Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is a largest software company in the world and founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 (James Press 2004). Microsoft is incorporated as limited company in United Kingdom (James Press 2004). Nowadays, Microsoft becomes a monopoly company in the market (Ted G. Lewis 1999, vii). Mission and value of Microsoft Company state that are to assist public and company in business during the world realize their full potential (Microsoft Corporation 2010). For software companies as large as Microsoft, the responsibility is most important on the social and people. The President for Latin America (Hernan Rincon 2007) claimed that how Microsoft initiatives are real differences for individuals, communities, business, and entities countries in Latin America and Caribbean that is the responsibility of Microsoft Company. Thus, as a global company would make sure the information technology's contribution goes well away from the business that includes Microsoft's social and economic impact on society (Heman Rincon 2007).

In addition, technology skills training, strengthening nongovernmental organizations (NOGs) through technology, and engaging employees are provided to support for communities by Microsoft Company (Microsoft Corporation 2010). These three ways are under the Unlimited Potential of Microsoft that is in order to improve or develop the underserved communities around the world. Main of Unlimited Potential (UP) is focus on enabling jobs and opportunities, fostering local innovation and transforming education to economic and social development, which programs such as workforce development, strengthening nongovernmental organizations through information, disaster and humanitarian response, Puget sound grants and programs, grant recipients and employees programs (Microsoft Corporation 2010), that is in order to take relevant, reachable, and affordable technology for people who lack to its in the world (Bill Gates 2007). Besides, from environmental and infrastructure barriers, in this particular, have to find out technologies fitted to specific needs and languages (Bill Gates 2007). The Chairman of Microsoft Corporation (Bill Gates 2007) claimed that “All human beings deserve a chance to achieve their full potential and bringing the benefits of technology.” Therefore, Microsoft is giving more chance for people around the world to develop technology as well as good.

At Microsoft, technology skills training such as for workforce development, with partner to create relevant training opportunities that would be believed that to help foster social and economic opportunities for change lives of people and communities (Microsoft Corporation 2010). Besides, the purpose of workforce development is affording the organizations that job to make sure that individuals have the information technology skills (Microsoft Corporation 2010). For instant, Microsoft has supplied more than US$350 million and software grants to more than 1,000 community partners that through Community Technology Skills Program Recipients of Unlimited Potential (Microsoft Corporation 2010). As large as Software Company of Microsoft would afford more programs or centers to community to help people develop technology skills such as Community Technology Centers, Digital Literacy Curriculum, Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum, Expanded Job Skills Training Programs, Partners in Learning Program and Students to Business (Microsoft Corporation 2010). In case never had Microsoft appear in the world, today's people and social may underdevelopment. Hence, workforce development is an important for economies growth, and also increasing technology skills and development.

Furthermore, Microsoft Company is attaches great importance to the strengthening nongovernmental organizations through technology. The objective of Microsoft is helping nongovernmental organizations set free technology to move forward to social and economic development, likewise, Microsoft also provides a all-inclusive set of services, products or goods, relevant tools to nongovernmental organizations and communities that are the approach by using Microsoft's strategy that is ensuring nongovernmental organizations admission to access to secure information technology, optimizing the delivery of information technology solutions and transform through innovative technology (Microsoft Corporation 2010). In brief, nongovernmental organizations make productivity and overall effectiveness increasing, and enlarge goods and services to communities in need that is why would achieve Microsoft's mission and accelerate their impact (Microsoft Corporation 2010).

Similarly, nowadays, number of Microsoft employees is more than 93,000 in the world (ADVFN). Michael A. Cusumano and Richard W. Selby (1995, 21) discuss this idea that for software companies as large as Microsoft, should find smart and knowledgeable people who know the technology and business as their employees. Besides, people who would like to become Microsoft's employees that should be experience in work, skills and passions from around the world (Microsoft Corporation 2010). Thus, employment opportunities in the world that means Microsoft provides job to the world as well. Specially, Microsoft's employees make an extraordinary impact by engaging with their communities, and also Microsoft Company have provided several programs to support their worker done well and balance work with their working such as giving programs, volunteering program, united way loaned executive program and work with Microsoft volunteers (Microsoft Corporation 2010). Most of these programs are relating strategic community and connecting to local communities. As an illustration, Microsoft in Canada that promotes a productive work environment by supporting the diversity of its workforce, and is also dedicated to affording equal employment opportunity to their employees and applicants (Microsoft Corporation 2010). Therefore, Microsoft should help their workers who lack of experience and provide more programs to improve skills as soon as possible.

