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In the task four I have to write a marketing plan to identifying the ways in which the new Green Office Online site could be promoted. The plan should specify the various activities that could be undertaken in order to make potential customers aware of the new e-commerce site and encourage them to visit it.

Marketing Plan:

To promote the Green Office Online site, I have write a marketing plan in he both online and offline basis. The plan is given the next page:

Our Product:

  • Recycled paper for printers and copiers
  • Recycled printer cartridges
  • Environmentally friendly adhesives
  • Solar powered services
  • Power saving devices
  • Books providing guidance on how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and recycle their waste more efficiently


The goal of eMarketing activities is to get both potential and existing customers to visit this website. On there customer can make them aware of the products or services offers, highlight any special offers in have and encourage to buy or place orders online if such facilities exists.

It is important that we understand what kind of customers we are targeting. It is desirable that, our new customers as well should be able to understand our Green Office Online site.

Our marketing tools that we are going to use should therefore be smart and intelligent with images, pictures of the papers and printers, but also with simple and effective wordings so as our new customers as well understand our message. The ways to advertise will only be effective if our customers get the right message.


Media is the way to advertisement of any product or service. It is the only one way to communicate with the customers. Media helps any product or service to familiarize it self. There are various kinds of media such as-

  • Advertising media, various media, content, buying and placement for advertising
  • Electronic media, communications delivered via electronic or electromechanical energy
  • Digital media, electronic media used to store, transmit, and receive digitized information
  • Electronic Business Media, digital media for electronic business
  • There is no better way of communicating a message to reach new customers than through media

  • Television, radio and newspapers. The display of the advertisement in these three medium should easily spread the news about our products and services offered through Green Office Online. The website address should therefore be marked very clearly on every medium.

Exploiting Newsgroups:

Depending on your products or services, newsgroups can provide another avenue for promoting on business and attracting visitors to website.

[5]Search Engines:

Search are one of the most important services available on the internet ,offering an indexing of all the information stored machines that are linked to it. They are trying to make sense of what is basically a very anarchically organized set of data.


[6]The goal of the offline marketing is to attract visitors to website. There is not the scope for providing automatic hyperlinks that will direct visitors seamlessly to the site. The ways to promote the sites are given bellow:

  • Wall Writing
  • Using Banner Advertisement;
  • Use Lifeless;
  • Organizing camping;
  • Through news papers and other journals, etc.

Ecommerce Website Design and Development:

Customers seek for precise information and prefer user friendly navigation. The colors used should be considered. Colors should not be too strong or too light.

If a web page takes too long to open, then the customer may leave the website without seeing the whole picture.

Payment Facilities:

Allowing automated Credit Card payment facilities can bring more customers.

Information Gathering:

Online survey or giving away short questionnaires can help increase the level of customer service and give an idea about the customer taste and preferences.

Gathering suggestion and comments as can help identify and improve the weakness as of the business and services.

Online registration of the contact details of customers will help further in promoting sales and awareness of the products for the company can use these details to further send them personally in their inbox the arrival of new products for sale.

However, so as to respect the customers' privacy, a note should be inserted on the website about their personal details which will be kept confidentially and not be revealed to any third party.

Task 5


I have to put together an outline project plan for the development and launch of the Green Office Online e- commerce site. This should be made up of TEN key project stages and associated objectives, together with a brief description of each. The project plan should also include the associated timescales for undertaking these project stages and achieving the specified objectives.

Out Line Project Plan:

For the development and launch of the Green Office Online e- commerce site, there are twelve project development stages. Those are described bellow with the objectives.

Initial Study:

This is the first stage of the development life cycle. In this stage I have to analyze the root information of the Green Office Online . The objectives of this stage are:

  • Analyze the organization's overall strategy plan;
  • Identify who are involve with the system;
  • Indentify the boundary of the system;
  • Time sceduling and recommendation for the new proposed system.

Feasibility Study:

A feasibility study is a preliminary investigation of a project, to decide whether it will cost, will realize the benefits that are expected and be technically feasible. The feasibility study, lasting a few man-days, will be carried out by an experienced who produces a feasibility reports. These describe the scope of the new system and contain estimates of the time, cost s and benefits which would result from developing the system.

The main aim of a feasibility study:

To identify the current limitations of the organization. To provide relevant solution to over come the barriers in the existing infrastructure. To identify the costs and benefits of the current system. To develop an understanding of the integration of a new system with the existing workforce.

Requirement Analysis:

Requirements Analysis and existing systems Analysis may be carried out in parallel, but they are quite distinct activities. The user requirements analysis stage will produce detailed information concerning what the users would like the proposed system to do. This is the very important stage of the system development. If the stages is doesn't analyze properly, it will be grate cost for the system developers. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Analyzing the market of the products,
  • Analysis the hardware and software requirement; etc.

Requirement Specification:

In this stage the I have to specify the requirements of the customer and the system that is going to be developed. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Defines most of the functional requirements of customer.
  • Describing the requirements and the ways how to specify the systems requirements.
  • Identifying the actors who will use the system or some how interacts with the systems.
  • Specify all the system and customer requirements.

Logical System Specification:

In this stage I have to specify the whole project logically and identify what is going to do with the new system. Identify what is going to do with the new system. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Specify the project logically
  • Identify what is going to do with the new system

Logical Design:

After finishing the logical system specification, I have to design the whole system logically. I have to found the option for developing the system and specify the best option and how the option to be developed. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Identify the option of the development project;
  • Find the best Option;

Physical Design:

After finishing the logical design, I have to design the whole system physically. I have to list the hardware and software involved with the new system. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Physically design the system;
  • List the hardware and software involved with the new system.


In the development stage, I have to develop the whole system manually. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Developed the system manually;


Testing is an indispensable phase of system development. It ensures proper system by checking for errors that will entail series of problems bugging the system. However, testing will only be performed up to an economically agreeable and functional satisfactory level.This is the very important stage of the system development. If the stages is doesn't test properly, it will be grate cost for the system developers.


This is the last stage of the davelopment a project. The objectives of this stage are:

  • Implement the whole system for work;


Maintains is the last stage of the project what are ensure that project are working properly.

Task 6


To run a large corporation or work out of office, it is wise to search for office solutions that will adequately meet on needs without taking a huge chunk of the budget. One of the best ways to save money is to purchase green or recycled office systems and furniture.

Abundant Supply:

The first benefit of purchasing green or used office furniture is the abundant supply to choose from. Unfortunately, due to the current economic downturn many businesses have had to file bankruptcy and close the doors. Naturally, those failed businesses had one or more offices filled with furniture or equipment they could no longer use. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the supply of used or pre-owned office furniture.

Reduced Cost:

The second benefit of purchasing green or recycled office furniture and equipment is the reduced cost. It may go without saying but such a huge supply of pre-owned or used office furniture means a tremendous price reduction for the consumers able to buy it. The drop in value is due to a number of factors including

  • The abundant supply of available used items,
  • The amount of low cost new furniture imports coming from China and other developing countries
  • General merchandise giants like Wal-Mart and Sam's Club that buy new furniture in bulk and undercut the market.

Saving Natural Resources:

A third benefit to purchasing used office cubicles and furniture is that it saves both natural resources and landfill space. Purchasing old but good quality business furniture is recycling and, therefore, it is green. For every used desk that is reused, there is less need to cut down another tree or strip mine the earth for more iron ore.

Financial :

On becoming more environmentally conscious can significantly improve the company's bottom line. Many green organizations are enjoying tax incentives, rebates, interest-free loans, and grants from government and private entities.

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