey Post MBA:

In the short term, I would want to start my career in a role that flavors both entrepreneurship and international business. In that role, I expect to understand the dynamics of business across the globe and identify key elements essential for successful operation and profitability. I would like to provide direct leadership to a handful of real world entrepreneurial ideas from the beginning. I would also take the opportunity to learn trends and explore ideas to start my own enterprise through interactions with associates and professors. As a scholar, I would continue on the job learning and training to build an ever stronger foundation.

In the long term, I would like to ascend to hierarchies of an organization by leveraging education and experience into leading bigger projects and teams. As a seasoned executive, I would like to gain respect among peers and superiors by achieving consistent and high results.

Community service and social integrity are and will always be very important to me. My wife and I share a common goal of building community hospitals and education centers for the under privileged. Networking with the right people, who share common views and goals of making a better world for future generations, will greatly increase the chances of achieving our cherished goals.

How Booth School of Business will help?

After talking to students, attending road shows and researching into part-time programs in the United States, I strongly feel educational experience and flexibility at the Booth school of Business will help me reach my personal and professional goals. Additionally, one of my colleagues and former roommates is currently enrolled as a part time student in the Booth School of Business. Having known him for so long, I trust his judgment on a thing so important. The invaluable insight he has provided me about the business school has reinforced my decision. Booth School offers a broad spectrum of 14 core areas, which range from basic to advance for a comfortable learning experience. Courses with an international focus such as “Finance and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets” and “Understanding Central Banks”, and classrooms with diverse student bodies and professors, offer a natural ground for global oriented discussions. Research centers like the Polsky center of Entrepreneurship positions students with an eagerness to learn to capitalize on emerging markets and ideas. As a leader in business education, Booth School of Business attracts corporate giants, providing excellent opportunities to students at various stages during the tenure of the course and after. An extensive alumni network that spans the globe will inevitably be useful in providing advice and professional help. Booth School of Business is world renowned and its location in a major center of American Business provides students an edge over the others. I am confident that overall experience and learning coupled with opportunities at Booth School of Business will let me see business world with new eyes and help me fulfill my dreams.

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