Super market industry

Super Market Industry

The main areas that need to be improve at Easy Shopping

In the present context, Super market industry has been very much challenging due to fierce competition posed by the rivalries and also due to the demanding nature of the customers. In order to be in line with the market expectations, clear strategies should be implemented to be in line with their ultimate corporate objective which is derived from the vision and the missions of their business module. In this scenario, mission of EasyShopping Ltd is to become the local service provider through dedication, maintaining the highest dignity in customer friendliness and care.

As we have already been able to get the confidence of the local community and achieve the annual turnover of £500,000 for 2006/07 which has been grown to £750,000 in 2007/08, achieving a growth rate of 50%. The number of deliveries made in 2007/8 was 25,000 and the aim is to increase this by 15% over the next 3 years. In order to be in line with the Managing Director, perceptions with regard to the future operations of the company, it is vital that we identify key areas in their business module which needs improvements in order to facilitate the expansion of the business. Some of the areas that we have identified as key are pointed out below.

Improvements needs to be done relating to the Business Module that EasyShopping Ltd follows.

It is to be noted that several areas in their business module needs to improve in order to facilitate smooth functioning of the company which will be line with the expansion strategies.

  • Currently opening hours are 8.00am - 8.00pm in weekdays, which we suggest to continue with additional Saturday and Sunday, from 9.00am to 4.00pm in order to provide convenience for customers during the weekends to do marketing.
  • At present, deliveries are made through 5 refrigerated vans covering the 8 stores However, concern arises whether is it possible to cover all the stores in the region with the expansion coming up with these vehicles. With that in mind, we would suggest that the company should take up few more vehicles with equal number of drivers to facilitate the business. Also should look into the effectiveness of their maintenance procedures & policies with regard to assets.
  • A clear system should be established in tracking and tracing the delivery of the goods by both the customers and by the company. It will enhance transparency and confidence of the customers as well as the public.
  • We would suggest introducing online shopping cart so that it will help to cater into a wider market. However, the impact of online shopping to outlets should be considered and the value addition of it to the corporate objective.

Improvements required with regard to the technology it uses.

Some of the improvements which are required at present are elaborated below.

  • It is recommended that all stores to use a single platform for their functions in order to facilitate information sharing between the stores through a central server. If not, compatibility issues will arise.
  • Hardware's should be upgraded in order to avoid defects and breakdowns of the system and also software's that are going to be developed needs to be user-friendly and efficient in order to avoid frustration among employees/users.
  • It is advisable to develop more secure website when you deal with online sales where the senior management has already identified. This will ensure confidentiality of the information provided by the customers as well as users. Using different applications like firewalls, validations etc will prevent such defects.

Improvements required in terms of Systems and Controls.

It is recommended that EasyShopping Ltd management should establish sound systems and controls that will prevent any frauds within the company in the future. Specially, sound stock controlling methods for optimum utilization of store areas, clear procedures to monitor the delivery of goods etc should be there in order to facilitate the expansion.

These are few areas that we have identified as key areas where EasyShopping Ltd needs to improve in order to facilitate their business expansion, thereby achieving the overall corporate objective.

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