Improving sales Performance

The Thailand property industry has reached a dreadlock owing to the hard global economic times. The expensive nature of the property industry has made sales to drastically reduce. It is thus advisable for the practitioners to have competent sales personnel to boost the sales. Improving sales performance aims at enabling an organization reach full potential in sales by improving the performance and competency levels of each sales point. In order to improve sales, the salespeople should develop competitive advantage on their products. This involves a sales person being conversant with key differentiators of the products offered as compared to the competitor's

A successful sales person must endeavor to reduce customer turnover as well as increase total sales in the institution. Business enterprises use sales force in order to widen the profitability margin by targeting clienteles who prefer customized service commonly associated with salespersons. Empowering the sales people ensures that sales opportunities are utilized while building brand loyal clientele by strengthening customer ties and working on the feedback advanced, to boost performance (Rackham & Ruff,1999). Focus Property Industry may possibly consider retraining or offer refresher courses to sales force in an attempt to equip them with dynamic sales skills.

It is worth noting that a property industry entrepreneur who outsources the sales and marketing docket for the enterprise engages in high risk strategy, and perhaps should blame the approach for declined in sales or even customer enquiries. The entrepreneur should thus provide information to the sales personnel on how to present a case regarding the business to potential buyers. Presenting persuasive sales proposals to buyers arouses interest and a salesperson may reap handsome rewards when the sale is settled. A salesperson who intends to improve sales should aim at influencing the customers' decision through presenting the customers view in regard to the property thus even when competition arises, it is not a sign of loosing business but that a customer is exploring other available options before making a choice. In order for a sales person to adequately influence the decision criteria of a client, diligence is a vital attribute In case there is a criterion regarding the property which the sales force cannot meet, partnering with suppliers to adjust the product to fit the specific need of the client can prove very crucial. A sales person should be keen when making any sales presentation as the face-to-face approach employed tends to influence clientele decision making regarding the property. A persuasive presentation on the business case should be made (Malcolm, 2000). It should address the customer's needs while giving clear benefits that the client will get after acquiring the said property. The presentation should demonstrate a financial return which a buyer will get from the sale.

Successful sales person need to be keen on record keeping and planning the sales path to adopt in order to increase sales. Through planning and recordkeeping, contact details that relate to potential or even existing clientele are maintained. Under such techniques, an individual is able to spot rare issues overlooked by other sales people, thus enhancing business competitive edge. A sales person is advised to maintain contact with the property buyer even after, the close of business. This will aid in a smooth transition of the property and incase a problem may result during the implementation process an amicable solution is arrived at. A sales person is likely to get another order from a clients previously served. A SPIN program demonstrates clearly how a business venture can improve sales through maintaining contacts with existing clients and through salespeople making appointments rather than mere "cold calling" to potential clients.

In conclusion, having the required skills to initiate, manage and close-deals, works better under salesmanship in property ventures. Maintaining contact, constantly establishing new-clientele networks and exceedingly meeting customers' needs boosts sales efforts in property industry. During the current economic turmoil where sales in property have reduced and fierce competition exists, sales people who need to boost sales should have a competitive advantage to effectively position their property in the diverse global niche. Focus on influencing the customer's decision on owning various properties ought to be steering force.


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