Recover data from natural disasters

Natural disaster is a calamity caused by nature. It could be an earthquake, floods, storm, fire, hurricane, volcanic eruptions, lightning, tsunamis etc. Natural disasters cause 1-3% of all data loss situations. Storm or fire can damage and disrupt the communication lines, data cables and power lines required to turn on the computer. Storm, floods, or earthquakes cause havoc to houses and office equipments. A small droplet of water can short a computer and create disaster when the whole unit is submerged in deep waters. This causes extensive damage to the hard drive as moisture damages the electronic circuit and oxidizes the circuitry. Fire could burn out all plastic casings in the computer hard drive. This results in heavy data loss incase the data hasn't been saved.

Incase a natural disaster has hit your place, house or office computer, try to save the data from the hard disk by doing the following steps:

  • Turning the computer off and not turning it on
  • Avoid drying the wet hard disk. Place the drive in an airtight plastic bag. Drying may speed up oxidation and scaling of the surface.

During a fire, if your hard disk becomes wet from water hoses, do not dry. Place the drive in an airtight plastic bag. If the hard disk is sealed because of the heat from the fire, just leave it as it is for the specialist to recover.

Natural disasters can occur at any time at any place so its better to be prepared for the worst than brooding over it. As a preparation for the calamity, always:

  • Take back up of the entire data and store it in a secure place preferably away from the original location
  • Ensure back ups are virus free
  • Install a UPS to prevent power surge and spikes
  • Ensure data is not stored in a flood plain
  • Ensure there is a disaster recovery plan

Despite these preparations data loss due to natural disasters are unavoidable and it could be very damaging and expensive on ones pocket. Data from a water damaged hard disk or fire damaged hard disk has to be recovered by a specialist who is an expert in data recovery services. Physically damaged hard drive has to be treated by means of an invasive data recovery technique. This process involves opening the hard disk and checking for damages in the components of the hard disk. Invasive data recovery is done in a class 100 clean room which is a germ free, hygienic environment with very low levels of atmospheric pollutants to prevent the sensitive equipment from contamination. Silicon chips and hard disks are produced in clean rooms.

There are many data recovery services in the market to recover data from natural disasters and physical damage. Data recovery software recovers and retrieves data from sabotaged, corrupted, deleted or damaged storage media. Data recovery service chosen must be from a reliable and experienced company with many years of expertise in the field. One such service provider is the Stellar Data Recovery Services. They provide solutions to all hard disk related problems of data loss due to natural disasters like water damaged hard disk, fire damaged hard disk, flood/hurricane damaged hard disk. The data recovery is done in class 100 clean room for all brands of hard disk like Western digital, Maxtor, IBM, etc. Some of the features of the services are:

  • Recovers damaged hard disk from natural disasters, virus infection, mechanical failure of hard disk, blue screen death, physical damage of hard disk
  • Recovers data from laptops, servers, ipods, tapes, memory cards, digital cameras
  • Recovers data from email, corrupted file, missing database

The service offered are cent percent risk free. The payment can be done after the data is completely recovered. If data recovery isn't possible then one need not pay the charge. The services make use of state of the art facility with cutting edge technology. The data recovery software comes with a do it yourself kit for the user to use. The software is user friendly and easy to use. From a user point of view the services provided by Stellar are exceptional and is a best choice for solving all data loss related problems.

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