Inti College Subang Jaya


Inti College Subang Jaya is located in the centre of SS15. Currently the 2 buildings are connected through a sky bridge which mimics the KLCC Twin tower. What I am required to do is to design a network which connects the 2 building. In this tutorial I will include all the sufficient information such as cost, topologies used, hardware and software. Inti College Subang Jaya like other colleges has different schools. This means that each building there will be several classes together with the schools office.

Since the campus is in a city area the college needs not to worry about the connection problem because underground cables for Streamyx are already available. Basically the topology which I plan to use for the college is Star topology. This is because star topology is one of the most used topology when designing a network which links to multiple floors or buildings.

Below will be the full proposal for the network design which I have selected for the CEO of Inti College Subang Jaya.


  • Login in is required when accessing the internet for security purposes.
  • Operating systems from Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/XP onwards will be compatible
  • Software performs on a single Ethernet based LAN with Internet connectivity and a wireless 802.11b network.
  • Ethernet cables are not provided in the building but RJ45 jacks are.
  • The 2 buildings with multiple floors will be connected thru cables with speeds up to 4MBps. This is also subject to the ISP in the area
  • The college requires their students to equip their laptops with network cards which supports RJ45 connectors and Wireless LAN Adapter cards in order to use the wireless service provided
  • Staffs and students will have to install software in order to access the internet
  • Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Thunderbird and Outlook will be used to surf the net
  • Not much additional wiring is required
  • Prices stated should be able to reduce because of education purpose and bulk order will be placed.
  • Assume the college has an amount of 150 PC's per floor
  • Each Building has 5 Floors.


My proposal is to create a user friendly environment with the benefits of cost efficiency and users' simplicity to accomplish all of their networking needs. What I will design is basically a simple and mobile environment which comes with security to protect the privacy and integrity of the college system and its users. Wireless technologies will be implemented to not only save cost, but to add the functionality and productivity, which are only possible with wireless network. Benefits will not only be gained from the users' standpoint, but from the administration and maintenance of the system as well. So in this proposal I will give the Management of Inti College a thorough reasoning for the choice of the technologies and derived efficiencies.

From an overall view, what I intend to do is to connect the colleges building together through a few Cisco routers. Cisco is the leading manufacturer of routing equipment as well as the most trusted. With Cisco's reputation and reliability, such needs as firewall security, bandwidth management, VPN access, and integration creates the hallmark for a secure, efficient, and safe networking environment. The Internet access will be recommended by Telekom Malaysia Berhad. An Ethernet access to port should not only allow all students and staff to enjoy Internet research and freedom, but also allows a consistent and speedy use of the World Wide Web. Individual users will gain access to network resources through Wireless LAN Adapter Cards. Approximately 15-20 Airespace Access Points (APs) will be installed throughout the campuses in strategic locations to provide wireless clients with access to the network.

To best fulfill the needs of the college for students as well as the general public, I will enable separate web server for the general public and a separate web server for the students. Such arrangement will help to load balance server traffic.

Currently what I've stated here is just a brief overview of what will be implemented in the college for connectivity purposes. In the following chapters I will explain in more detail on the cost of implementation and the topologies which will be used for the buildings and each floor of the campus.

Network Design


The topology I have choosen for the 2 buildings is Star topology because since the 2 buildings need to be connected, it requires a hub or a switch to connect the 2 buildings. The reason I choose this topology is because since both the building are independent, they can be separated with a hub or switch. This actually benefits when diagnosing a problem because if 1 side of the building is facing problems, the other building will not get affected.

The star topology is considered as one of the most costly topology, but the most important issue here is downtime and an organization like Inti College cannot afford to have down time. So in order to prevent this from happening, I have chosen the star topology which is the most reliable topology to solve this problem.

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