Mission statement


As a way of making money to support living, a lot of companies need run their own business. That's why they need to apply a strategic planning that can be the recognized consideration of the future business.

Strategic planning is an essential to the business movements in the public sector. It should be trained extensively, informally and formally. To accomplish the objectives both Strategic planning and decision processes might finish with goals and guidelines.

Some variety terms such as plans, actions, objectives, goals, policies and procedures can be used in strategic planning strategies, which go beyond and fail to realize clarity.

The strategic planning itself cannot predict precisely the future progression of the market and the issues that will face in the next days to prepare the managerial strategy but it can be also an accurate tool to guides the company's direction; As a result, strategic improvement and fixation have to be the origin strategy for a company to keep its existence to the disordered climate of the business

All strategic planning need to follow a short written statement such practices that they can use them effectively to run their business. It should be used with at least one of three keys:

* The mission statement

* The vision statement, and

* the values

Mission statement:

A mission statement is a short written statement that defines the fundamental ideas of an organization, the customer and the critical process and also it used to determine differences between businesses such as employees including directors and supervisors, managers stockholders, customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors, governments and the public sector that had responsibilities toward them. It should show the proceedings of the company, described its general purposes, lead decision-making. It presents the structure in which the company's plans are prepare; To accomplish the Vision for a Long term or either a short term of the organization's responsibilities, the mission statement should describe why it exists and what it does.

Mission statement can describes also core ideology of the firm and its visionary goals. It might consist of the core value of the company, essential ideas, and goals. The main values and purpose of the firms should be exposed when the visionary goals are chosen,. The mission just describes the values and purpose that are already in the company.

The mission statement supposed to be a brief version for the existence of the company's purpose. It must include communally significant and quantifiable criteria that can deal with perceptions like the ethical position of the company, the geographic domain, also the products and services, the target market and potential of growth and productivity.

A lot of strategy experts issue the need for a written mission statement whereas the existence of a common mission is really helpful,. However, there are a lot of forms that are practical of strategic planning that initiate with mission statements,

Concepts that should be considered to make your Mission Statement:

* The desired public image

* The moral/ethical position of the enterprise

* the description of the products/services

* A description of the target market

* The geographic domain

* The prospect of growth and profitability

* The manipulatation of the key strategic for the business

Mission Statements of some Well-Known company ( DENNY'S CORPORATE):

”our mission is profitability grow the company by providing our guests with great food, service and hospitality in a clean, comfortable restaurant, twenty-four hours a day.”

Vision statement:

In many Businesses, the company should determine their vision as a process to see where the business is setting out in more 3 to 5 years and some of the businesses can expand their vision longer till 20 years.

The company needs to know exactly where it situates and to establish where the business is going. And after that it should establish it long term or short term to make profit and how to achieve this goal. Strategic plan can be the resulting document. In addition, it can be also a Statement that is written for customers and employees of business within their Mission Statements and are usually evaluated every five years or so. Many Vision statements are, however, it can used in institutions such as learning establishments and also in church establishments - these Vision Statements are timeless.

In term of its strategic methods and its basic goals the Vision describes the preferred and intended future situation of a business. Because it is a long term view; the mission statement should defines how the company would like the world in which it runs to be. Let's see an example of a water protecting; water can have a vision statement which can be read "Water is the life"

Sometimes it is used to situate the image of the company in the future. It also gives stimulation and inspiration to all the plans of the company. It can be the answer of “«Where do we want to go? » “

An effective vision statement includes some features :

* transparency and lack of ambiguity

* Description of the plans to the future

* unforgettable and attractive words

* Vivid and clear picture

* Values and culture of the organizational

* Realistic aspirations

Bear in mind that a vision statement can be relevant to a whole organization or to a one department of that organization. Even if it is for the whole or just a small part of the company, the answer of the vision statement should be, “Where do we want to go?”

When creating a vision statement is communicate your dreams and hopes for your business. It reminds you of what you are trying to build.

Which comes first, the mission statement or the vision statement?

