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"Gelato per te" is an Italian ice-cream, coffee and sweet shop entering to the Hungarian market. Products assortment: main profile is ice-cream, however selsl traditional Italian coffees (such as caf ristretto, cappuccino or latte macchiato) as well as traditional Italian sweets (for example tiramisu or panna cotta alla caramella). The sweets are prepared based on traditional recipes moreover the physical evidence of the store (decoration, atmosphere and so on) reflects the Italian heritage of the company.

Geographical definition:

The selected location is situated in the XI district, southern part of Buda side, along the river of Danube a 700 meters long peninsula. The area has been revived two years ago. The aim of the regeneration was to create a green and fresh spot in the city nearby the river. According to the plans the area got a completely news lay-out built around a very positive statement: "You can step on the grass". A structured park has been created: green vegetation, attractive promenade with benches and tables, beach, water stage, moreover facilities for hospitality. These are smaller and bigger pavilions suitable for bars, small stores, or restaurants. The place is attractive because of the pleasant green environment, proximity of the Danube and its "silence" far from the noise of the city. During the summer period kayak and canoe trainings are running there.

The basic infrastructure of the pavilions is well done: water, heating, electricity. But kitchen need to be build in order to separated it from the shop area reserved for customers. In addition the possibility is given to create a covered terrace with chairs and tables on the top of the pavilion - that creates a unique service and provide an incomparable view about the park and the river. Moreover the possibility of the terrace provides the opportunity for organizing private and special events as well.


The area can be reached by public transportation (tram number 1 and bus number .... planned way of metro line 4). Furthermore 100 parking places are available for visitors and free parking area very close in the Infopark.

The number of inhabitants in the XI district is around 140000 citizens. Moreover nearby there are buildings of universities (ELTE, BME) in addition the info park: all together 200000 people within 30 minutes.

Price of location:

Currently the pavilions are offered from 10-20 Euros/month/square meters (depends on the size and the infrastructure of the selected pavilion).

Target Audience:

On the one hand students of the above mentioned universities and "white collar" workers from the Infopark. On the other hand anyone who is going there to spend its leisure time in a green and healthy environment: people walking, jogging, doing picnic or just enjoy their free time in the green. Therefore the role of the shop fits to the profile of the visitors of the park - leisure and free time activities can be highly connected to have an ice-cream or coffee. The footfall rate is relatively high, however some seasonality can be observed: from end of April till September. Late autumn and winter time are out of season periods, the park is not frequently visited by people.


The competition is not significant, currently in the recommended area: there are only one bar operating and one small store. All the other pavilions are empty. However there are close competitors within the catchment area for example: traditional and fast food restaurants, bars and coffees, ice-cream shop and confectionary as well.

Barriers or possible difficulties:

The main investor behind the reconstruction was a Portuguese company, but it has quitted the business, so now the whole territory belongs to the civil service and administration of the district. Problematic, that currently there is a political dispute around the finished work and the execution of the plans.

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