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Executive Summary & Covering Letter

With effective people skills and a rather contagious excitement about the opportunities IT provides to empower the management and teams in an organisation, I am adept at selling ideas to upper management, staff and clients alike.

I have developed IT strategy, and shared technology visions to lead the IT focus of numerous small and medium sized organisations. I have managed (ie coached, mentored and brokered) my budgetary resources, my people and their skills, and my own hands-on skills, to achieve a consistent run of IT projects alongside ongoing support and help desk services in various business environments. I have achieved agreed objectives within organisations of demanding staff and management - my customers. I am obsessive about delivering high standards of service and satisfaction, to my team's customers and my own, and with a smile. All of this is the testimony of my references - although I won't deny any of it... =o)

As you will see from the details in my CV, although I have considerable experience in IT Management and in IT Infrastructure projects, I have less than 1 year of professional experience in software development.

To help address this, I have recently set myself a development project. I have an idea for a charity web site which, in addition to being of value to the various charities which will be involved, will enhance my hands on C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET & SQL Server skills.

I am excited about the future of software development, particularly in the direction of Augmented Reality. See my web site at for an overview of the awesome future of computing beyond the screen/keyboard/mouse paradigm.

I consider software development to be the ultimate in applied creativity. A developer creates something out of nothing. A developer turns ideas into reality.

I have achieved High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits for the hands on development and database subjects I have completed at the University of Technology, Sydney.

My last few roles are somewhat out of step with my previous IT management career and will need some explanation! I ran my own computer support business from 2001 to 2004. The out of hours work and administration of this business was very time consuming whilst I was completing a BSc CompSci. In the interests of reclaiming my after hours time for study I therefore undertook a sales role with New Horizons Learning Centres, a reputable sales organisation dealing with software training. This fulfilled a secondary benefit of providing me with valuable sales experience. Although I enjoyed providing great service to my accounts, I chose to complete my degree full time and have done some contract work related to web design that fitted well around my study.

Having given a great deal of thought to my career future in the past few years, I decided to undertake the transition into Software Development, initially with completion of my degree which has a major component in software development. I have leant this way for years, given my interest in Augmented Reality, which inspired me to commence my degree in IT with UTS. I want mastery of Software Development on the most mainstream development platforms, hence my study focus on .NET.


Microsoft and Linux operating systems on HP, Dell and other desktops and servers. Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and other routers, managed switches, broadband modems and wireless devices.


Provide technical support to small and medium sized organisations.


ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft IIS 5.1.


B2b Investments Pty Ltd, a newly started company, was established to launch a new direct mailed weekly business magazine, B2b Magazine. The web site was to support magazine related requirements, and additional entrepreneurial ideas requested by Steve Nolan, CEO of B2b Investments Pty Ltd.

My responsibility was to develop the backend code and database functionality for a web site, given a simple brief and example non-functional screen layouts.

As a secondary priority, my technical skills were also of value in quickly and efficiently solving technical problems.

Software Development Achievements

Design completed for the web site included:

  • Software design for all required functionality
  • Database design for all required functionality
  • Functionality completed for the web site included:

  • User data entry with validation and storage to SQL Server database via stored procedures for
    • Magazine subscriber
    • Tender poster
    • Tender subscriber
  • Credit card payment for Magazine subscribers and Tender subscribers
  • Login access for Tender Poster and Tender Subscriber (with annual expiry reset on payment) using .NET 2.0 Forms Authentication, Membership, Roles and Profiles
  • Database storage and management of tenders, by Tender Posters, with uploadable tender documents
  • Database retrieval of tender lists, by Tender Subscribers, with individual tenders viewable and their tender documents downloadable, through multiple depth searches by location and by Industry

Unfortunately from the perspective of the web site, the CEO needed to focus available company financial resources on the B2b Magazine's core business as the magazine's first issue date repeatedly slipped, introducing cash flow pressures. Available funds were withdrawn from web site development and directed toward the core source of the magazine's revenue advertising sales. Consequently, the web site development was suspended prior to the development of a management module required for the administration of the web site, and the web site has not been deployed.

Technical Support Achievements

  • Resolved problems with access to and operation of the Maximizer database and software;
  • Resolved problems with configuration of LAN access to broadband Internet;
  • Resolved wireless LAN configuration problems; and
  • Established automated backup processes for critical data to gain the maximum protection possible for the firm's $0 expenditure on backup hardware or software.


Use a variety of stock and index trading strategies to profit from fluctuations in the Australian Share Market, while completing full and part time studies at University of Technology Sydney for my Bachelor of Science in Computing Science.


Sell training, with a focus on technical training. New Horizons provides a complete training solution, with IT Technical training, computer applications training, business skills and project management training.

New Horizons training may be delivered in a variety of ways, using instructor lead training, multi-media computer based content with availability of tutors to address queries, Online ANYTIME web based content or Online LIVE real time webinars.


  • Sales
  • Maintaining and growing existing relationships within existing accounts
  • Gaining references and establishing new relationships within existing accounts
  • Establishing new relationships with new accounts with daily cold calling
  • Account Management, building service levels and client satisfaction
  • Accounts payable management
  • Provide technical input to less technically experienced New Horizons Account Managers, who were offering technical training to their clients


Establish 'Servicentric Computer Support', a business providing small organisations with quality computer consulting and on site computer systems support services.


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Client technical support
  • Team management and training
  • Business administration

Experience gained

  • Sales & Marketing
  • P&L and Balance Sheets
  • Technical support issues of small businesses and home users
  • Management of information between a central database and remote technicians


200 personnel, providing private business advisory, corporate services, audit, insolvency, tax and IT management consulting services.

Please see for specifics of infrastructure.


As IT Manager, my responsibility was to improve PKF Sydney's IT systems and methods to a level consistent with 'best practice', managing a team of 3.

As Senior Consultant, my responsibility was to provide IT services in my areas of expertise for various clients.

Achievements in the capacity of PKF IT Manager

  • Identify risks and anomalies.
  • Project Manage various hardware and software upgrades and rollouts
  • Formalised monthly reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Raised up-time of critical servers, switches and routers during agreed operating hours from an initial low of 96% to a worst case of 99.96%.
  • Over 15 other significant achievements! Please see for full details.

Assignments in the capacity of Senior Consultant

  • Due diligence measures prior to client investment in subject firms, identifying weaknesses in the subject firm's IT practices.
  • Outsourced IT management, providing guidance in and management of the client's IT, and of third party suppliers, reporting to the client.
  • Outsourced IT project management, coordinating client relocation, systems integration, data migration, etc, reporting to the client.
  • Infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates for various client IT projects.
  • Client IT trouble shooting á problem solving.

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