It depends . If the company is a new business, new program or plan to re engineer the company's present services, then the vision will lead the mission statement and the rest of the strategic plan. When the mission is recognized in a reputable business then the mission can lead the vision statement and the other part of the strategic plan. Moreover, the company needs to know its main purpose. The mission, the present situation company besides of internal resources (strengths and weaknesses) and external conditions (opportunities and threats), and where the business is going is the vision for the future. It's important that the company keep the final part of the result in prospect from the beginning.

A lot of people confused between mission statement and vision statement, sometimes one is a longer term version of the other one and sometimes, mission statement can be similar to a vision statement in a few companies, but that can be a big mistake because its this what can confuse people.

A Mission statement gives a lane to appreciate the vision with its values and it is more precise to what a company can reach itself, but Vision should define what will be reached in the deeper area if the company and others are successful in realizing their individual missions, and also a Vision statement describes the purpose or broader goal for being in existence or in the business and can hang about the same for decades if it worked well. So the Vision should define why it is important to attain the Mission. The mission statement can stimulate the people to attain their goals, even if they are extend goals, it can have clarify in what is called SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound terms). But both of these statements have a direct behavior on the deepest line and success of the organization.

Two questions can describe Vision and Mission. First, "What objectives does the company have for the world that works and has some influence over?", and second, "What can the company do or contribute to accomplish those objectives?". The first answer for the questions gives the origin of the Vision Statement. And the second answer defines the Mission Statement.

Values of the company:

A value statement is an expression of a company's or individuals deep beliefs. Businesses write the statement as a way to recognize with the consumers and connect with them closely. Additionally, the statement permits for the company's workers to be conscious of the priorities and goals of the organization such as customer service.
The statement shows to the customer, that the company is going to take care of you and your needs. It lets the workers recognize customers needs and to serve them in a better way.

Values are increasingly important in strategic planning that symbolizes the core priorities in the organization's culture, including what make members' priorities and how they truly act in the organization. They often take the intent and direction for “organic” planners.
on the rise, a values statement can be quick culture-specific, participants may use techniques sorting from highly analytical and rational to highly creative and deviating such as sharing stories, focused discussions, divergent experiences around daydream,. For that reason, the visit of the members can be appeared at the description of their company's values .

it try to Establish four to six core values about the company that would like to serve the customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

Value statements will have one of the following words: Value, individuality, responsibility, strive, provide and recognize. Once written, the value statements should be common with customers and employees. If the leading principles are of a personal nature, sharing with family and friends is suitable.

Values exist in every organization. The culture of the company is partially the superficial expression of the values which currently exists in the organization.

For example the value of Walt Disney, an entertainment business:

* Fanatical attention to consistency and detail

* development and transmission of "wholesome American values"

* No cynicism

* Preservation and control of the Disney "magic"

* imagination, dreams and creativity

Values occupy an important role in motivation. Workplace with motivation potential is when a company that has recognized and inspected the values that people wants to live. Values such as perseverance, empowerment, integrity, equality, accountability discipline and are dominant motivators when really incorporated in the culture of the organization. They become the range that the company uses to choose personnel members, recompense and distinguish employees' performance and direct interaction among employee's members


To become really effective, a company should go after a strategic planning and need to set up a strategic structure for significant success for making mission statement vision statement, values, and goals of the company.

The company can initiate the strategic planning implementation with an enormous benefit that already thinks strategically if it executes the strategic planning in an organizational environment which is with a high stage of trust and previously employee-oriented.

Strategic planning implementation needs a huge loyalty from senior managers and executives to be Successful, whether the strategic planning is happening in a one division or in the entire company. Managers must lead the consequences of the strategic planning implementation process, support and record it

Vision Statements and Mission Statements are the stimulating words selected by successful leaders to obviously and succinctly express the direction of the organization. the managers can effectively communicate their objectives and encourage their team or employees to realize an attractive and stimulating general vision of the future by trading a clear mission and vision statement.


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