Java as a computer language

Java as a computer language


Down syndrome is a type of intellectual disability

There has been study shows the benefits of utilizing information communication technology to assist the education of people with Down syndrome. Java as a powerful computing language has shows in following aspect.

Java as a computer language has bee developed since


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Java over C#?

#1 multi platform, a particular good bridge between Linux and Windows.

#2 mature, stable and predictable (relatively speaking)

#3 rich library set

#4 large community, lots of research done using Java

#5 established

#6 decent performance (slow performance is to be blamed on crappy architectures and designs)

#7 dynamically adjusts to hardware (eg. video acceleration, Machine Code optimizing, etc).

What are the main reasons for using Java to support the learning and personal development of people with Down syndrome?

How can Java add value to the learning process?

How can Java be used to support learning, personal development, and communication in a variety of contexts?

How can effective learning partnerships be created?

Software should be capable of running on a variety of operating systems, supporting different hardware and network configurations, The portability features of Java make it an ideal choice for this purpose.

An additional reason for relying on Java is the rapidly-increasing use of Internet appliances. Java and the EmbeddedJava application environment [33] constitute one of the major operating environments for such devices. Since future work will focus on producing a version of JAnaemia for internet appliances, it was considered appropriate to develop it in Java from the very beginning.

JDBC (informally, Java Database Connectivity) [23] - a method of interfacing Java software with SQL databases - and thus allows users to access the patient records. . This ensures that appropriate access and transfer permissions are enforced, even in the context of a single health care unit or department. Thus, from the point of view of efficient and secure record sharing, accessing an EHCR from a common repository or over longer distances, via exchange messages, are equivalent.

Work is under way to develop smart-card and Internet-based record-exchange solutions. In view of these future developments, the compatibility of Java with the JavaCard technology [34] was an additional reason for selecting Java as the basis for our work.

Platform independence is a Java feature that makes possible scalable designs, suitable for the needs of health care units differing in size. It also facilitates its porting to Internet appliances, which can provide mobile solutions to health care professionals.


The term "intellectual disability" is used throughout this report as it is the most common used tern in Ireland at moment. It has been previously called "learning disability", "mental handicapped", "developmental disability", "intellectual impairment" etc.

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