Selecting a web design company

Selecting a web design company

Consider the reception area at your front office. If a customer walks into an organized, professional, and attractive looking space, it sends the right message. The same works for the business website; except that you get only a few seconds to impress the customer. And competing websites are only a click away.

Selecting the right web design company is critical to the success of your website. Consider the following points while hiring a web designer:

1. Experience and longevity in the web design industry

Verify the experience of the web design company and its years in the business. Browse the company's portfolio. Look for variety in business types, format, structure, design and functionality of the websites. The websites should be custom designed, not built on templates. You don't want your website to look one of a crowd.

2. Comprehensive expertise

The web design company should have the expertise to meet all your requirements. A website can be simple HTML, have Flash elements, be database driven, an e-commerce store, a video and images repository or anything else. The web design company should be a one-stop shop where all your needs can be serviced satisfactorily.

3. Quick response time

The best web design results from the collaborative efforts of the web design company and you. Find out the company's preferred mode of communication - email, phone, chat - and note how quickly they respond to your queries. Make sure the company knows your preferred mode of communication and follows it.

4. Check references

Most web design companies will include client testimonials on their website. Contact these clients and get their opinion on the services of the web designer. Client feedback will give you a truer picture of the company's timeliness, communication, promptness of response, price and quality of services.

5. Friendly approach

Web design is an art. A web design company that agrees with all your suggestions and makes none of its own will create a professional design but probably not an inspired one. Look for web designers who take a personal interest in the project and have some ideas to share without pressurizing you to accept them.

6. Additional services

Web design services can offer value added services such as online marketing, SEO, copywriting, and content creation. Pay-per-click ads, viral marketing, social media marketing are some marketing techniques that can generate more traffic to your website. The web designer should be able to convince you on which strategies would work best for your business. If you are not convinced, look for an alternative marketing partner.

7. Compare pricing

Compare pricing and make sure you get your money's worth. If you have a budget, inform the web design company at the start so they don't exceed it. Check out the market rates and keep a buffer for additional expenses and ongoing investment in the website's design. If you do not have a large budget, build the website in phases. Do not compromise by hiring a cheap web designer. A bad website design drives away customers; proving very costly for your business.

8. Ask questions

Every detail, however small, should be part of the contract. Verbal communications hold no weight. Peruse the contract minutely and question the web design company in case of any doubts. Transparency is critical. If the web design company doesn't seem forthcoming in its explanations and hedges around points, it's best not to do business with them.

Hiring a web design company is not a small or simple decision. A well designed website has the potential to multiply your business revenue many times over. Follow the mentioned guidelines to select the best web design company for your business.

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