The mesh network


Mesh Network is one of the types of the network in which many routers are present and here the interesting thing is that each and every router will act independently. In mesh network there is a situation where each and every router is connected to other routers in network such type of network may be called as fully connected network system. Wireless mesh networks are a type of networks in which the routers are not connected directly. Mesh networks may be a typical architecture in which many of the routers function. Mesh networks are very helpful now a day as it is much better option to communicate or make data travel fast. As many routers are available and each act as independently the network thus can do many jobs. Actually this concept was introduced in radio technology first. And now it has extended to many departments like military, ad-hoc networks, wireless community network etc. The world's internet is the largest mesh network at present.

Mesh Networks are important because of the performance and capability that they possess here there is central network and when the communication is done between any two or more routers the data goes through central network and quickly connect to target and it can connect to cities also so quickly. Many companies utilize this technology for fast communication. Here traffic is more comparatively small networks. Many departments like radio, WIFI and other are using these mesh networks and were successful.

Existing Solutions:

[1]Wireless network is also a type of mesh network which has better performance and here we have routers and clients. Here router is half mobile and clients are completely mobile. They use some of the protocols designed for ad-doc networks. Mesh routers are same as conventional routers but they have some extra features of mesh network as they are in a complicated structure. These routers provide services to client.

Here till now there is no complete architecture for wireless mesh networks. The only drawbacks of these mesh networks would be the traffic problem; this is because of many clients and routers that try to communicate over the network. May be this might be the problem for not having any type of architecture still now. [2]Mesh router also acts as backbone to the network generally mesh router must have at least two communications one is for clients which will send the information for the clients and second one would be for communicating with other backbone of network. But for the mesh client we have only one communication channel that is to communicate to backbone so comparatively it is easy to design network for mesh client. As we earlier discussed that in mesh networks when communication is done between client and router first the data passes through central network and where as in wireless mesh networks there is no need for this for data to pass through central network so when comparing wireless and general mesh networks the architecture process may be simple for wireless network.[2] Access point is also a character of mesh router because when a client want to communicate with a mesh router then the mesh router acts as access point for mesh client.

Developing a mesh router is not a simple job. Mesh router may be difficult to design because we need may access points and many communication channels. And these may be more in wireless mesh network as we also need mobility options for wireless mesh networks. So for wireless mesh networks for each and every requirement software is developed and implemented. Designing mesh clients would be easy comparatively to mesh routers. Mesh clients use data link layers for communication.

For developing mesh routers in wireless networks we have to specify the particular protocol which is must. [2] Now a day's table driven protocols are recommended for designing mesh routers in wireless mesh network. In this table driven we have tables and each router will noted in form of tables.

[3] An infrastructure in wireless mesh network it is hierarchical which consists of routers, gateways and mesh routers. Here we use star topology for designing wireless mesh network that means we need to connect the mesh routers and mesh clients to star and gateways are designed according to this. It is a two tier network and where one tier has mesh routers and other has mesh clients and accordingly gateways. Here mesh clients are both source and destination but mesh routers are neither source nor destination. But mesh router provide data to clients. We have two types of communications one is local communication and second one is backbone communication. The communication between any mesh router and mesh client in general is called as local communication. And when the situation where any two routers communicate is called backbone communication. Communication can be done in single channel and can also be done in multiple channels, When communication is done in single channel we must be careful as there may be chance of colliding.

Traffic may also be classified into two types one is called internal traffic and external traffic. When the communication is done between two mesh clients then it is called internal traffic and when the communication is done via internet then it is called external traffic. For external traffic we use gateways and for internal traffic we may or may not use gateways. So again internal traffic is classified into two type's gateway internal and non gateway internal. In gateway internal one the communication between two mesh clients is done via gateway and in non gateway internal traffic the communication is done without gateways between two mesh clients. Wireless mesh networks are much used by many companies now a day's rather ad-hoc networks. The capacity of wireless mesh networks is unknown.

Future Work

In future work we may say that use of wireless networks is better when comparing mesh networks as this architecture is simple. As mesh network has no specific architecture for wireless communication we need to think innovatively for designing topology for wireless network. Designing of routers is also not easy as it have many hard wares to use while designing.

As the use of mesh networks has been rapidly increased methods must be make sure that these have no problems while communicating the data. For these things like monitor guards must be fixed at some points. These monitor guards will be monitoring the routers, clients and gateways in their boundary and see that everything is functioning fine. These monitors must also analyze the traffic as it is big problem here. And also inform to central network about the problem. Here every router works as independent and when the communication is done among different routers or among clients they must be noted in the form of tables etc. This is because if we have the track of the communication it is better because here we have track of successful and unsuccessful communications and whenever we encounter unsuccessful communication they can be guided by track of successful communications. This way we can minimize the problems regarding traffic in mesh networks. Clients here have no other specific behavior except communicating for data, so we can improve the work of clients like we can have the software which will sometimes convert the client to router when necessary. This means that the routers may not always be free to respond the clients sometimes they may be busy, at these times some clients may have the required information to respond so at that time the client who have information can turn to router and provide it. And after the communication is done the client has its own functionalities like client.

Functions of the router can also be improved by communicating through single channels but here the problem will be if every router uses single channel than architecture will be more complicated. So, in order to solve this problem and make our idea perfect we can make the similar routers to use single channel that means the routers which are similar must use the channel which is allocated to them and work on that. This also provides flexibility for clients to ask for the data and if some routers have more queries than they can use other channels also.

And we can also have the tables for clients and clients can easily access the data from these tables and can also know through which channel to communicate. In mesh networks we have a complicated issue that when communication is done between the client and router data passes through central network which may take lots of time and make the network much complicated and this must be reduced. In order to avoid this we can go for wireless mesh networks in which this is not necessary that means in wireless mesh networks when communication is done there is no chance of central network which is easy and not time consuming. Many companies which are using these mesh networks must follow some rules which make the network much secured one. The concept of the mesh networks is to provide good service which includes fastness and while inheriting the properties of other routers. This must be done effectively. We must see that the client must not send the same data on different channels which may cause redundancy. Clients must be alerted by messages whenever the network encounters any problem. The problem may be security related or other. Network administrators must be aware of each and every client who enters into the network newly that means the new clients sometimes may have hackers, Trojans in them.

Many routers have many number of data to pass in a piece of time so we must have a queue process which must be followed that means the responses to clients is done according to queue process. And acknowledgements must also be done whenever message is sent or received. This will help to know what went wrong and can also have the list of successful and unsuccessful messages as we have an idea of saving them in tables for future references. We can also use new technologies which are specially designed for complicated networks. We think these ideas will help to improve the network in better way. The usage of mesh networks must be improved in the world which can make the world better in communication.


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