Executive Summary Amazon

Executive Summary Amazon

Operations management: Amazon.com

This paper explains the present status of the business and its activities, with the help of an article “Belfast-based Global Email Company Limited - gem - to Provide Customer Service Support for Amazon.com's Worldwide Customer Base”. The main purpose behind the selection of Amazon.com is that, it is the leading company in the e-commerce industry and it has faced many variations in its growing period. Amazon.com is a United States based company which does business through internet and involved in E-commerce (Belfast-based Global Email Company Limited, 2008). It is based in Seattle, Washington. It was the first major company to sell goods over the internet. It was launched in 1995 but founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. When the company was launched, the name of the company was Cadabra.com. After some time Bezos renamed the company’s name as Amazon.com. It was incorporated in 1994, started its services in July 1995 and was reincorporated in 1996, but first annual profit of the company was made in 2003 (Friedman, 2004).

The number of employees in the company is 13,900 in 2006. It is a retail type of industry. Jeff Bozos is the founder, president, CEO, and Chairman of the company and Ricky Dalzell is the vice president of the company (Spector, 2006). It began its operating activities as an online book store. In present, the company serves following products and services: Books, Music, DVDs and Video, Home and Garden, Electronics, tools, kitchen segments, Apparel, Toys, zShops, Online Auctions, Partnership, web site Management. In order to become successful in its industry the company announced an alliance with the Belfast-based Global Email Company Limited. By means of the following paper, I am going to summarize the various parameters that are associated with the implementation of this deal on the status and learning of Amazon.com.

Status of the business

The present status of the Amazon.com business is better after the alliance, as its aim of providing best class service to the customers is achieved. Presently it is conducting four international websites: www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.de, www.amazon.co.jp and www.amazon.fr. Apart from this it also operates internet movie database, which has a source of more than 275,000 movies and entertainment labels. It is easy for the sellers now to accept credit card transactions in short period without any difficulty through the help of Amazon.com Payments. It is running its business in a better and more effective way as compared to the previous situation (Belfast-based Global Email Company Limited, 2008).

Impact of implementation on the business

It is better, as to face the increasing competition effectively it becomes necessary for Amazon.com to adopt some innovative and techno-drive method within the business. It has a positive impact on the business of Amazon.com as the organization achieves its goal of large customer base in effective way after its implementation. Is better serves the various needs of customers worldwide after the implementation of the e-commerce concept. It creates a good corporate image of Amazon.com in the industry (Belfast-based Global Email Company Limited, 2008). It assists the company to offer time management to the sellers, so becomes lucrative for them. It enhances the customer service network of Amazon.com of and assists it to establish high technology industries. It increases the access of the company in an effective way.

On the basis of the status and impact it can be interpreted that company has done better by implementing the concept of e-commerce. It was implemented within the business strategy to better serve the various needs of customers in an effective way. It has resolved the problem of sellers by reducing the time involved in heavy transactions which is good in the way of doing business. It is the right step of Amazon.com in order to achieve the goal of increasing the customer base and expanding the business in a more effective manner. It implemented the new technology and utilizes its effectiveness by increasing its operations worldwide. As a result of these it becomes easy for the company to gain competitive position in the online retailer.


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