Technologies in business and society


This paper describes the impact of new technologies in business and society.These are a bunch of new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy technology and information technology.Taking these two technologies (new computing and nanotechnology), the paper describes how these technologies impact both on business and society. Cloud computing is defined as hosted services on the Internet.These services are usually discarded into three categories: infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAA), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (Saa). Re can be private or public.public sale of a person in the new online service.Private network or an owner of the new data center that serves a variety of services to some extent ljude.Kad service provider uses public funds to create your own private review the new, the result is known as virtual private clouds.Private or public clouds goal is to provide easy access, flexible computing resources and services. In simple terms, nanotechnology can be defined as engineering, 'a little,' and this concept is applied in various fields of medical research and development in producing computer science, and even textiles andcosmetics.It can be hard to build this world only to improve the tolerance of atoms and molecules there, and include things that we see around us every day, but in some areas where nanotechnology scenario variations.


So what new technology?The technology is an innovative technology that is currently undergoing bench-scale testing.Innovative technology is a process that is experienced and has been used as an action for hazardous waste or other materials on break, but no extended history of use in large-scale and information about its value and how well enough to workkeep the calculation of its performance in different working conditions. New computing term appeared in early 2007, although the original idea dates back to early 1960s, when an American computer scientist John McCarthy was the first to show that computing resources may one day be sold as a utility likewater or electric power.

Economic climate today, there is a mix of computing to new economic growth as a helpful move in the direction of IT.New computer users may not stay away from the cost of hardware, software and services, is paid only for services they actually use.To this view, there are parallels between the cloud and what is often defined as utility computing, marketing, computing resources as a metered service as a public service.

Nanotechnology derives from the Greek word meaning "dwarf."is 1000000000 nanometer (10 -9) meter, which is small, only the length of 10 hydrogen atoms, or about 100,000 hair width!Although scientists to manipulate nano objects for centuries, calling it physics or chemistry, it was not until the invention of a new Microsoft was invented in the eighties and IBM, Switzerland, the world of atoms and molecules can be visualized andmanaged. Although the meter is defined by the International Standards Organization as a `Distance traveled light in vacuum during a time interval of 1 / 299 792 458 others, and by definition a nanometer is 10-9 as ameters, it will help scientists to discuss nanoscale non-scientists Unfortunately, the human hair is tremendously variable, ranging from tens to hundreds of microns in diameter (6.10 meters), depending on color, type and part of the body from where they were taken, so whatis essentially a model in which we communicate nanoscale.Asking someone to imagine something or millionth billionth of a minor, that some reasonable people can easily reach, nanotechnology related to atoms often makes it easier to assume a nanometer.While some non-scientists have a clear idea of how big of an atom is defined as the nanometer size of 10 hydrogen or 5 silicon atoms in the line of the power of people think in clusters.The exact size of atoms is more important than communicating the fact that nanotechnology is the traffic from smaller pieces of matter that can be controlled.

Cloud Computing:

"Cloud computing is defined as a hosted service delivered over the Internet."These services are usually discarded into three categories:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAA)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and
  • Software-as-a-Service (Saa).

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAA): This type of service allows Web Services provides a virtual server instance with a unique IP address and demand storage units.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): In a cloud of service is defined as a range of software products and development tools hosted on the infrastructure provider.Developers to create web applications platform provider.

Software-as-a-Service (Saa): The seller of the service delivery infrastructure of hardware, software products and user interactions through portals, before the end.Saa is a very broad market.

figure shows an example of new computing We are the number of new providers such as, Akamai Technologies, Joyent and development platform.Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google are paying to drink speculated to develop information services, such as hosted server processing and pohranu.Sposobnost Cloud computing has increased the speed at which users can get service, it passes in ITdepartment as an all hosting and other special services. Impact of new business computing: The development of new generations of products and services: New Economics computing allows companies to develop pioneering products are either not sure or significantly cheaper than kumpetisyon.Kapag it gets hit is that many business ideas that very few extreme computing power, scale, ora radically innovative business model (they open supply chain and Global SOA), but can not be implemented due to technical limitations of current costs and can now be realized. form new partnerships light weight real time on IT outsourcing and suppliers: Companies that are not conventional IT outsourcing services to her years ago, to know what it feels like a big component of what was once the home is now completed elsewhere, and perhaps not even what anyoneelse.Details, many new computing refers to consist of nothing more than a failure in the end, and secure business account A new awareness and a greater impact on the Internet and Web2.0 in particular: Most companies are still deciding on a particular web technology as "not serious" racunalstvo.Ali Web has changed a lot of Web 2.0 era and the challenges of range, performance, and pleasing the audience puzzled millioncreate technologies, solutions and architecture that they can talk to the economic impact on the behavior of various business systems to find hard to match.

