A shopping cart


A shopping cart is a cart supplied by the store or super market to the customers for gathering their required products together inside the shop for transporting the items to the check out place in shopping mall and customers are allowed to leave the carts in the parking places. The store personnel returns the shopping carts to the shopping mall.

The names of the shopping cart in different regions trolleyin British, New Zealand English, andAustralian English shopping cartin U.S.A, Canada and other regions carriage/shopping carriageinNew Englandregion of America buggyinSouthern U.S.andPittsburgh bascart/basket in India wagon inHawaii ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shopping_cart

A shopping cart is a cart like carriage, basket, or trolley supplied by a shop, especially at supermarkets, for the costumer flexibility to convey all the items at the time inside the shop and e check-out their anticipate during shopping, and often to the customer's cart after paying as well. So this feature was not existed in previously.

The consumers will find products of their interest by searching the website of the merchandise directly. But the problem is when ever consumer want to purchase any item there is individual transactions for individual category goods. if consumer want to purchase ,he should be pay the bill (do the transaction) for individual goods(if "jack" browsing a book in Books category and selected a book then next he want to purchase other item, when he change to next category the previews (books category) will be lost. Means he should complete books transaction before going to change other category).so in previously consumer has no availability to do all transactions at a time.

Online application of shopping cart

The online shopping cart is very useful and user friendly. The customers can easily add items to the cart, as there is a link next to each product in the web store. The customers can directly add the products into the shopping cart using the link.

The online shopping cart has the features such as adding the product, removing the product, cost overview, discount calculation, acceptance of e-payments by generating e-bills to the customers. The shopping cart has extra features such as packing and shipping, which can be included according to the customer's interest.

The online shopping cart simultaneously keeps a track of various users' using the cart application by allocating them a unique identity. The unique identity of customer in the shopping cart helps the store manager to maintain the customers profile and track record of the purchases. Our online shopping cart software will work through a firewall and with older browsers as no cookies are used. It does not generate bugs and errors during the runtime of the product.


The online shopping cart gets regularly updated with the changes made by the merchant in the web store. But, in general the store manager adds and changes the products, categories, discounts, shipping and payment settings, etc.

The online shopping cart is the most helpful feature in the storefront. The storefront is the area of the web store which can be accessed by the customers of the web store. The category, type, cost of the product are dynamically generated and saved in the store database.


  • Customers can shop from their home
  • Customers can view a large number of products available in a store
  • Customer reach for a shop is wider and customers around the globe can visit the store and purchase products
  • Customers have a facility to do all transactions at a time from different categories by using cart.

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