The Research Paper

I am skilled internet researcher as I have extensively used internet in search of diverse information virtually on any topic of interest. I have realized that a lot of information exists on the internet and therefore, when conducting any search I take utmost care so as to acquire the required information. Search engines have been the most important strategy which I use when looking for information. This is important as the information which might have been missed in one search engine can be obtained from an alternative search engine (Dochartaigh, 2002). I usually consider advanced search options in getting suggestions on where more information on my area of interest can be derived. These skills have seen obtain information which is credible as well as authoritative. Whenever I am looking for information from a specific site and I have its URL, I normally type it at the location window and open too view the page.

Whenever I undertake internet search, I utilize such operands as 'and',' not' as well as 'or' in order to narrow or expand my search. Another strategy which I employ is the utilization of a tilde especially when looking for similar words such that the produced results will cater for all cases on similarity. Through the use of the internet librarian's index, I extend exploration on the word being searched (Dochartaigh, 2002). Through typing the country code suffixes at the end of my keywords helps to restrict information from that particular country alone. Spelling of words matters a lot when looking for information in the internet. Words are spelt differently in American English or British English thus it is perhaps very easy to miss out on targeted results owing to the spelling errors. For instance, the common differences which exist in spelling include the use of "our" instead of "Or" at the end of some words or the use of "S" instead of "Z".

According to Dochartaigh (2002), a search engine is a specially designed tool which makes it possible for an individual to search for information from the internet through the use of html as it stores a lot of information located on about several WebPages. The sourced information is normally in the form of WebPages or images. The commonly used search engines include AltaVista, Amazon, Answers, Google, Yahoo, Chambers (UK) as well as creative commons. Search engines employ human editors as well as algorithmic input to maintain their functionality. The advanced search engines have the ability to mine data which is not easily accessible on the web especially from the databases as well as other open directories. In order for a search engine to obtain information sought fast enough, information regarding the WebPages is stored in the index databases. There those search engines which store part or nearly all the information found on the source page. Google is the most prominent search engine owing to it page rank innovation. Microsoft's Bing search engine (i.e. MSN) is also popular due to the reliable information associated with it.

Search language refers to the specific language where information can be sourced from or even the language in which the sought information will be produced. Search engines use most of the world's national and official languages like English, French, German, Dutch, and Afrikaans, among others. While the search engines give information based on the typed key words, the natural language search engines are designed to answer specific questions which are normally ignored in the normal search engines (Dochartaigh, 2002). For example, a question like "which U.S.A state has the highest population?" , will produce specific results when a natural language search engine is used in conducting the search unlike the conventional search engines which will tend to ignore the question but instead direct the search to specific details such as Population, state and U.S.A.

To sum up, in order to get reliable information from the internet a careful and precise search should be undertaken. One should use search engines which exude authority so as to get the required information. It is vital to use Boolean logic so as to achieve a successful online search on the sought-after information.


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