Reconciling traditional SOA model, clouds and other IT development: SOA will be developed as new.Reaching new technologies will have to deal with and somehow involved in SOA initiatives previously looking at ways of access to existing heavy weight and technology required for running around onramp for change and improvement The growth of new leaders and IT industry suppliers: While we consider many companies use the high computing power to develop them live a successful contribution to the new computer, have also recently generation of business firms in general are not usedto deal with such suppliers.In any case, the industry, the country will tune up the new computer is a very small number of new IT development will be approved very large in many years. More self-service business by: Many new solution, especially apologize for Saa it gets lower and lower the amount of involvement from the IT department.Negosyo the users can borrow many of the future computing solutions using the fullnew services themselves, More accepting of modernization and experimentation by the company With a little technical and economic barriers to creating new traditions teach business computing will enable a new beginning and the legalization of new market access much faster and reduces the amount cheaper than before.Not adopting cloud has set an immediate cessation of conventional businesses that produce high technology and education, but the amount of development on the other end and to build it even more difficult to combat the modern business environment.In the end, they are too slow to receive benefits, while the risk management fund is likely to face loss and cold economic growth and trade. Effects of new social computing: Cloud computing as the third IT revolution, affecting not only the IT industry, but also in human society, as Most informationization Intellectualization industry and greatly improved Embedded devices, sensors, equipment and intelligence to be used widely in many industries. There is a sensor and manipulating the production pipeline for workers Robots are made dangerous to human achievement. Corporate to manage embedded devices, sensors, artificial intelligence applied to new computer Laas Human society is located in the heart of the information society. Each person has two heads: the head of the head and body information Most work and corporate organizations are conducted on the Internet The network is a social infrastructure, such as water and electricity Wireless broad band will change the mobile communications; The information is basic prerequisite for the company IT and information systems can switch to another provider.


Nanotechnology, in a sense, the sustainability of natural scarcity of revolution we have witnessed over the past decade, where 1000000 of a meter (10-6m), tolerance (micro-engineering) has become common, for example, aerospace and industriyaautomotiwstructure enabling superior quality and safer vehicles and aircraft.Because of the possibility of nanotechnology in the creation of character and offers new features, is given above for the entire solution long-term medical, social and environmental problems [4] Nanotechnology is a fundamental design science, but it seemed mostly theoretical today, that can provide excellent tools for engineers inorganic and organic matter on the atomic razini.Nanotehnologija, even partially realized, overthe next decade has the potential to coordinate the social changes affecting business and economic structural level.New business models, design tooling and strategies can occur at a significantly reduced price point and very effective.Nanotechnology will touch all aspects of economics: wages, employment, purchasing, pricing, capital, exchange rates, finance, markets, supply and demand for nanotechnology, and could result in economic prosperity, or at leastin steady factor in shaping productivity and global competitiveness.Nanotechnology is a continuation of the next chapter in the acceleration of advanced technology and, perhaps most importantly, may indicate the future transformation of the global economy figure shows an example of Silicon Nano-technology Nano scientists are now investigating how the world works harassed live 'to find solutions to problems in non-living "world. The method of marine organisms to increase the power of their shells many times on how thenew building claims insignificant sources for cars, the list photosynthesizes method can lead to efficient methods for generating renewable energy. The business impact of nanotechnology: Nanotechnology may be slightly larger power systems form strategic stability and wealth of nations, organizations and entire industry in the future - if we plan now to meet the readiness challenges that lie ahead.

