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Topic: Service Operations Analysis of Bank of America

Providing quality service to customers is one of the most rewarding ways of maintaining and increasing the number of satisfied customers in companies whatever the industry sector. Financial companies are the forerunners in making their customers get the feeling that they are distinct by adding value to the user-experience of customers. Let's analyze the service operations of Bank of America's branch at Alabama. For that we need to discuss our experiences in the Bank of America's procedural and personal dimensions. Let's analyze the procedural dimensions of the customer service operations at the specified branch.

A. Procedural dimensions

1.1 Timeliness - It is valuing the precious time of customers as visitors to the branch. Customers find it hard to spend unnecessary time from their daily hectic work routine. The guard at the entrance opens the glass gate for you to enter the bank premises without delay. You find that customers are being attended to deposit cash through many windows. Without any delay, you proceed to the window where only one customer is ahead in the line to deposit cash. With-in next minute, your turn comes and it hardly takes two minutes for you to come out of the bank after depositing the currency.

1.2 Incremental Flow - It is serving the bank customers by politely asking them the nature of work required by the customer - whether it is a bearer check to be cashed or operating a bank safe locker box by the enquiry desk executive. As the business was operation of the safe locker box, the enquiry desk led the customer to the table for the desk executive to request the customer to be seated until the bank personnel operates the bank keys and requests the customer to use the customer key to open the locker.

1.3 Anticipation - It is before-hand knowledge of the difficulty to be faced by the customer in the Bank of America. Due to internal setting changes, blank booklets of check depositing slips were kept at a desk away from the view. A relationship official of the bank was roaming around to find any such customer problem and guide the customer.

1.4 Communication - Customers receive the services by making online requests. If a customer makes an online request for the new check book, it is delivered without any postal cost to the customer at customer premises.

1.5 Customer feedback - It is requesting the customer on the website to share experiences so that improvement in services could be made. The bank has hired an agency to send visitors on mystery shopping to get unbiased opinion on its services.

1.6 Accommodation - It is offering the same product or service in duplicate to accommodate the family needs of the card holder. The bank issues supplementary credit cards for another family member of the credit card holder to accommodate the family needs.

1.7 Supervision/organization -It is overall checking and control on the activities of all - staff and customers of the bank. As you enter the bank, you can notice vigilant eyes of the branch manager inspecting the activities of all.

B. Personal Dimensions:

2.1 Attitude: Body Language - It is showing friendly gestures through body actions to prompt the other person to talk. Bank executives see eye-to-eye to develop rapport with the facing customer so that the customer feels relaxed and t ease during the stay in the bank.

2.2 Attitude: Tone of Voice - The tone of the voice quality of the executive is such that energize the customer to put questions that need to be explained. The relationship executive at Bank of America tells about the new products over the phone in a humble and gentle tone that compels the irritant customer to listen to the executive.

2.3 Tact - It is the way of introducing a product or service that complements the previous service. Your enquiry on overdraft facility is highly welcomed by the bank executive although obliging the customer on this count has its own reward for the bank also.

2.4 Attentiveness -Special schemes are offered on festive occasions like Christmas. The branch offered hassle-free car-loans on the approaching Christmas occasion.

2.5 Naming Names - It is developing of personal relationship with the customer to give the feeling that the customer is unique. Whenever you visit the bank the executive who regularly interacts with you calls you by your name to develop the relationship of the bank with you.

2.6 Guidance - It is providing all kind of help to the customer. A 'Help Desk' is created in the branch office of the bank for all customers to share their queries on all products and services offered by the bank.

2.7 Selling Skills - When customer service executives offer a product or service as if it is a win-win situation for the customer. When the bank offers you interest-free loan against your insurance policy, you are impressed by the offer although it is the selling skill of the executive.

2.8 Gracious Problem Solving - Your problems are listened with keenness to understand the nature of the problem with the intention to offer a solution. When you approach the branch manager with a genuine problem with the bank, he or she goes out of way to solve it.

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