Business Information Technology

Information background

The Ictbuild Company Limited which is develops software and system for use in the construction industry. This company is running with 30 employees. The founder, it's an industrialist who is company chairperson when established the company with construction industry knowledge added computer skill.

Evidences of Research

In company, sales staffs are travel to client's offices and giving demonstrations with their laptops and mobile phones.

Another mainly staffs are research and development staffs who are involved in developing and keeping software in detail to construction industry application and has used networks for several years. And then, Ictbuild also work with several technicians who are install software on current client hardware or on PCs and networks that are delivered as complete system to the client. A large amount of the company's profits is from maintaining contracts when they support clients to extract and from made by upgrading their Ictbuild software. These staffs are buffer between sale staffs and programmers.

This company also makes use of large proprietary database of building component descriptions and costs for use by quantity surveyors and estimators. Their clients are using these pay for a license from the copyright owners to make use of them.

Problem issues

Their problems issues are:-

  1. Unfortunately, software manager is out of company and he knows about company information.
  2. Most R&D staffs will be request permit to have freely to work from home where suitable place.
  3. Sales staffs should be remote working.
  4. Widespread in the organization, software staff are little more than programmers although extremely part ones. Some rules of SE practice are may be abused or ignored as requirement obtaining, testing and documentation.
  5. Sales staffs are travel to client's offices and giving demonstrations is waste of time so this company should be build e-commerce website.
  6. Also senior manager wish to develop the company e-commerce website for purchase personal computer PCs, digitisers, Ictbuild packages and proprietary software. And wish to buy their product from online other many companies.

This page is home page which is including home page, product page, company page, support page, enquiries page, customer login and delivery at the top and the down is include contact us, privacy policy, user license agreement and sitemaps. Also include link to call us intend to call to this company when customer have a trouble or other cases. And then, greeting welcome to user and mention about Ictbuild Software & System Developments of software solution system. Sales staffs are travel to client's offices and giving demonstrations is waste of time so this company should be build e-commerce website. So we build e-commerce website for them. Sales staffs should be remote working. That's why we build staff remote login. Staff remote login which is to enter staff information and intend to staffs are to do remote work.

After staff is login, they can see their work area. This page is include e-meetings via video conferencing links with remote customers and can upload their work. Because Most R&D staffs will be request permit to have freely to work from home where suitable place. We build video conferencing system is simple which is include login, customer address, call history, create account, settings, webcam settings, view at the right side and take picture, record, chat, start call and end call in the below. After these staffs are chat with their customer, they can upload their work immediately.

Critical Evaluation

Nowadays, the delivery of the products bought above the Internet holds of special occasionss for posts. Some administrations installed the gates of Internet which give access to a certain number of electronic traders and provide options of the delivery and payment. These services can be provided and controlled by the internal resources or contractual reports/ratios.

These new and faster tools of communications also invited posts to meet the needs for customer of greater safety in the eCommerce. This gives opportunities to them to provide new added value services based on the customers of confidence have in the post office. A certain number of posts established already intermediate services of confidence and act as authorities of certification which guarantee the authenticity of the electronic messages for shippers and receivers.

eCommerce leads the new economy and the Internet is its facilitating primary education. The Internet is a network of transmission which was revolutionized the access of people in manner, the share and the information of use. When build eCommerce website, we can get a lot of threats from external source. For example, stole password by other unauthorized internal users, hacking by other sources, etc. That's why, we need to counter measure of risk and prevent it by security devices and solutions. Figuring allows the content messages to be hidden and thus plays like crucial role to maintain the confidentiality of the transactions. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that can be employed to quantify messages sent between the browsers of sequence and the waiters of sequence. This mechanism is largely spread by the traders on line to make sure that numbers of credit card and any other significant information sent by the customer are protected during the transmission through the Internet.

I guess the eCommerce the application and the systems of waiter of sequence and interns who support it should be flexible to careful on the attacks of safety and with the common problems on the overloads and the failure of system. Following measurement should be applied:

  • The web server should be low around robust carry out which can be easily measured in terms of disk space, memory and processing capacity to adapt to the increase in demand.
  • Operating software, the application and the platforms should not be installed out of the box, with cut safety.
  • The components of software should incorporate the most recent difficulties to know of the weaknesses of safety.
  • The applications of eCommerce should be validate all the entries of user to avoid deliberated subversion or accidental corruption.


Actually, Ictbuild Software and System Developments is size of intermediate company with 30 employees. Staffs are marketing, demonstrations, selling goods, etc. to their clients by travel. Time is long, they don't want to travel to do like it and have some problems will be comes out. So, this company wants to build eCommerce website for help to their staff.

While building eCommerce website for this company, I used a few of front-ends and back-ends designs which are Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 because it is easy to create work and the graphic capacities of photographs expresses us effectively inspiration. It is program easy to use and very complete graphs, in particular brilliant devices. for my website design "Macromedia Dreamweaver 8" because it is provided a powerful combination of visual layout tools, application development features, and code editing support, use flash buttons, enabling developers and designers at every skill support for CSS-based design to hand-coding features. It is also indicated lighter HTML pages, because they do not include the information of superfluous presentation, thus the cost of transmission is reduced. Then, Dreamweaver 8 can manage many sites easily and easy to upload via built in FTP. And then, it also contained rollover buttons that are very easy to create. And I also used MS database and MS operation system for this website. I built to try this website for Ictbuild Software and System Developments with suitability their staff. I hope this eCommerce website is easy to use and good performance their clients and their staffs.


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