Nanotechnology May Drive Prosperity and Global Competitiveness

Recent developments in new technology and its impact on business and economics suggests that the forecasts are more accurate in predicting the future.Some will be more accurate range of innovations such as Internet, wireless communication or sharing of the human genome.Also, there are various wild weather history seems like science fiction than cinjenica.Predvidanja for nanotechnology have sparked the imagination.Most of it is still a fantasy, but the future looks promising.However, innovations in technology are restructuring the global economy at a dizzying speed.It would be prudent to consider the possible economic results due to rapid emergence of advanced technology. It is with this in mind, we turn to nanotechnology.Why the potential economic impact of nanotechnology so important to consider?Nanotechnology is a fundamental design science in May and give us the tools for engineers inorganic and organic matter on the atomic razini.Nanotehnologija, even partially realized, over the next decade has the potential to coordinate the society,business and economic structural level ..Nanotechnology will touch all aspects of economics: wages, employment, purchasing, pricing, capital, exchange rates, finance, markets, supply and demand. Nanotechnology May even drive economic development, or at least alleviate factor in shaping productivity and global competitiveness.If developments in nanotechnology to achieve critical mass in the supply of a radical new solution to automated self-assembly, as an example, most vertical industries will be affected.Most chains post industrial and industrial supply is not affected.value chain, support links, alliances and distribution channels changed by learning institutions, financial services and manufacturing will certainly be transformed.Questions remain as to consider what time of action may be taken.To prepare society for these changes?Will there be radical dislocations or a smooth coordinated adaptation?We need to plan for multiple scenarios. Radical nanotechnology innovations potentially unleashed before the old market, fragile economy and business community together ready for the fast transformation of post-industrial have a problem.Imagine the look nanochip tomorrow will feature over 50 gigahertz of speed processing power of ten supercomputers for the price of an hour less than the quartz and the main chain.What the economic impact of the computer industry night?Imagine a super strong material and free to be used for construction and manufacturing to eliminate the steel market and the economic impact plastike.Kako? The world would be a daily innovation, absurd today is reality tomorrow.But the well-known inter-market relationships, economics and technology industry and radical solutions are widespread and far-reaching impact - positive and negative.It is quite possible that, like computers and the Internet have become vital linchpins woven into the landscape and economic basis of strong economy today, that nanotechnology has emerged as a technology to shape the future ofeconomy.Many of the things you need to drive this scenario: a great potential for cross-industry applications, accelerate exploration and development of state investment.The risk of not preparing for the exam economic and business impact are too large to consider alang.Ang people today, ill-prepared to take advantage of the Internet, the transformation of supply chain and trade run advanced mobile telecommunicationsis playing catch and it interferes with their productivity, competitiveness and GDP.

Nanotechnology studies in Business:

In 1999 the Institute for Global Futures established privately funded study to assess the general awareness and readiness of the business community in terms of economic and business impact of nanotechnology.A series of interviews with a wide range of business leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, medicine, real estate, information technology, consumer goods, entertainment and financial services are conducted, and still is carried out at the moment Institute for Global Futures, ten years old San Francisco organization advises the Fortune 1000 and government about the impact of modern technology on the market, society, customers and gospodarstva.Institut including telecommunications, robotics, computer, life sciences, Internet, Software,artificial intelligence and many other technologies and forecasts trends and provides strategic planning to affect more than 30 vertical industries worldwide. Preliminary results: In general, the level of awareness and readiness is low, based on results ankete.Manje than 2% indicated that they thought they knew what nanotechnology.An additional 2% had not heard nanotcchnology, but can not explain it as saying.80% of respondents agreed nantochnology once discussed the standard terminology that it is important that the technology has the potential to affect them and their business.45% of respondents expressed interest in learning more about nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Economic Events: How to prepare people to executive summaries of another business activity is undertaken as part of the study.Taking into account different levels of relative social adaptation, we examined what the possible scenarios are prepared to give the opposing factors of society.The following situation is described as short as a way to generate further research and discussion.The amount of events is seen as a catalyst to influence the future allocation in the economy and society.Attempt here to incorporate the key drivers that form the instances examined.Readiness is seen as a precursor to the event.The nature of the socio-economic readiness, awareness and preparation are determined in advance of events, and others to be careful here.This is a work in progress and will be updated as new information becomes available.Readiness is defined as social awareness and ability to act, it is seen as mission-essential driving force of economic and industrial adjustment.How nanotechnology can be translated into sustainability of people, organizations and entire industry - the willingness, preparedness and planning process is important. Economic Environment: Nanotechnology fully integrated in the economy because of high readiness, effective strategic planning and business investment spread, education, employment and government.National policies and facilitate investment in the production of economic efficiency and rapid widespread large system of exchange management.Comprehensive social and industry-wide has led to the adoption of a positive impact on national productivity and improved quality of life. Key Features: Strong total national production, high productivity, global trade management, sustainable growth, global patent leadership; high industrial competitiveness, joint education and training resources, a strong investment climate, many capital liquidity, high investment in research and development of low unemployment, and cooperation visokevlade industry. Future Outlook: Very positive.With the escalation dominance in key market and industry has led to increased investment and innovation.Forecasting fast and secure for progressive economic development, and improving the quality of life for leadership and empowerment of third world and developing countries is growing.Accelerated investment in R & D and continued coordination with all sectors of society. Economic Environment: Nanotechnology is an integrated part of the economy due to low readiness and inadequate strategic planning is not an absolute commitment to investment and the national policy of nanotechnology.Key features: Partial loss of leadership in key markets and industry, lack of skilled talent, and poor education and training, but still growing low investment in research and development fragmented industry support for the poor investment climate, lack of liquidity, fragmented government and industry cooperation.

