The problem statement

Design and implement a computer-based system for the Automobile Accessories and spear parts in shop centre. It helps the company improve sales there by creating more customers. It will also help the company to store the required information and to retrieve the information when needed. The system will be using one of the software development methodologies and a literature survey along with a market study also will also be performed to discuss the subject area.

This system will give the facilities to make the work easy for the users. The Database will be created by SQL (oracle) and the front-end implemented by Oracle Apex .

The current situation

Nowadays a lot of people like to decorate their cars in order to make it attractive. So, they spend a lot of money for that. On other hand this kind of business is not so easy to implement in its real life. Manual calculation of transaction processes and competition in this field are the main reason.

Bradford Centre is an UK Company established . It is specializes in selling and buying car accessories, auto tuning parts and auto spare parts. It requires selecting suppliers, observing supplier performance and keeping track of order progress.

All the operations are done manually in the office as use. So, the computerized system will help to do sells, buying, checking, retrieval of information, storing the data, making bills and producing reports will be done faster and efficiently.

The new system will save money and time. Also, it will improve customer satisfaction with faster services. Instead of using manual system that is slow, which lose time in the transaction processing.

Automobile Accessories System will be developed on system based application software.

The proposed new system


The aim of the project is to develop a user-friendly system for Bradford Centre for inventory management, order processing and billing for car accessories.


  • Creating a suitable database to store the information of customers, suppliers, car parts, etc.
  • Creating a user-friendly interface to attract the staff.
  • Produce suitable reports of bills and orders for the staff.
  • To improve the service satisfaction by providing the items on time.
  • To find any information about the items at any point of time very easily.
  • To maintain the details of all the suppliers for the company.
  • Manage the current way of gathering information and update it with the database system to provide an easy way that satisfies the user requirements.


The project serves the staff in following ways. The sales and order entry. To know customer's, material's and supplier's details. The system serves staff to search about the availability of items. Accounts receivable and payable. The project produces different type of reports and bills. The project makes some function like the adding new items in the warehouse, reduction of the items from it and counting the profit and lost.

Users of the system

The users of system are employees in the company and owner of company.

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) record daily routine transactions such as sales orders from customers. TPS are vital for the organization, as they gather all the input necessary for other types of systems. TPS provide the basic input to the company's database. A failure in the TPS often means disaster for the organization.

This project Automobile Accessories System is to develop a database backend and an interface for the use, this transaction processing system.

The functionality of this project will be as follows:

  • Make sales order for the customers.
  • Searching for the availability of items.
  • Show the catalogue of items and prices.
  • Company (suppliers' contact and registration details) in the database.
  • The user advantages are:
  • The user can know the available items immediately.
  • The user can know the price and other details.
  • The transaction of order will finish quickly.

Project also does many other supporting functions like receiving the order, searching for availability of items and registering the details of items in the database. Also, add new items, update the existing items and checking the items in the stock.

There are many activities that be is identified as project tasks. These tasks need methodologies, which help to complete analysis to the conclusion of the project.


A development methodology comprises a model of how the development will proceed, and includes design, testing, and completion, as well as a manner, or method, of verifying that the process in proceeding as it should (1). The software production process may follow different methods of software development (2). There are many methods such as the follows:

The project will be done using the waterfall model methodology for many reasons, which will be shown as follow. This model has sequential move from one phase to another, the implication being that systems cascade from one level to the next in smooth progression and it follows seven phases of development.

The reasons of choosing waterfall model

  • Is easy to explain to the user.
  • Have well-defined phases/stages and activities.
  • Ensures that the information required is obtained as and when it needs to be used.
  • Easy and helpful for planning and schedule the project.
  • At each stage, easy to detects errors/misunderstandings early.
  • Ensures that the system meets user needs.
  • Minimizes the cost of rectifying errors.
  • Creates an environment that allows correction through feedback.

Unless the prototyping model which is expensive and the analyst may compromise on the quality of the system in order to gets the prototype working quickly. And spiral has lack of explicitly process guidance in determining objectives, constraints and alternatives. Also, there is a lack of risk assessment expertise.

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