A Real Life


Present a written report which evidences a real life issue/problem/challenge that you face or have faced. The report must detail at least two possible issues a range of possible solutions and the advantages and disadvantages of each should be discussed.

You are to produce and deliver a 10 minute presentation on any subject of your choice. This will be followed by a 5 minute question and answer session.

Section 1

At the start of 2004 I reported to the tenancy office to inform them of my wife's death, immediately I was informed by the Tenant Manager that I was now classed as a new tenant and the semi-detached I was living in was too big for me, so they would take steps to evict me. Although I was not at my strongest at this time, I said she was not my common-law wife, but my actual wife from 1981. I was told that this did not matter. The situation with this manager started 2 weeks after my wife's death and went on for approximately 4-5 weeks.

Through a matter of luck a leaflet came through my door from the local Tenants and Residents Association. It supplied a telephone number of the Chairperson, who I duly telephoned. I explained my situation in brief and she said could we meet in order that she could take notes as this manager had overstepped her authority. She was shocked when I informed her that it was less than a fortnight and I had not cremated my wife at this stage. The Chairperson asked if I would be prepared to take this further if necessary obviously sympathising with the fact I was still suffering with grief. When she did get back to me she said that this manager was adamant that I was a new tenant, (not thinking I must have signed some form in the tenant office when I went there, I did not have a copy conveniently for the manager). One thing I did have was a copy of the joint-tenancy form when my wife and I went into the local office in 1981 (mainly to make both of us feel secure). I telephoned the Chairperson with this information. The Chairperson said she would try and arrange a meeting between the manager and me.

I do not say that I am suffering with this disorder or that disorder, but due to the grief and stress I was under, I lost 2 stone in weight, at that time I did not really need to. The harassment from this manager got worse. I found I was becoming excessively introverted, would not shop, all the negatives in my character started to come out. The harassment reached a level that she even started going on about my trees, trees that were planted in 1929, (there were Leylandii that I had planted, but she did not say cut them down in size, she said remove them or be evicted, when I said I am officially incapacitated, she said that does not matter (then a few weeks later I saw trees being chopped down in peoples gardens by the Manchester City Works, obviously I was now being victimised).

As I had not heard from the Chairperson of the Tenants and Residents Association, I decided I could not allow this manager to continually victimise me. I telephoned the Manchester Town Hall and asked for the Director of Housing, unfortunately he was in a meeting, but his secretary said she would either get him to telephone when he comes out of the meeting or the following day, but she would telephone me if that was going to happen. The Director listened to my tale of woe, and he would possibly telephone on the Monday following the conversation, because the following day was a Friday. To his word the Director telephoned me the following day Friday before noon and apologised for all the problems I had been having, but I would not be getting them again. He did state that I was not a new tenant.

The advantage is I am still living in my semi-detached under my terms also if I had been forced I would have gone to Central Library and looked up the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 it has been revised a further eight times up to 2009 because this manager breaches it in several places. I would have had to face M.C.C. in court. (One main part of the law is a sitting tenant section). It is quoted as such: -

"An act to provide security of tenure for occupying tenants under certain leases of residential property at low rents and for occupying sub-tenants of tenants under such leases; to enable tenants occupying property for business, professional or certain other purposes to obtain new tenancies in certain cases; to amend and extend the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927, The Leasehold Property (Repairs) Act 1938, and section eighty-four of the Law of Property Act 1927; to confer jurisdiction on the County Court in certain disputes between landlords and tenants; to make provision for the termination of tenancies of derelict land; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid".

There are four parts to the act divided in to seventy sub-sections and nine schedules in the fourth part.

The disadvantage is that through this manager I would have been made homeless, I was not.

Since this issue I realised that I had to try and put myself in the public again and when the local Tenant and Residents Association asked if I would join as a secretary I did, this meant delivering leaflets, photography as and when necessary, taking minutes of meetings (monthly Tenants and quarterly Community, and finally Annual Agenda). The main advantage is I started to learn more about the new home computers, through the NCFE.

