Liverpool Hotel

The purpose of this report is to assume that we want to set up a new pet hotel in Liverpool. In order to understand this market, we have to carry out both primary and secondary research to achieve our conclusion and the consumer behaviour of pet owners who are likely to send their pets to pet hotel druing their holiday or business trip. We determined to get our primary research through questionnaire. In order to get more responses, we put our questionnaire into online. For secondary research, we focus on the Solomon et al's (2007) Wheel of Consumer Behaviour, especially in three areas which are consumer as individuals, consumer as decision maker and consumer and subculture. We try to analysis our questionnaire data and literture review to get result to match the Wheel of Consumer Behaviour. In addition, we found a PEST to understand the whole environment. Moreover, we analyzed the SWOT of our virtual pet hotel.

Our group was allocated by ourself. I believe our group can make everything rather smoothly. We distribute jobs to each member and agreed on timelines by which we should be completed. We started to set timelines in the very beginning, the plan sounds structured, the process is always affected by human nature. We were always behind schedule for various reasons, often due to miscommunication or individual misunderstanding.

According to David W (1993), secondary information includes source of data and othr information collected by others. It offers relatively quick and inexpensive answer to many questions. The purpose of secondary analysis is to re- analyze the data of answering the original research question with better statistical techniques, or answering new questions with old data. Secondary analysis is an important feature of the research and evaluation enterprise. When carring on secondary research, in the very beginning I established the goal that aims at the pet owners of consumer behavior. However, this research way lets me encounter many difficulties, possibly is because the search condition is too limits, and it leads to I find some material which is unable to need for me. Thus, I revised my search direction, I tried to carry on pet owners' age, gender, attitudes, and so on. After changing my search direction, I discovered such search condition is quite easy to get useful material. Although I can find useful material, the majority of materials are all aim at the American market, there are few relatively in view of the UK market. These findings have had some small influences regarding the entire report.

Although we found many literatures which are relatively to pet owners' behaviour pattern, these materials does not explain why pet owners are willing to spend money send their pet to pet hotel or why pet owners are willing to use this kind services. Therefore, we spent the very long time to discuss how can we supposed these materials effectively.

In our report, we utilized online questionnaire as our primary research. According to Alan W. (2006), primary data is frequently collected through questionnaires. The design and content of questionnaires are appropriate for the audience being research, the respondents are able to answer the questions in a way that reflects the view they want to express. As Alan W. (2006) points out that designe has an important influence on response rate. There are several reasons why we would utilize online questionnaires as our preferred testing method. First, an online forum allows responses to be received more quickly from subjects. Second, this method is also cheaper to administer, as there are no costs associated with purchasing paper or other materials for printing. There are some free online questionnaire services website, and we “Kwik Surveys”. This one is more correspond with our orgin design.

Nevertheless, it still exist many disadvantages and we did not consider that. For example, studies indicate that the demographic that respond to online questionnaire invitations are generally biased to younger people. If we want to get more widely responses from different age group, online survey is not a good method. Another problem is not everyone has access to the Internet, so the response rate is limited. From the Alan W.' point of view (2006), respondents are all Internet users may mean that they are not typical of all consumer groups. But at the beginning, we thought we could obtain more responses than tradtional questionnaire. However, in fact the responses of our questionnaire did not as our expected. In addition, the major constraint is the technical problem, since we are using the online questionnaire, and questionnaire design will be limited to the questionnaire on the website coding. Most free online questionnaire sites provide limited functionality, so that some problems can not serve as the original design of our present. Because of technical problems, the results may not be as expected. Due to the technical problems, it leads our questionnaire seems poor. Alan W. (2006) points out a poorly designed questionnaire will jeopardise response rates and provide incomplete and inaccurate data.

During the process of our report, I found there are some specific points that we can modify to make our report better. First of all, we should not just focus on online questionaire, we need to use two different method to get more widely result. For example, we may use interview or tradtional questionaire. Perhaps these methods spent much time than online suvery, but I believe it is worth to do. Or we can put our questionaire into different free oline suvery website that it may let more people know this research and we can obtain more responses.


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