Fine Oil Gas & Chemical Company

Fine Oil Gas & Chemicals Company:


Fine Oil Gas & Chemical Company is a multinational cooperation whose head office is based in United Kingdom. The fine oil company is working in three different continents Europe, Africa and Asia the cure business of fine oil gas & Chemicals company have included exploration and production, Gas and power, downstream (oil products and chemicals) and renewable energy.

Fine Oil Company established in United Kingdom in 1990. And is working in all areas of oil gas and chemical industries, since that it has expanding its branches and making an integrated oil, gas and chemical company in Europe, Africa and Asia. Now the company's average production is more then 2.9million barrels per day. Due to this production fine oil company is in the top ten oil, gas and chemical companies in the world. The fine oil gas and chemical company's policies are formulated by head office in UK & then implemented to all branches of Company.

In the last few years company's made successful achievements in the development of Gas fields to overcome its demand from industry Gas users requirements increase the oil and gas recovery from the production fields. Fine oil gas and chemical company has many branches in Europe Africa and Asia working in the different fields of oil, gas and chemical industries and in crude oil and gas transports and services.

Fine oil gas and Chemical Company is also working for the improvement of the environment. Company paying more attention on natural gas and energy and adopting new technologies for using coal and providing guidance for energy efficiency and suitable solutions.

Organization structure:

A centralized structure is one in which divisions, subsidiaries and geographically separated activities are subject to close control from the center, which dictates what products they make or service they provide and how they should operate, and severely limits the extent to which independent decisions can be made locally.

Fine oil Gas and Chemicals Company Chief Executive Officer Mr. Babar Method formulates and oversees the company policies and regional officers made strategies for the implementation of the policies formulated by the CEO. Mr. David Jackson is the officer of European region who controls allover the European Countries and responsible for the implementation of the strategies made by CEO for the European region.Mr Henry Woodward is the African Regional manager and he is responsible for allover the African countries. African regional manager office is in Gyna.Mr Maia Ahmed Method is the Asian regional manager who control allover the Asian branches of the Fine Oil Gas and Chemicals Company. For every region there are different marketing, sales and public relation managers working under there regional manager.Marketing,sale and Public relation managers reports to their regional manager according to their region and all the regional managers reports to Chief Executive of Fine Oil Gas and Chemicals Company.

Organizational culture:

Fine oil culture is maintained the core values included honesty, integrity, straightness and respect. Fine oil are best company of the world because they have been adopted the business principles and behavireoul principles. The core values which are the business principles fine oil adopted these principles by company world wide.

* Sustainable development

Fine Oil Company is working for the sustainable development because fine oil company want to improve the environmental situation and they also want to improve the company's problems.

* Health safety and environment

The company is also working for the prosperity of the public that is why company is providing health safety and environment atmosphere.

* Diversity

Fine oil company has been adopted the diversity because they want to bring more changes in the company so that is why company adopted diversity however if the employees of the company belong to another culture or belong to another country they can do work in the company easily because the environment of the company is so flexible.

Five areas of fundamental responsibilities

* Shareholders

* Customers

* Employees

* Those whom with we do business

Society of responsibility

Mission of the company

The company mission is providing the fair sustainable development clean energy solutions in all continents. Fine Oil Company is also supporting the country's growth and also helps to reduce environmental problems. Fine Oil Company is fulfilling their duties for the improvement of government and for the prosperity of the environment. Fine Oil Company are giving better environment to the public for the betterment of the country

Advantages and disadvantages of lowering carbon foot print


· Clean air and water

If the percentage of the carbon foot print is lower in the atmosphere then every one can get clean air and clean water form the atmosphere in this way every person will use the pure air and water and can remain their health's perfect.

· Set up good reputation

If carbon foot print is low in any organization then organization can set his good reputation front of the public and also can set a good repute front of the other organization and if company set a good repute then they can get a more business.

· Win more customers

Company can get more customers if they fulfill their duties in proper ways. If in organization carbon foot print percentage is lower then they can get more customers from the market and in this way they can win the hearts and mind of the customers.

· Improved company competitive

Company can win the competition of the market if carbon footprint is lower because if company provides better products to the customers then customer will use the company products free of any confusion. Customer relation is very much essential for the any company because if customers have strong believes on the company then company will get more business and company can establish his business.

