Waisco shapes up for the future


Managing the human element of the company has acquired a huge part of organisational studies made. This only shows that maintaining a healthy and well-adapted workforce is imperative for companies to achieve their organisational goals. Along these lines, companies tend to similarly adapt organisational actions that would address beckoning changes held by both internal and external environment (Tesone, 2000). This took place in the case of Waisco Superstores Ltd. to create a greater potential for the company in the food retail industry in England, Scotland and Wales. Due to the changes in the business environment of Waisco, the Human Resource strategies within the company have made considerable effects in the dynamics of the organisation. Therefore, one must understand that effectiveness and the efficiency of the organisation would be an impossible task to realise without the proper understanding and recognition of the individual needs and requirements of the workforce. With this and as an expert in HRM, this strategic proposal intends to provide a strategic strategy for Waisco as a means of addressing the human dynamics of the organisation. The discussions will consist of theoretical applications of HRM strategies from organisational studies and other scholarly works. In the same manner, the strategy will also be held in line with the key elements of the Waisco' new business plan. Moreover, recommendations and suggestions will also be included based on the findings and arguments provided in this paper.

Assumptions on the Company

The following part of the report presents the findings of the researcher regarding the company. The following will establish the values of the company and the subsequent issues surrounding the situations held within Waisco Superstores Ltd.

Vision, Mission, and Values

The company's vision is to "provide England, Scotland and Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom with high quality food products through implementing a good professional relationship with the employees of the company."

With this vision, the company similarly intends to carry out the following missions objectives:

  • to ensure the survival of Waisco Superstores Ltd. in England, Scotland and Wales
  • to ensure growth of the company
  • to ensure rationalization
  • to ensure increased profits over a five-year timeframe
  • to ensure efficiency and increased output

Appearing that the existing culture in Waisco will remain up to the next coming years, it could be assumed that the prevailing culture would be considerably authoritative in nature. This means that the employees would be rather submissive and acquiescent to the existing rules and changes made by the management. This shows the authority of the management over the workforce.

Strategic HR Issues

There are certain strategic issues found in after establishing the predominant values in Waisco. These are summarised in the following selection:

  • Lack of comprehensive data from the Human Resource Department that could be used in the planning process.
  • The selection process of employees from Waisco appears to be rather inconsistent.
  • The employees from Waisco do not know whether they qualify for mobility in the company.
  • There is an imminent clash in the culture between the retained employees of Waisco.

In line with these indicated problems, this report intends to forward several programmes that would alleviate the existing situation to suit the vision and mission-objectives of Waisco.

Waisco Human Resource Plan

Ø Continuous HR Planning Programme

Information technology and human resource management have recently been integrated to deal with advanced operations of the modern organisation. Waisco doesn't any severe issues relating to planning however, this programme is forwarded for the approval of the Board of Directors because of the following reasons:

  • The data acquired from the Human resource department is inadequate to make reasonable measure of the actual operations of the HR Department
  • Automation of the data would provide convenience to those who need the information in the company.
  • IT and HR processes has been noted in studies to be effective for the company if it is integrated.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Acquire the necessary amount of data that could start the company's benchmarking operations
  • To serve as a means to collect verifiable information regarding advancement, incentive, and other HR concerns of the company
  • To make the HR functions of the Waisco more effective and less costly.

Recommendations for the Programme

  • Initiate a training programme for the employees and personnel of the HR department in using the equipment needed for these operations.
  • Convert any existing paper document into digital form.

Ø Recruitment Programme

The issue of recruitment appears as one of the lesser concerns of the company since they have high turnout in their labour department. However, establishing a new recruitment programme will allow Waisco to acquire rank and file employees as well as management personnel who are considerably skilled. The programme basically intends to establish a standard approach in the selection process of the organisation.

Objectives of the Programme

  • To established a standardised approach in acquiring personnel (rank and file and managerial) in the organisation.
  • To acquire skilled personnel available in the workforce.
  • To improve the business strategy of the company based on acquiring competitive human resources.

Recommendations for the Programme

  • Appoint specific personnel in the HR department that would focus entirely on this part of the strategic plan.
  • Identify the desired skills and level of competence required by the company from the applicants.
  • Allow the Board of Directors to review the established set of criteria and the draft of the selection process.

