building relationship for the company

Building Relationship


Building relationship in the business is an important aspect for the company or an organisation.Profit in the company can only be arise if the company is internally as well as externally is strong.The main goal for each and every organisatin is the customer satisfaction to provide him best product of good quality with reasonable prices it can only be achieve if the company internal relationship is strong. If company co-workers are co-perative the difficult to difficult task can be achieve easily and the company will always be in profit and arise to success.

Factors of Buisness relationship

There are factors of building relationship in an organization

1.Open communication:-In the organization the communication is an important to achieve the success.Faulty communication can cause the problem so it should be the good and open communication between the customer and the buyer to achieve high profits.

2.Trust: Trust is the important key factor in the organization.It should not only between the customer and buyer it should also be in the suppliers,vendors external the organization as well as internall than only the organization can gain the success.

3.Synergy:The organization The can achieve the higher if the work is performed in the team rather it has performed individually. Team work can give overall better result as compared to the work performed individually.

4.Co-operative: The work done with co-peration can save time and also it can gain higher result.working with cooperation can make the stress less of one person and also the quality of the work can also be improved if it is done with cooperation.

In this essay I have overview the verious dimensions like:

1. How do relationship marketing develop and what factors are important

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing refers to long term as well as short term relationship between the organization and the customer.Organisation focus on value enhancement with the goal of providing a more satisfying exchange.The relation is not only externally but also externally with the suppliers,vendors,and co-workers.The main profit of the organization is to bring the customer intention towards the company product and services.

There are following steps to develop the relationship marketing;-

a.The first in the relationship marketing is Bringing quality.

quality is the important factor key factor for each and every organisation.Giving the best quality product and service to the customer is the main goal. By providing good service to the customer the quality products can be enhanced in better way. The important task of marketing is not only to improve customer relationship but also to maintain and enhance the customer profitability. In the service quality theory good quality leads to customer satisfaction which leads to customer loyality that drives to customer profitability.

b. The second step in the relationship marketing is Customer service.

Identifying and understanding customer needs is very difficult task for every organization. Know your customer needs,desires is one of the main part for the organization,once the businessman has overview his customer needs then he can handle his customer very easily and also than he can give the best to his customer according to his needs.So the important part for organization should be first understand the customer and then give him the best sevice what the customer want.

c.The third step in the relationship marketing is Marketing together, the customer should be given both the services together good quality as well as good service which will retain the customer satisfaction and the organization success

In all the three steps which have been discussed the first priority should be the customer satisfaction. Giving the customer good quality.satisfactory price and also good service can always lead to the good relationship between the customer and the organization.

Importance of relationship marketing

1.Customer retention marketing: In todays era the the main goal of the organization shoud be to retain the customer for the longer period it should be not only for shorter period. The customer can be retained in the organization by providing him best quality,good service ,and reasonable price.

2.Customer service: The customer should be provide the best service. Customer service is to be before,during and after a purchase. It should be "one stop" level, first priority should be to understand the customer according to his needs than serve him the best product.

3.Solving problem:The organization should understand the customer because the customer is not difficult his problem is tuff so one should understand the problem and solve it out.The organization should have the knowledge of products and services which they are selling,so they should not face any kind of problem in solving the customers queries.

4. Customer satisfaction price: Price should be determine according to the product.organisation should provide the customer inferior qualtity at a less than satisfactory price.

5.Be helpful-even if there is no immediate profit in it: organization should always be helpful to the customers even if there is no profit for them.

6.Re-assurance:The main function of assurance is to be in touch with there customers.They should keep aware to there customer of discounts,new arrivals by sending them e-mails or through telephone which can also acheive the customer satisfactiory level.

7.Delivering best quality: The quality of the product which is being delivered to the customer should be best. Quality is the ongoing process which can build the high relationship between the organization and the customer.

8.Hold special events: organizations should sponsored some events on some occassins which can make the customer more aware of the services which company holds.

2.How we can Build a Strong Relationship with our Customers

1. Know your client by name:- One of the best way to build a strong relationship with your customer is to know their client by its name, address and also by its contact number. With this information we can remain in touch with our customer and provide them best service and also customer will feel good that organization are making them aware of the new offers and new incomings.

2. Make conversations with your clients. Although it will be very useful to discuss the business matters with the customer in this way we can understand each other batter. And also we can know what are customer likes and dislikes so we can give them service better and also our sales can be increase.

3. Offer incentives to your regular customers: - we can build a strong relationship with our customer by providing them incentives in the way of offering some gifts, discount coupons by providing such kind of offering the customer will turn off the organization.

4. Always offer your customer top notch service:- we can build a strong relationship with our customer by offering them top notch service. The customer will secured if the best service is provide to them it doesn't matter by just giving them high rate of incentives, the best service matters a lot.

5. Inquire about customer comments:- The last step to build a strong relationship with your customer in the organization keep taking comments from your customer if there is some changing needs to be done according to their needs.

Strategies of the building relationship

Kim T Gorden has given the 5 strategies to build the strong relationship with the customer:-

1.Communicate frequently:-How often you reach to the customer is an important factor for the orgaanisation? We can communicate with are customers by sending them e-mails,phone contacts,advertisements and also by sending messages.In this way we can remain in touch with our customers and cam make the sales easily.

2. Offer the customer rewards: We can increase the sales by offering them customer rewards in this way we can make the customer more aware of the products which is less in demand.

3. Hold special events: - Holding different kinds of event in the organization can us very useful to build a strong relationship between the customer and organization.

4. Build a two way communication:- Communication in the business is very important task, without communication the organization cannot run. So for achieving the high results in the business it is very important to build a good communication between the customer and the seller.

5. Enhance your customer service:

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