Face recognition for video surveillance

Employee and customer relations issues.

Nowadays, most of the managers believe that employees are the valuable assest of an organization. Turnover results due to the job satisfaction which affects the overall performance of the business. If employees come to know that video cameras are used to "spy" on them, overall job satisfaction levels will most likely to decline. Additionally, It should be notified to employees that at their workplace there is a certain areas which have been captured regularly. Thus, clearly visible notices of surveillance with cameras should be placed.

Fake sense of Security:

It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the video surveillance systems are correctly operating within the organization. There should not be any sense of false security in the organization. It is belied that a false sense of security can be very hazardous. People may only assume that if they are just the sufferer of criminal activity with in the organization premises but the facts supporting the crime can be obtained by accessing the captured video recording. This is impossible with the fake system and it may potentially mislead. An incorrect functional video surveillance system can make false sense of security in the minds of the employees in an organization.

Firstly, Lets look at the potential advantages that can be accomplished by using a dummy video surveillance camera, and then the probable disadvantages.


  • Provides the elusion of active monitoring - With the dummy camera, it is hard to find out that whether it is recording the live footage or not. Dummy camera looks exactly like the real one. So it is assumed to be an active surveillance camera.
  • Likelihood of criminal activity decreases - Employees act to be more careful of their events when know they are lively video monitored and their actions are recorded. Therefore, the presence of camera may be sufficient to prevent some probable crimes from ever happening.


  • Fake cameras can be revealed - It is very reasonable that a criminal could find out that a fake video camera was being used even though at first look it would be difficult to notice but a little analysis and careful observation could disclose the uselessness of the system.
  • Once a fake system is discovered criminal activity increase - Once a fake surveillance system is revealed, the risk increases. We could see the increment in criminal activity so far as the limitation of security system is exploited.

On the whole, dummy cameras might provide prevention against criminal activity in the short term but if looking for a long-term successful security plan, dummy video cameras are not preferred.

Regulatory concerns.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contain very clear standards governing patient confidentiality in the U.S. The position of cameras, privacy laws and how collected data is stored and accessed is governed by HIPAA.

Moreover, the U.S. courts have decided that it's practical for employees to expect privacy in regions such as lockers, rest rooms, and lounges. The camera and other surveillance technology are avoided in these areas. Another regulatory issue might arise if audio is included with such videos. It is recommended that recording solutions don't violate federal, state, or local laws.

Restricted access.

The video files are very confidential. They should be classified and accessible strictly under the specified guidelines. Most of the time, only legal persons and investigators should view them. Likewise, real-time monitoring of cameras should be restricted to a selected and cautiously examined team. Lastly, the camera networks must be considered to be isolated from business network and from the Internet physically or logically.

Technology Improvements in Future

The competitive market in the field of video surveillance is forcing vendors to integrate new and innovative features. For example, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras track incidents or people and zoom in for a nearer look by using remote control or through integral automation. New-generation surveillance cameras are integrating infrared light sources that have the ability to work 24 hours a day in darkness ruthless outdoor environments.

Researchers are concentrating on the development of Ethernet-based video-matrix switchers which simplifies the process of managing multiple video surveillance systems and at the same time, it reduces the cost of operating individual cables through an analog system. Mobile Digital Video Recordings (DVRs) used in police cruisers, ambulances, and fire trucks were primarily record-only types and they are now available with an optional cellular air card that is responsible for converting the device into a wireless unit. This is successfully able to transmit broadband digital stream of both real-time and recorded images through the Internet to cell phones, computers and PDAs.

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