Ø Performance Management Programme

This proposed programme is geared towards the management level employees of the company. This programme is forwarded for the approval of the Board of Directors because of the following reasons:

  • The company could not afford to start a high trend regarding the turnover of management level employees. They are far too valuable for the operations of the company.
  • This will serve as a means of monitoring on the part of managers such that the company knows that they could keep up with the demands of the industry.
  • The management level employee rosters appears to be rather bloated.

Objectives of the Programme

  • This will serve as a tool for benchmarking the performance of the managerial employees of the company.
  • It could be used to streamline the management positions in Waisco.
  • In the same way, it could also be used to determine the managers who would be retained from Waisco.
  • Measure the general managerial competencies like leadership, management skills, and technical expertise.

Recommendations for the Programme

  • Create a team in the HR Department coming from Waisco to ensure accountability.
  • In the same way, a system of codenames for the specific managers appraised should be created such that the appraisal would be free from undue advantage or bias.

Ø Training and Development Programme

This programme will serve as an introduction of the company to the development of knowledge management (KM) in their company. This programme is forwarded for the approval of the Board of Directors because of the following reasons:

  • Managing knowledge means that the company provides training for the employees. Some theories have indicated that the perception of the employee of the possibility of improvement in his/her existing situation in the professional context is considered a determinant of the motivation (Gabriel, 2003).
  • Employees see it motivating that there is a chance to be successful in their chosen profession. Others may also indicate that income growth marks success among the employees in their respective careers (Maume, 1999).
  • This drive to career advancement and achieving a successful career in a chosen profession may trigger the individual employee to seek improvement in his/her skills and other knowledge tools that could be used to move up in the organisational structure.

Objectives of the Programme

  • This programme seeks to establish additional value to the organisation.
  • This programme seeks to make the company veer away from being merely an industrial organisation and much closer to being a learning organisation.
  • This will serve as an impetus for further developments in the HR elements of the company. Actions like the improvement of relationship with the trade unions, human resource development, and maintenance of the technical and high-performing components of the company's human resource were among the basics of the KM processes.

Recommendations for the Programme

  • The company should make sure that the continuous planning programme should have made a profound mark in the organisation first before embarking on this programme.
  • In the same manner, the HR department should also make sure that the data acquired and used in this programme is relevant. This means that there should be no alterations, exact, and reliable in the knowledge given by these data.

Ø Employee Synergy Programme

As stated throughout the paper, the organisation is newly merged. This means that the culture of the company is still liquid and more prone to conflict. This programme is forwarded for the approval of the Board of Directors because of the following reasons:

  • Culture is still needed such that the organisation could differentiate itself with other companies.
  • Culture is still necessary to identify the members that compose that said organisation. More importantly, the management needs to establish a culture such that commitment to the organisational goals prevails over the self-serving interests of the individual employees.

Objectives of the Programme

  • To show that the inherent hierarchies presented by the organisational structure in Waisco provide managers the capacity to actually shape the culture in the organisation.
  • Make the managers realise their worth and value to the organisation.
  • Establish a conflict-free organisation.
  • Look into the effects of factors like stress, the working environment, and culture to conflict.

Recommendations for the Programme

  • Vigilance is required from every unit of the organisation.
  • The company should also increase its awareness on any form of deviance.
  • Communication tools like feedbacks and interviews are needed to accomplish this programme.


The presentation above shows the report to ensure that the human resource management strategy of Waisco goes hand-in-hand with the business plan of the entire company. In looking at the discussions presented above, the task of employing an effective HR plan rests highly on the managers and other personnel in the leadership position in the organisation. However, it must also be given emphasis that these individuals' role in the company is as important as that of every rank and file employee in the organisation. Without the cooperation of these employees, managers are just mumbling fools shouting orders to deaf ears. Ultimately, these managers are tasked to make the employees know that they are valued by the company and that their input to the fulfilment of this proposed plan is similarly vital to its success. The organisation is facing a period of uncertainty as it has engaged in a merger, nonetheless with the proper outlook from the employees and guidance from the management, Waisco will essentially see the realisation of its organisational goals.


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