Outlook: Optimistic if rapid and strategic widespread large-systems change is undertaken in a joint effort by government and business partnerships.It is difficult to bring the country in some markets, but partial leadership in key markets is a success built in the future. economic environment: the lack of full integration of nanotechnology, adoption and readiness to lead to a drastic reduction in post-industrial growth, poor performance in global competition, with negative growth in the overall economy.Inability to invest the work needed to manage a comprehensive system of major changes in social and economic.Main features: loss of key markets and industries, growing unemployment, chaos in selected sectors; brain drain going into the sea, lack of investment liquidity, low business investment in research and development and cooperation into pirasopamahalaan,capital flight to offshore development, educational support low. Outlook: Moving forward in the future, it is difficult to obtain and achieve market leadership and industry without significant investments in research and development, education, training and private / public partnership.Dominant market share in key industries and global leadership have been sacrificed.The return of this country, certainly global leadership is a huge task to specific strain capital and human resources.Assuming less involved global leadership role will likely be the kinalabasan.Ayon the Koran and the future wealth of Nations Nanoeconomy While the global economy continues to be transformed by new technology, is keen competition for talent, intellectual propertyproperty, capital and technical expertise.We see many of the factors responsible for the formation of nations as now compete, interact and kalakalan.Technical innovations will increasingly shape the market economy and robustness.Technology continues to drive global GDP and domestic.The competition will fuel more rapid changes in breaking technology.Today, it is clear how rapid changes in telecommunications technology, life sciences, and this indicates the emergence of all new economic reality and business.If the technology is now spreading to form a new business model is an indication of speed and strength changes in the economy, the future of nanotechnology is the model even more dramatic.

Evolution of Nano-economics, as contrasted with the petro-economy today is an intriguing idea.How is the economy does not rely on oil to align themselves?More studies are needed to bring these events and understand maps.nanotechnolgy major innovations still to come will determine a timetable for economic transformation.Or, nanotechnolgy can be integrated into industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and energy, such as artificial intelligence is embedded as part of new products.In conclusion, the willingness of people to prepare for massive economic change is a difficult task.However, from the wealth of Nations, economic security and stability of the country is the preparation we have made major system danas.Koordinirana Strategic planning efforts in May to form our ability to adapt.important strategic decisions are made.major cultural issues associated with major change management will need to be better understood and plans formulated.Nanotechnology provides a stimulating and a challenge to meet pretty awesome.If we have knowledge of 1960 and 1970 to prepare for the impact of computers and telecommunications in the 1990s, so we have people ready?Today we have samples in real time and historical changes rapidly due to rapid economic growth new technology to learn from, in preparation for the future.The business community must be provided and referenced in the method of strategic planning to support it or is it a brave New World Road or damaged. The effects of nanotechnology on society: Nanotechnology is a huge number and variety of applications across various sektora.Potencijalno it could lead to more efficient and sustainable use of resources and have a beneficial effect on mostPeople around the world.However, like all technology, there are possible negative impact on society.Major issues of privacy, social divisions, and risk communication.


environmental sensor systems can provide useful information, such as pollution, traffic conditions and relay it to portable devices soon, but they can also relay information about the activities of the individual.As such, the potential for abuse is limited to present the kind of information can be extracted and collated should be clearly defined by the society through the legislative system.Notice of the issue may appear by the growth in medical diagnosis allows doctors to routinely screen for genetic diseases in humans.If teknolohiyatulad is necessary to allow for earlier treatment?If so, then what about the rights of patients to choose?If not, then it is the health insurance companies require it as a prerequisite?Who can access all the information and how to protect social divisions:

Like the previous technology, such as IT, nanotechnology may have the effect of spreading the gap between rich and poor, or more accurately developed and developing countries.First of all this possible by growth in health, transportation, energy supply, etc., which will be available mayaman.Ngunit, paradoxically, it also can reduce the use of precious natural yaman.Maramingmetals and minerals new Nanomaterials are expected to change, and thereby reduce our dependence on sources of non-renewable energy, has mined the country razvoju.Gubitak income, no strategy palitanito would have a negative impact on

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