Emotional Intelligent

Understand own emotion, personality and social skill to develop leadership skill.


The term leadership did not bring any force on me before I understand the importance of developing leadership skill in to myself. I always have the traditional perception that Leaders are Born and not made (Howell.J.P, Castley .D.L(2006) a therefore I grow up believing that I am not a leader and no way I could be one because my parents are not leader and I am not smart enough. My assumption ended after studying Leadership and through leaders behavior approach, that leaders can be made and leadership is a learning process through mirroring others leaders characteristic is , Then I begin to realize leadership Is a study of another person behavior in making decision based on different type of situation based on Vroom Model. Howell.J.P, Castley .D.L(2006)b

1.0 Emotional Intelligent

As situational approach to leadership stated that specific character of leadership does not exist and effective leadership behavior varies in different situation( ),therefore there is a need to analyze the situation then only decide what to do( ). In order to be able to implement changes and motivate others I believe a leaders need to have a high level of emotional intelligent because it is the capacity of recognizing own and others feeling, as a skill to motivate themselves and people around them. Emotional Intelligent is a key factor in an individual to be social effective,,(Kerr.et.al..( 2006)) as cited by (George,2002; Mayer et al;2000b).

The study of emotional Intelligent consist of three broad areas that are the ability view (Higgs,(2003) cited by Salix et.al..1990), competence view (Higgs (2003)cited by Golemann,1996.1999) and the personal factor view( Higgs(2003); Higgs.et.al..1999).

As effective leadership is measure based on the influence power, () , there is no way a person without social skill could be a leader, no matter how high their IQ is. Research suggest that (EQ) might be a greater predictor of success then (IQ) despite assumption that people with higher IQs will naturally accomplish more in life.( Cherniss,(2000) ,cited by Wechsler,1943)..

Higgs and Dulewicz;[Higgs,2003] identify the element of emotional intelligent as self awareness, emotional resilience, motivation, interpersonal, sensitivity, influence, Intuitiveness, conscientious..This few factors are the key skill for Charismatic Leadership.

Appendix B is the test I took to test my Emotional Intelligent. In the test my score are average according to the report, I am a person who can manage my own emotion and emotion of others in an acceptable manner. I have a subscale IQ score of 110 and subscale percentile of 77. Relatively my IQ is higher then my EQ level.

2.0 My Personality Characteristic

Personality is a relatively permanent characteristic that give both regularity and different to a person behavior. (Fiest.J ,Fiest.J.G, 2006), therefore characteristic are unique qualities of an individual that includes such attributes as temper, psychology, and intelligent.

As the result of my average Emotional Intelligent I take the Big Five Personality Test (Appendix B) to study my personality towards the leadership style based on the Five Factor Model that consist of basic building block of personality (Perrewe.P.L; Spector .P.E, (2002) as cited in Mc Cray & Coaster,1999).

Based on the result, I have a percentile of 47% of openness to experience or intellect based on the amount of people who took this test online. The higher scorer are creative people who is able to grasp new idea and enjoy doing it (Perrewe.P.L; Spector .P.E, (2002) as cited by McCrae and Coaster 1999) and the low scorer is someone who is more rationale and conservative( )This result show that my personality are in between both of them perhaps it is due to I am a person who make decision based on rationale and situation.

My Conscientiousness level is about 21% compare to most of the people who took this test. The result interpret that I do things unsystematically and hazardous. High scorer of Conscientiousness are describe as people who is obedient, perfectionist, and impulsive. Hogan (1997) label them as people who shows up for work (Perrewe.P.L; Spector .P.E, (2002) as cited in Mc Cray & Coaster,1999). However this doesn’t mean that by scoring low, It can means that I adapt a more flexible and laid back personalities.

My extraversion percentile of 70% interpret that I am relatively sociable and enjoy company of others. This could mean that I have a high level of social characteristic such as cheerful, assessable, approachable, expressive and warmth (Finchan.R,2005 )compare to introverted characteristic that prefers to be alone. In real life, I am considered extroverted because I display a cheerful outlook and I am certainly approachable and I made friends easily. This means that I have no problem in communicating with people around me.

Based on the result, I am 79% agreeableness from other people who take the test and the result shows that I have the tendency to cooperate and concerned of other rather then suspicious and opposed to others(Washingtonet.al, 2006). The reason why I consider myself agreeable is because I found it easy to give conformity to others and I am often concern of the well being of people around me. People oriented

My neuroticism is 14%, and it indicates that the higher the score the higher the tendency to negative emotion . My score is low and it indicate that I have higher locus of control therefore I am more calm, stable and able to handle stress well.

Overall the result of the test shows that my basic most outstanding characteristic are Agreeable and Extrovert that I scored a relatively higher percentage compare to the other 3 and the adding on with a relatively low level of Neuroticism shows that I am more on the Group Maintenance behavior based on behavior theory.. Based on my characteristic, I am concern of people and I am therefore a supportive leader.

2.3 My self disclosure towards other

In order to obtain improve my characteristic to adopt modern leadership characteristic, there is a need to pay attention on how my personality and emotional intelligent is expressed and to know what others point of view towards myself, therefore I used Johari Window( Appendix C) as a way to understand and see the disclosure of me(Duen.H.Y(1999)) from the support of others.

Self disclosure is a form of development of trust characteristic towards other people (Johnson.) As a successful leader, the ability to shared emotional and personality traits with other people means authentic and built trust among followers, therefore in order to influence, we need to have a character as character bring success. (Maxwell,1999)

The mapping of Johari Window can be used as a way in developing leadership skill as it shows the process of transferring and exposing our self-concept (Burns R.B(1979)and at the same time collecting information from people. It is like surveying others through feedback of ourselves.

I see myself as a adaptable, logical, complex, reflective, self-conscious and tend to be silly person however these few traits did not display much in my characteristic because people are not aware of it, It could mean that I chose certain person to disclose myself or I am not confidence enough to show my true personality.

Based on the result on Johari Window, my dominant traits are Friendly and Happy, that means I and again link to Extrovert characteristic. Using additional information from the window, I have higher score in helpful(34%), cheerful(30%) and caring(30%) that is link to the agreeableness or the encouraging the heart in Leadership

Although I am comfortable on displaying myself to others, There are others trait that I display to others that I am not fully aware, therefore I need to improve my weakness and develop my strength through leadership camp or reading as a method.


Linking all the test result and leadership, I discovered the type of character I am and my strength and weakness. Linking my personality to the Leadership Model and different approaches I realize and able to identify myself. My lack of conscientious is discover through the process of discovering myself. Therefore I can plan, implement changes on myself by following the leaders characteristic and practicing skill.

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