* Save non renewable energy resources

Due to lower carbon foot print company can save the non renewable energy resources then they can use these resources for another place like they can use these investments for the improvement of the atmosphere and betterment for the company.


* Investment cost on the material and energy

If Carbon foot print in the company is higher then company has to do something for the reduction of the carbon foot print. company use some expensive resources for the reduction of the carbon foot print like if company want to decrease carbon foot print then company use the material and some energy resources which can reduce the carbon foot print from the company. Material and some energy resources which company use for the reduction definitely these resources will take money and this money is the extra expenses for the company. For example; insulation material. Energy saving lights.

* Managerial cost on staff training

For the reduction of carbon foot print in the company staff is required so company will higher staff for the reduction of the carbon foot print and company will also invest some money for this and this is also extra expenses for the company

* Bad products and services

If company use some external products and services for the reduction of carbon foot print. In case these products and services are not work effectively then these products and services can create problems for the company for reducing carbon foot print. For example; poor technology and products.

* Risk cases increase

Risk cases increase when company uses extra resources, material products and services for the betterment of the company. Because some time products effect negatively.

* Wastage of time

If company uses resources for carbon foot print reduction then it will waste the time of the company.

* Wastage of money

All those resources which company use for reducing carbon foot print which required a large amount of money then some time it could be wastage of money.

Carbon Footprint:

A carbon footprint is a measure of effects of our activity on the environment and change in the atmosphere. It shows the quantity the green house gases produced daily because of burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportations. It is the measurement of green house gases which we produced and also has the units of tones and large quantity of carbon dioxide. Carbon footprint divided into two parts primary footprints and secondary footprints.

Breakdown of a typical person's carbon footprint

In this chart Green Slices shows the Primary footprint & yellow Slices shows the secondary foot prints.

Primary footprint.

The primary footprint is the quantity of carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels, domestic energy and transportation we can control on primary footprint.

Secondary footprint

Secondary footprint is a quantity of indirect carbon dioxide released from the lifecycles of things we use due to their manufacturing and their breakdown. Secondary footprint is on our behalf if we use more things more carbon dioxide will be released and if we use less things then carbon dioxide will also release less.


How Fine Oil Gas and Chemicals Working To Reduce Carbon Foot print:

Fine oil gas and Chemicals Company is working very effectively to reduce carbon foot print in all areas in which it's working and also starts so many projects to reduce carbon foot print globally. Company adopting different strategies to reduce carbon foot print.

Strategies for reducing carbon foot print

There are so many ways and strategies to reduce carbon foot print but the consultant advise these strategies for fine oil gas and chemical company to reduce carbon foot print which are following.

1. Use Recycled Products for Improved Environmental Sustainability

Consultant advice to fine oil company to use those products which can be recycled because these products generate less carbon foot print.

2. Use of latest technology

Company can reduce carbon foot print by using latest technology.

3. Installation of air filters

Company use air filters in the machines because In case the machines emit the carbon dioxide air filters helps to reduce it.

4. Use of proper disposable container/machines

By using proper disposable container and machines carbon foot print can be reduced

5. Replacement old machines

Old machines emit more carbon foot print than new machines so old machines must be replaced with new ones with in fifteen years.

6. Proper training to employees

By giving proper training to employees about the latest technologies relating to reduce carbon foot print time to time carbon foot print can be reduced. Due to the knowledge of latest technology employees can do struggle for the reduction of the carbon foot print so training is necessary for employees.

7. Switch of lights and equipments when not in use

If the lights and equipments turned off properly when not in use or when employees leave the offices by doing this a large amount of energy can be save which could be use for any other purpose. For example; if the lights of a normal size office are switched on whole night then it will consume the energy equal to energy required to make 1,000 hot drinks or print 8, 00 sheets of papers.

8. Use green electricity

Energy produced by sun, wind, biogas and water emit less or no carbon dioxide so green electricity or renewable energy is very useful to reduce carbon footprint for example; Since October 2004 BT's is using almost all of electricity by sun, wind, biogas and water. Renewable energy is exempted from the UK government's climates change Levy which is also cost beneficial for the company.

9. Telecommute and teleconference

By telecommunicating and teleconferencing huge amount of carbon foot print could be reduced. For example; Telecommunication system is used instead of traveling to attend meetings inside the city. Teleconferences can be used rather than the visits of the other countries branches of the company which reduced the carbon foot print emissions as compare to aero planes trips.


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