More importantly for Microsoft's workers that is WorkLife balance cause that the idea of Microsoft is their employees are their most valued asset (Microsoft Corporation 2010). Hence, Microsoft affords more flexible programs, tools and resource to help their workers, that in order to let workers balancing between in their work and their personal lives (Microsoft Corporation 2010). In the same way, Microsoft also has provided more programs for their employees that including flexible work arrangements, financial planning, long term care for extended family members, employees development and others (Microsoft Corporation 2010). These programs will been helping Microsoft's employees to engage in a challenging career and balance their WorkLife needs, so that Microsoft Company has to create a healthy, flexible and productive work environment (Microsoft Corporation 2010). As employees of Microsoft Company have to work well, thus able to deliver the best goods and services for society. Opinion of Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Company is as employees of Microsoft Company as important as their responsibility for understanding and complying with the Standard of Business Conduct, applicable government regulations and Microsoft policies as well, and also make sure Microsoft Company is and continue to be a great software company of great people (Steven A. Ballmer 2009).

In addition, safety and security have sufficiency that as a company must to be. As software company of Microsoft are promoting a safe online experience and protecting personal and business data of users that is in order to make more users confidence and raise online trust (Microsoft Corporation 2009) Particularly, safety and security is not be an easily ways by Microsoft Company, so that by achieving the objective of a safe online experience that must attain these approach including developing innovative technology solutions, enforcement, effective legislation and more (Microsoft Corporation 2008). Similarly, security for attack virus hinder the development of Microsoft, so that, Microsoft founded in experience as the Microsoft Security Response Alliance(MSRA) that purpose of MSRA is how to create strong, valuable alliances that allowed secure response for improvement Microsoft security and products.(Microsoft Corporation 2010). Besides, as a global company, Microsoft has been producing more and more product in the society for consumers such as business software, developer tools, entertainment, hardware, home and education software,, macintosh, mobile devices and software, and servers(Microsoft Corporation 2010). Today's most of people in the world are using products of Microsoft to complete their job as well as good. On the other hand, the report of Financial data since year 2005 until year 2009, all of data are increasing for each year except the year 2009 that the revenue, operating, net income and undiluted earnings per share was decreasing (Microsoft Corporation 2009). Besides, inventory had already discovered are no inventory carried by Microsoft, because its product sold out as soon as efficiencies, and also the debt of Microsoft is free, so that its has no long and short term debt in this case (Joshua Kennon. n. d.). As largest software company of Microsoft that normally no risk of bankruptcy (Joshua Kennon. n. d.).

As a global company, the chief executive Officer of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer said that “Addressing global warming is a responsibility we take very seriously at Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation 2010)”.

At Microsoft, software and technology would help business and people around the world improve the environment (Microsoft Corporation 2009). The purpose of Microsoft is to decrease the impact of their operations and products, and to drive responsible environmental leadership (Microsoft Corporation 2009). Today's facing of Microsoft is the challenges of IT business, data center manager and industry, so that solution of Microsoft was practicing for several years that in order to protect the environment and also to help teams aligned with ten core strategies and goals such as focus on effective resource utilization drive quality up through compliance, embrace change management and another seven core strategies and goals (Microsoft Corporation 2010). For instant case, the objective of Microsoft's meeting is to know whether the new management skills are developed and professional relationship are strengthened or not, cause that convenient Microsoft easily to focus on professional development and culture (Microsoft Australia uses RoundTable to Improve Productivity, Save Costs, and Reduce Carbon Footprint 2008). On May 2008, Microsoft Australia Changed the format in order to satisfied competing needs that have to achieve some good such maximizing customer-facing time to increase the productivity sales, support and market teams, reduce travel and entertainment expenses and reduce their Carbon Footprint, and also ultimately support from information technology during the meting (Microsoft Australia uses RoundTable to Improve Productivity, Save Costs, and Reduce Carbon Footprint 2008).

Furthermore, at Microsoft as largest as software company would have impact society and stakeholder. Typical of stakeholder are divided internal and external including employees, customers, suppliers, competitor, supplier, civil society and shareholders (Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz 2007).

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