In 2009 all these feelings were brought flooding back when I was broken into, I approached the Tenancy office only to find the same manager in place. I explained my situation and the fact that I wanted to step down to a two bedroom premises in another area, she said I could not and would have to put myself on the homeless register, which means the best I could have expected is a bedsit that would have needed to decorate it myself and pay for a removal van, anything that would not fit in the flat would have to be sold off. She also stated that the condition of decoration in my home was below standard (she could not have known that as no Council Official had been in my home), my garden was a mess, and I owed rent (which I did not and challenged her, she apologised). From her whole demeanour she had not changed, I was subsequently offered an undecorated, un-modernised, cottage flat (one bed). I telephoned that particular landlord and explained my circumstances and they said it would be unwise to move from where I am. With this manager this situation is still running.

The disadvantage of doing nothing in this circumstance is that my present landlord can apply pressure to move me; however I turned it to my advantage and contacted the other landlord which closed the move legitimately.

The next issue is robbery, twice now my home has been broken into, once when my wife was alive, when she said she felt as though she had been violated. I had to act as though we will be alright and put ourselves back on line in time, but the main issue was to have my small finger sewn back on due to severing it on a sea barrier.

We reported it to the police but felt as though we were being made to feel guilty (we stole the items for an insurance claim). We could not because we were not insured. That was a total loss. Eventually we replaced everything that had been stolen.

The second time was in 2009 the robber/s through a brick through my back window only to make me feel violated this time. I personally called them perverts, (searching through a man's underwear draw). I had to be philosophical about it and say the items will be replaced in time. They were. However the police understood more this time.

My main is a life problem which during the early part of my life I did not know I had and thanks to my General Practitioner at that time did not pass to the Education Authorities because it would have meant being sent to a school for Educationally Sub-Normal and sent to a premises called in those days as the (Backward School). The luck for me was to have a normal education, pass the eleven-plus, go to Grammar School of my choice; have a classical education. A foolish thing was to follow fashion when taking the G.C.E's (deliberately failing). Started work and no sign of this disorder, joined H.M.Forces (one attack when on leave). I realised that medically at that time I was suffering from something severe. Saw the Adjutant and received permission to leave on medical grounds. Found it hard to settle into civilian life having given up a dream, went into catering as a kitchen porter, advanced through exams and hard work to a Chef. Now this is when my disorder became more severe (I had never been medicated or diagnosed properly at this stage). In the space of one week I had four major attacks, the first when my G.P. of that time saw me he stated, "That when I came round not to worry I will not make the top of the road", needless to say I did not. Subsequently because of this I had to undergo several tests and finally was diagnosed as having 'Grand Mal Epilepsy'. Being that I am obstinate I tried to fight. Eventually a consultant Neurologist I knew personally took me to one side and told me that I would have to leave being a Chef, or I would collapse on a cooker (down number the number two job I was reasonably happy with). The most negative part of my young life hit then, as I was turned down for over 1500 jobs (because I was truthful about my disorder). I eventually started with the motor-trade. Nobody in the company knew, I still had attacks, but the most important issue I still had a job that lasted 23 years. Since the motor-trade I have studied and passed exams for computers.

Disadvantages were as follows: - When I had all the good points in life going for me, musical instruments; a top education; very good health, through being immature, I threw it all away under the principle you never know what you have until you have lost it, if I had taken life more seriously, I was at an age when taking and passing exams through top tutors was made easy. One should never look back as it is always filled with regrets.

Advantages were as follows: - As I grew up I realised enjoyment had to be controlled especially as I knew if I overstepped the mark I would have an attack I still do have attacks, but I no longer have a personal carer (that was my late wife), my medication has been increased to the maximum, with an instruction to immediately see my Neurologist if I have another attack. I believe to live each day positively and laugh not cry about any disorders, illnesses.

The danger is now ever present as I have done research on my condition which states one in every thousand will die in an attack. There is a saying keep learning and you will keep yourself young in mind, if you intend to learn always choose a subject that you like and enjoy.

Section 2

You are to produce and deliver a 10 minute presentation on any subject of your choice. This will be followed by a 5 minute question and answer session.

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